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  1. Yep they did request to meet barney...after the byu pd illegally accessed the police report in the Spillman database. Upon advice of her attorney, she refused to meet. Provo pd also asked byu to delay the honor code thing till the case was tried in court. They said...nope were doing it anyway.
  2. Article states they used husbands and donors sperm. “The doctor recommended that Ashby undergo a procedure in which she would be inseminated with sperm from her husband and an anonymous donor who matched the couple’s specifications”
  3. If there were tons of them in this geographic area, there are pretty good chances there are a few brothers and sisters now married to each other. Imagine finding out you married your sibling. Just sayin....I guess in Idaho and utah that's not a big deal? Your father isn't your father and the real one is a loony tune. It's one thing knowing that growing up, but imagine one day as a 30 year old waking up to that news?
  4. Im betting once she releases his DNA code, there will be at least 50 cases discovered in the next year or two. IN the next several weeks hundreds of his former patients are gonna freak out when they see this story.
  5. Noble cause corruption From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Noble cause corruption is corruption caused by the adherence to a teleological ethical system, suggesting that people will use unethical or illegal means to attain desirable goals,[1] a result which appears to benefit the greater good. Where traditional corruption is defined by personal gain,[2]noble cause corruptions forms when someone is convinced of their righteousness, and will do anything within their powers to achieve the desired result. An example of noble cause corruption is police misconduct "committed in the name of good ends"[3] or neglect of due process through “a moral commitment to make the world a safer place to live."[4] Conditions for such corruption usually occur where individuals feel no administrative accountability, lack morale and leadership, and lose faith in the criminal justice system.[5] These conditions can be compounded by arrogance and weak supervision. I don't have a problem with BYU having an honor code. Lots of organizations have similar features for a variety of reasons. The problem arises when they use a police force to enforce it in cases where there is no violation of the law. Defenders of that practice never have a problem with it until they become victim of police misconduct. Police officers as a whole hate misconduct because it is generally only a few who engage in it and when discovered well the community treats all of us as if we are the ones who did it. This treatment lasts for years. An agency here in the Phoenix area had a sex scandal almost 30 years ago involving probably a dozen people- some were lds. To this day, their cops are getting an earful about it from people who were not even alive when it happened. Oddly enough, Im finding out BYU PD and their former security force (pre police days) had a reputation for wearing wires, staking out various locations, following students off campus etc... in order to honor code them. I have never hear these stories, but after reading commentary on some of these news articles im finding it is well known in Utah. One article I found the police chief essentially admitted to placing a fake ad in order to entrap a gay kid. ...ha wow that's some police work right there. Every agency has a story and for the 99% who had nothing to do with it- well it is a nightmare because we are the ones who take the heat for it. Same will happen to BYU. Additionally, the Police Agencies surrounding BYU will probably stop cooperating with them except for very clearly criminal matters.
  6. Well if you are at the "Y" (BYU) probably not. It is a very serious offense. The police there can surely decide for you though. In the real world...ur ok bro and yea that's an awesome beard
  7. Ok- I give up. What am I missing? Just quote it from the article if its so easy to see.
  8. Well you are such a nice mom. Cool she joined the church. I know many parents that go nuclear over that. My family included.
  9. So, you don't know. That is what I was getting at. When I get into debates like this with my anti-Mormon, liberal friend, we can often come to a recognition of facts. But at some point, we have to admit that much of our conclusions are because of our own biases and suspicions rather than the facts at hand. Here ya go---practically holding hands: But school documents leaked to The Tribune and police files show a BYU lieutenant reviewed Barney's rape report after an Honor Code investigator requested information on the case, and that he shared with the Honor Code investigator intimate details from the medical records of Barney's sexual-assault exam. I'm pointing out to you that when you accuse a party of unethical behavior AND illegal behavior, you need to first get your facts straight and then determine if the accusation fits the facts. And the fact is that you don't know. But you're using words like "unethical" and "illegal" based on suspicion alone. It doesn't matter how closely the Honor Code office works with the BYU PD -- another fact you have yet to prove (but admittedly, I've been gone from this thread for a couple pages and have not caught up). The fact is that any individual from the office who DIRECTLY received a document from a police officer would have no reason to suspect that it was illegally obtained. At least you're leaving yourself open to the possibility of being wrong. That's something I can appreciate from someone on the other side of a debate. Yep, and lack of or inadequate policy wont excuse the behavior legally, will just allow an employee off the hook maybe. If they dont have a policy in place for this stuff, then they have been operating in a legally permissive environment for way too long. Did I not already admit that he should have been terminated? Yes I did. But for some reasons, you keep harping back to a point of agreement as if it would support your interpretation of a point of disagreement.
  10. so you really don't know how to operate your computer..thx
  11. i think she is doing that just to get me fired up. Im pretty sure she isn't that stupid
  12. yea that is the irs, not the state level le office. they likely cant levy fines, only criminal charges if necessary.
  13. Sorry you don't like my posts...either ignore me or get used to it
  14. BYU pd isn't doing fine, neither is the title9 office and neither is the honor code for the rest of the school I'm sure you are correct. As for the complaints being totally mine I can own whatever but doesn't take away from the fact they are doing serious damage control to make this whole thing go know the compliant /investigation that is going on right now by the govt and not me.
  15. they did a fine job doing that all on their own
  16. Hmm ok he could have just told him so. That's why I'll never be a bishop cuz I'll just say it like it is and people do t like that. So not wanting to be your son only allowed to date Mormon girls??? Kidding of course.
  17. And thus......since it is not our money, which I agree with, we have no expectation of those who draw salary from it to obey the law and keep us from spending even more of it to fend off law suits? So do church employees have no direction to spend funds wisely? Do we clean our own buildings because we feel like it or because it is a cost savings measure along with a few other reasons? Are church leaders bound to ensure budgets are spent properly to be good stewards of tithing and not waste it? If all those things apply, then do they not apply to byu pd also? I believe they do.
  18. So other that the two mentions of your son wanting to sustain the bishop- which you maintain you never wrote- what in the world are you talking about? Just point it out to me...I'm stupid so just make it easy
  19. Um I never said I should be the one to control where tithing is spent.
  20. Yea you wanted him to "sustain" the Bishop. I get it- even if it was a made up rule or standard.
  21. Im pretty sure BYU is substantially funded by tithing dollars.