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  1. Interesting quote....generally the men do... and the women and girls wear. Implication is males have a choice and females dont.
  2. Speaking of making judgements from afar...seems as if you just did that 2 post prior to this....something like you suspect a teaching moment.
  3. Fairly likely she is not having her arm twisted. Very slight possibility but I can tell you these days...the pervy activity is just as much the girls idea as it is the boys...well it is close at least. Interesting reading
  4. Once she is safe??? Did I miss something about her being in danger? Though she was just taking nude porn selfie shots in the bathroom is all.
  5. Someone needs to find this guy and choke him. A ...I hate fake rules B... especially when the one confronted is an investigator. It's not like it was a Marilyn Manson t-shirt. Even then, I wouldn't say anything, they will figure it out soon enough.
  6. You are probably right. I think part of the deal though should be that anyone who possesses this pic or vid or whatever she did from here on out cannot be charged with any child porn charges related to the pic. I mean fair is fair. One person produces and distributes (the girl) and the middle aged guy ten years later has it and sells it on the internet. I say he should get a pass if she does. After all her first defense will be that she isn't a victim because she took the pic. Anyway...if she sent it and odds are she did several, it will be everywhere. Lawyers who defend child porn traffickers should get a file of all the innocent people given a pass and hang onto it in the event they get a client who gets charged for having said pic. Btw...I'm not for charging her. Personally adults who engage in child porn should be given a fair trial and executed but that is just me. They generally don't charge them here either.
  7. Moral issues aside, creating, possessing and or distributing video or pictures depicting a minor for sexual/arousal purposes is not only a is child porn at least in most states. Although rarely enforced, it will get a record created. BYU will love to see that on a school app in a couple years. Once a parent is aware of its existence, they are basically in possession of said child porn if it is not reported...should be a good time and the whole ward is gonna find out if the rs knows. If anyone is surprised at this, standby. The girls are getting to be worse offenders than the boys. Mormon kids included. Anyone who let's their teenager have a smartphone just provided access to the highest quality and diversity of porn in history...quality as far as porn goes. If she transmitted this video or's everywhere already. On edit...That law cited above generally includes the minor creating their own porn....imagine that. You at 16, take a nude selfie and send it. Guilty of child porn. Even if you are the minor.
  8. Ok got it...still any woman who marries a guy who says he would rather have sex with other guys is just asking for it. To each his own, but if i was dating someone and they drop that on me I'd dump them at the curb much less marry them. I'll take the hit in the after life for being a jerk. This is no different than people who marry others with known mental problems and then complain about the craziness that goes with if down the road. Well duh, you knew they were nuts and you still married them....enjoy. I know a few couples like that and unless they are faking it, they are clearly not happy people. Esp the one who isn't a mental case. Anyway...people get what they ask for generally. The weed wife included.
  9. Any woman who marries a dude who says he is gay deserves a divorce. That is flat out stupid. Both need a shrink.
  10. Other misconceptions: Mandatory white shirt No beard No shorts Mandatory 2 yr mission No coke or Pepsi Mandatory have to have tons of kids
  11. No cuz we as men do whatever we want..the women have to ask us... id tell the rs pres' hubby to go straighten her out. Btw...he is not the only person I have heard talk like that. To be fully transparent, I find many of my friends (men) are actually the ones who have to ask permission. To go hunting or fishing or go watch a fight at someone's house. Seems as if they are the ones who are kept people. Must suck to be them.
  12. I don't hat gay people but I hate their agenda. That is what is destroying families as they should be and have effectively destroyed the bsa. Although I have my issues with scouts in regards to the half butt way we run the program in the church, i never hated the bsa. Now i do. They are in the the same category as planned parenthood in my book since they elected to accept the gay agenda.
  13. I like this one. In priesthood one Sunday the bishop told us to "make sure to let your wives go to the ....whatever event... on thursday night." I thought some of these guys wives have to ask permission to go to church events??? Apparently the bishops wife does lol. Was hoping there was not any investigators in there. It made me do a double take.
  14. 1...what border are we talk g about here? us Mex ? Can mex?? Somewhere else??? 2.... if this is the us mex border I'm calling b.s. on the story in respects to language barrier. I worked two ports of entry for a extended time with us military right at the entry where these folks would have been interviewed and almost every single officer there speaks fluent Spanish. There are a few who don't, but generally there is a fluent speaker standing there with them. 3. .. if the people are selected for secondary inspection and their stories about where they are going, what they are doing etc do not match then they will be grilled. Typically when you get a car load of Mexicans crossing and all have a different story about the nature of the trip they get divided up and interviewed. Reason being is because this is how the immigrant smuggling, fake id etc crap gets discovered. Every single day they handcuff carloads of people whos stories don't match and they end up being involved in some kind of scheme. Doesn't mean each car load of clueless people is guilty, but the guilty ones are discovered this way. 4... as for border guards having nearly unlimited powers..yep that's pretty much it. You don't get to waltz up to our border and dictate how your crossing experience will be. No one has to come to the us. Good reading The things the border patrol can do at the port of entry is much different than what cops do in the interior. They do not need proable cause to search you or your car or your purse They do not need to mirandize you until a crime is discovered. They can arrests and charge you for merely arguing with them. There are signs all over the port entry stating to cooperate or be subject to arrest. I suggest if they are from Mexico they worry about the stellar treatment their corrupt government is well known for instead of getting the run around here. Makes the bad cops we have look like angels. Side note: if these are canadians....oh my. Vacationing Canadians crossing into the us from Mex vacation spots give our border people unbelievable grief. They get arrested and fined all the time for running their mouths and causing scenes. Not nearly all of them, but i was suprised at how common it was. The border guards hated them. I'm sure plenty of Americans do the same, but I'll not be defending them acting a fool in another country.
  15. Well thx...Don't recall your gaming habits. I'm assuming it is like GTA or something to that effect lol.
  16. No I didn't fight for earn your badge just like everyone else. Police work is different than the civ world. This is a major police agency and the town doesnt shut down for the sabbath like utah and idaho for example. Unfortunately people murder, rape, molest, rob and beat family members on Sunday too. In fact it is one of our busiest days. To opt out cuz of the Sabbath doesn't play well in a pd. Not to mention they would tell you to gtfo and dont let the door hit you in the backside. We make no accommodation for Sabbath desires. You only have a 10-12 hr shift so you can find time to worship if you want when you are not on the beat. Sure I could have put in for some admin day shift weekend off gig, but I'm a cop not an admin. If you want to be a cop then you are on the street...whenever they want you there. Find a backbone...give me a break. Come here and apply...anywhere in the phx metro area. Plently of perps just waiting to make short work of you and your backbone.
  17. Try this if you want to truly know what humility is all about
  18. I worked Sunday's for 18 years. Look how great I turned out. Kinda tough to be a cop and refuse to work Sunday's. Just goes with the territory. Nice thing is you can arrest a Mormon on a Sunday occasionally and then you can talk church. Seems to have mostly been for domestic violence so we talk about how to man up and take care of your family in a loving way instead of beating the wife and or kids.
  19. Be careful what you ask for. I was in a ward where we had enough people to staff everything except we had tons who refused to do anything. I ended up with four callings. I hated it. It sucked and I learned to say no. Enjoy while it lasts.
  20. I will say in my case I was never interested in going on a mission. I always wanted to go into the military and that is what I did. Things may have been different had my father not been in the callings he had. He had significant church jobs ( Without saying what jobs they were ill just say it was not unusual to have GA s at our home. I met most of them 30-40 yrs ago) which required him to pretty much be gone to church meetings any time he wasn't at work or if it was Monday eve. This was my entire life...literally up until the time I went into the military. I always thought yea screw that being gone all your waking hours every day for two decades. Unfortunately my male mentor besides my dad was the one i looked up to more in terms of just general stuff.. I do not blame him because he is a very righteous man and likely believed he was doing the right thing regardless of the expense it was to his family. After all, he was called to serve. I remember my mom being alone all the time except after he came home late at night. It was endless. Later on we had a very good relationship for the rest of his life as he was around to be visited with and do things. It wasn't that we had a bad relationship, but it is hard to have one when they are not there for 18 yrs straight. Add to that I lived in a force fed religious environment so there was never a choice as to what I was going to do...I suppose the military was my way of finally having a choice right or wrong. Anyway, there are many reasons kids don't go on missions. Testimony is only one aspect. I may have gone on one if I thought church service was not as punishing and exhausting as what I was watching. It was not the life i wanted at the time.
  21. Thanks I'm not on it...after all who wants to live on the same street as someone (zil) who lies on a forum about what you said?
  22. Be careful over there....they will chop someone's head off just becuz
  23. You are exactly are not permitted to challenge the church on anything. When I was growing up, if I brought up things like you have my parents would chew me out and tell me to just accept it and move on. Just like you get here in many cases.