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  1. I'm curious if any dedicated gamers here could tally their play time for a month and compare that with the time spent working on their unachieved goals??? I really am curious how much time one spends doing one vs the other. It may say a lot about how much they value achieving the goal. Sure it is unscientific, but would be interesting.
  2. Wrong...many games are inherently bad. Just read the "about this item" description in this product. This is just one example. Sure there are good ones to be found I guess, but this one can be found in many LDS homes.
  3. Uhhhh who said I was a leader in their ward? I could help them out, but that would involve work gloves, a gallon of water, a hat and having to hear them whine about the 103F temp. No way would I play a vid game with them- they need to get out of the house and get to work being productive.
  4. Well good luck with fixing them. I'll leave that to their parents. I have my own problems like keeping them away from my daughter. Perhaps they will find some nice young lady in the ward who can marry them and make a fix-it project out of them. Seen it before and it usually doesn't end well.
  5. Well gee I feel so bad you are offended. First off I directed this at the "men" in the YSA wards. Not all of them, just the ones who occupy their free time by wasting it on this garbage while they should be trying to make something of themselves. Theres no helping them. If the motivation of having a real life and a wife is not enough, what am I gonna do? After all they served their missions and are priesthood holders so all the boxes are checked right?? Thats waht they think possibly. Little do they know that is just scratching the surface. Not my problem so long as they stay away from my daughter. Now that you mention it- I also know several older men with kids. wife etc who still cant maintain good jobs, etc because they don't have any time to go to school to improve themselves. They do have time to sit around playing games though. I didn't just make this up, this is what they say they do with their free time. Ive been an Elder for 25 yrs and I have heard it over and over. I do also know some who play games and are just fine, but I would bet they don't spend much time doing it- their wives would kill them. Back to the YSA topic: Just like many here who are fathers or mothers who feel any young man is not worthy to marry their daughter if they didn't serve a full time mission for whatever that actually is worth, I also reserve the right to label and discriminate against anyone I would feel worthy to marry my daughter. When you spend the better part of three years getting feedback from three different YSA wards, knowing dozens of the young men there, what they do with their free time, what their career aspirations are (or are not) and seeing their progress or the lack thereof well you begin to form an opinion. I mentioned previously being able to point out about 50 or so who are dead enders or "losers" which they are and show you some real winners. Many constantly whine about not being able to get a good job. Well they have no college or only take one class at a time so likely will never finish. Many say they don't have time for school, yet they play games 20 hrs a week. Employment is also a huge issue. We have tons of jobs available here. Problem is many are unwilling to work a night shift, or on weekends, or outside, or at all. The one thing they all have in common- they burn their free time (aside from complaining about not having the ideal job or school stuff) playing video games. Either still living with mom and dad or with four others just like them in a 2 bedroom apt. Three years later, many of them have gone no where, but they are always out and about on their Instagram or FB thing and when not dong that they are playing games. As a Father, any dude who is gonna court my daughter better have their act together and display a little bit of drive towards accomplishing something. If they cant even do it when it is easy and while they are single with no kids, how can I know they will be even worth having around as a son-in-law? I mean am I gonna have to support them? Is my daughter going to have to work extra (more than full time) just because mr mushy body cant get off the couch? Naturally she can choose who she marries, but she complains about the same issues with the guys. She openly acknowledges most of them are up to absolutely nothing. Women tend to marry people like their fathers in many cases so go figure where she gets her opinion. I'm not the perfect dad, perfect priesthood holder or whatever. I do work very hard and while doing so to get the employment I wanted which was appropriate for our family, I was aggressive about taking as much school as I could afford and worked two jobs (60+ hrs a week). Good thing xbox or PS or whatever wasn't around then. Id still have just my HS diploma and never would have accomplished what I have AND been able to provide a comfortable living for my family. I expect the same of a SIL. When I was in the Army as a Private- they instilled in me many principles about leadership to include being aggressive about studying, out working your competition, being loyal, sacrificing your time, money, your last bite of that tasty MRE, sleep and even your life to help a brother out. Every time I went to a school or to some kind of training the motivation coming from leadership was to absolutely win at all ethical costs, be ruthless in the pursuit of success and never leave a fallen comrade. By the same token, those who were not willing to be an asset to the team were promptly gotten rid of. I didn't learn that at church and never would have. Perhaps those are terrible traits and values, but they are what I have and I expect any prospective son in law to at least have a little of each of those values. I don't care if they went on a mission, went in the military or went straight to school- if they cant step up and be a man and do everything it takes to succeed then they are by my definition a "loser." If they can do all that and still find time to play games then so be it, but they are not the norm.
  6. Thats nice.... you know just as well as I do most kids ur age who are still gaming are accomplishing mostly nothing. I have 2 different singles wards I can point at and locate at least 50 "MEN" who wither away in their parents house playing games. Lousy jobs, mushy bodies and nothing accomplished. Check out this survey...found this from an lds sister Lack of men! Who is there to marry?! If they are there, they are either addicted to porn or video games. We are raising a generation of boys that never grow up.
  7. Video games are a big waste of time... u want to play call of duty? This cute. Join up and go do it for real. That will fix that fetishes real quick. On a more serious note...had a daughter in a singles ward at one point...most of the guys just spend their time playing games video games and are total losers. If most of them didn't go on missions, they wouldn't have anything going for them. Still pretty much losers. Crap job, not in school or taking very few classes, directionless etc. Common theme is they all spend the day exercising their thumbs. Burn the games and get them off their butts.pathetic
  8. Bsa ....why are we still doing the fos thing? All our $$ is doing is helping to pay for integrating gay adults with kids and apparently now possibly making it into a gender neutral org. If they have troops which are male and female, our scouts will not be allowed to go to any campouts which has kids in tents. Will violate church rules since now they will have access to girls and vice versa. And there will be women scout leaders out there without their husbands and we can't have that either. Either because we don't trust the women or we don't trust the men. I'm thinking we dont trust out priesthood leaders. I mean, we can't even teach a scout class alone. There has to be two of us. Anyhow... Until a new program is implemented and we leave the bsa completely, we will be subsidizing this garbage. Maybe we should donate to planned parenthood too. I mean as long as we think our money only goes to legit med treatment and not abortions then it should be fine right?
  9. Zil- apparently you have knowledge of some aspect of current military affairs which may render Flying Saint's anticipated service dishonorable...and that of many others. Could you please share with us what that may be?
  10. I don't think I made it a pressing concern- just warned mister "I wanna be a pilot" he needs to keep in consideration the issue with the writings. There is no disclaimer with the writings so unless he researched it or someone told him, he would never know it was mostly BS. I agree the church is in a no win with it, but they could at least flag the material with a link re buyer beware. That would still be transparent. I was in the active Army and quite out of touch with all things church when all this came out so I didn't know about it till this past year. This has never come up in church in the past 26 years so when I heard about it I was fairly shocked. As a kid I recall hearing a few of these stories and at that time I was somewhat suspicious. I was an avid war history reader and never read such crazy stories. Anyway I looked up the news articles about it and then checked to see if the material was still in circulation. I couldn't believe they let all those lies just sit there on LDS tools to be read by anyone (esp unsuspecting investigators) without at least a disclaimer.
  12. I addressed that in my original post. Military service is only good if done after a mission. Before- not so much. Trust me I know all about that. The statement made to me was that military service was not discouraged---with no qualifier.
  13. Send a 17 year old priest to the Bishop with his iPhone on RECORD and listen to the reaction when he tells him he is going in the Marines instead of going on a Mission. I guarantee you will hear some "discouragement." Better yet, have him go up on Fast Sunday and announce it. That would make for some good drama for the whole ward to gossip about. Oh my can you imagine what his parents must be thinking??? How humiliating that must be for your parents!!---well that's what happened to me. I'm sure everywhere else the entire ward membership embraces them and tells them good job on their choice...not
  14. First off- let me be the first to wish you good luck and success in your anticipated career! My comments are my opinion from my experience in the Army. Others will have different opinions and experiences vary. Enlisted at age 18 right out of HS- no mission. Served initial 4yr tour in Airborne Infantry- balance was (18 more years) in Reserves or Nat'l guard. Multiple deployments while in the Nat'l Guard after 9/11. You didn't say if you are male or female, but I'm gonna assume Male. If you have not gone on a mission already and don't plan on it, get prepared to have your military service marginalized by some members of the church since you didn't first serve a mission. While military service is honorable, many members regard it as a cop out or a place for wayward boys who don't serve missions. Many a prospective wife will also regard your lack of serving a mission as a disqualifier. Everyone is free to choose, just be on-notice that military service is looked down upon DEPENDING upon if mission service did not come first. If u already went on a mission- congrats nothing to worry about then. If you are female- well frankly you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. No obligations in terms of mission service whatsoever. The availability of religious services will greatly depend upon what you do. Since you are planning on being an aviator- at the minimum at sea you will be on a carrier with 5500 sailors and a couple jarheads. There will be LDS services avail there. Onshore- there are lds chapels near all Naval Airfields. The enlisted ranks seem to have less access but that also depends upon what your MOS (military Occupational Specialty) is. The folks in the rear with the gear will have lots of religious access if they want it. Those in the field dong the fighting pretty much get ignored. The wars we are in now are small unit fights so our combat troops are out in squads, platoons and companies. Not many chaplains to be found, but lots of ammo and tangos needing to be shot. All in all, there are not too many Mormons around. Military service is discouraged so this naturally results in slim numbers. One also must consider though that the percentage of Americans who serve is only about 2% or less...LDS reportedly 1.4% or less. 1.4% of LDS folks is roughly 18K personnel spread out all over the world and across five services. Given that military service is discouraged, it is interesting that 1.4% ish actually show up. If you look at strict percentages- pretty much no one in the US serves their country no matter what their faith is. I had a blast, loved my various duty stations, made awesome friends (who actually really would give their very life for me) and got to travel a lot. Iraq was even pretty cool. A couple things to keep in mind- if you end up being a fighter pilot or anything that drops bombs or shoots missiles /machine guns you will be killing people for sure. In this Current Operating Environment (COE) there is no escaping that. If you cant do that- fly a cargo plane. No matter what you fly- if you get shot down ----well you can do the math on those consequences. That's something to think about eh? I got nuked by a few bombs and have not been the same since. Multiple physical injuries- all of which are permanent are my reward for serving. Too bad-so-sad right?I'm lucky though, I have lost several personal friends in combat so get ready for that- who knows it might be you. Just being real. I wouldn't trade the overall experience for any other. Anyway- good luck, do good and stay safe! We need good people out there since so few want to actually serve. on edit- Someone mentioned reading experiences of some of the GAs who have served. I agree except in the case of Paul H Dunn. He was caught lying about many of his experiences in WW2. Although he never (not to my knowledge) admitted which things he did lie about, he did write an open letter to church membership stating he embellished many stories in order to I guess add drama or whatever to them. There was investigative work done by a reporter who proved many things were false. Anyway- he was censured by the church and coincidentally placed on "emeritus" status soon afterwards. Strangely, none of his stories have been pulled from church pubs even though they were admittedly fabricated in many cases. Except for his stories, the balance I am sure would be good to read.
  15. 1- I guess in a roundabout sortaway I called you a Moron. I apologize as I clearly was mistaken. Since I am one to always help others, I'll show you how I so quickly found the cnn articles: Go to "Google" and type "bsa gay leader vote" and hit ENTER Here is what you get: GOOGLE is your friend. 2- "and when I simply ask for a source you believe I'm calling you a liar? You need to lighten up?" Heres how you asked: "Where did you get the bolded part above? Your comment that it was no secret to anyone is unfounded. Don't make a statement like that and expect it not to get challenged. If you can show a source, then fine, I'll apologize. " Sounds like ur calling me a liar and you are not simply asking for a source.
  16. Carb did call me a liar. Sure he sugarcoated it, but he said the info in my post was "unfounded." If by chance you are not familiar with what "unfounded" means, I have inserted some possible alternate words for you. Go to the link and you will see that "unfounded" is just a nice way to say "liar." As to the comment where he accused me of saying Pres Monson wasn't doing his job...well that has been addressed already. Additionally, I asked for a moderator review of my post and asked for the proper suspension if indeed that is what I did as it would be a violation of our forums rule #1. My post is still there, so there is that. He called me a liar and lied about what I said. Too bad he needs you to come here and stand up for him. He has posted about 20 times throughout this forum since he accused me of this, yet he lacks the energy to come handle this. It is so nice of you to defend his honor, but I am not gonna tone it down. If it hurts his feelings or your sensibilities that is too bad.
  17. I don't know about that. I've seen some smoking hot ones in one piece suits. Before SI got too racy there were some fairly modest suits worn by the models. Those suits are more modest than what we get at our annual ward swim party now in some cases.
  18. Carborendum, You done calling me a liar yet? Your quote: " Where did you get the bolded part above? Your comment that it was no secret to anyone is unfounded. Don't make a statement like that and expect it not to get challenged. If you can show a source, then fine, I'll apologize." I proved it with info any moron ( to include this one) can find...cnn. I already knew it before i posted it. You should have figued that when i used specific dates in my original post where you accused me of using unfounded info. So now we have mr carb making up a falsehood about what i wrote and subsequently calling me a liar in his very next post. Wrong answer. Perhaps it is you who needs to get their stuff wired tight before posting.
  19. Probably a few. Most people actually pass the dope test but get zapped because of admission of past use of some of the more extreme drugs like meth, glass,ice,pcp, ecstacy, bath salts etc. The scary thing is pretty much everyone has smoked weed so it isn't much of a stretch to try the harder stuff. Lots more people now with that past as opposed to 25 yrs ago. The biggest thing keeping them from getting jobs is their background...lots of sexual deviants and criminals who have not been caught, but admit to the activity in our hiring process.