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  1. Just heard about it a couple days ago. Some emergency meeting or something? Anyway- I suppose we will find out in a couple hours.
  2. 1st: Your quote Andon: "The way I see it right now I can stop all this and go with my plans I had after I got off my mission, and my family will hate me for it and I will always have to tell the story of why I didn't go on a mission for the rest of my life. " Is this really the way your family rolls? Talk to your parents about that- make sure that is not the case. If it I didn't go on a mission and I was sure my family would treat me that way. They were not happy about it and gave me a ton of crap (in a loving way of course), but after I got out of the Army they finally dropped it. I was not disowned or anything like that. As for having to tell the story- yes that will happen to varying degrees. You will be judged for that no matter the reason. Most people don't care though so if this all boils down to you not being able to go- you will have to get over that part. Yes there are women in the YSA wards who would never date or marry a non-RM. You will find those who will. There are plenty of RMs who no one wants to date/marry also, but that is usually because they are lazy and non-productive. Just be yourself and be an achiever. Now for the weight part- I never had a problem with weight until I was the recipient of many injuries two of which involved broken vertebrae. After that healed and I was left with internal organ damage and then nerve issues in my lower limbs, I have had issues with weight because I like to eat. I still maintain a decent fitness level considering and am in better shape than many people in my ward who are younger than me. I'm still kinda fat though and it is a constant battle. About 7-8 yrs ago I ended up being pre-diabetic. Took a PA to figure it out. I didn't look like it as I am very muscular, stocky and "to me" I wasn't fat. The DR said yes you are and you need to get on a lifelong diet. My physical situation is such that I don't have much endurance and despite exercising every day, weight is a struggle. Three words for you - South-beach-diet Use it and the weight will fall off of you. You can modify the meals and be successful. My DR said to use it as a template for healthy eating and it would serve me well. My BMI, Glucose, Cholesterol etc all shaped up real fast on that diet and all these years later the blood numbers remain good. Because of that I will now die of other causes instead if diabetes. no more soda, video games, tv, candy, cake etc... just suck it up for a few weeks and you will get used to it. You can do it. As for the soda and stuff- not saying you are an excessive consumer of those things but just stop altogether if you do use them and you will be rewarded. Stay busy, exercise a lot and eat healthy. Don't starve, just eat good. Good luck!
  3. cold beer is very refreshing.............agreed. Although I don't imbibe anymore, I can say it is pretty awesome at times. I loved it when we came back from a week or two training for combat and were provided with coolers of iced down beer to drink while we cleaned our weapons and equipment. Not a lot of moderation though. You would be so dehydrated from the training one beer would light you up...ha.
  4. 7 Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? I think if one says yes I believe in genocide, practice anti-Semitism, support abortion or vote for government representatives who do, engage in racist activity then yes they can be excluded---well at least from the temple I guess.
  5. So if the water could kill them, what did they do to keep hydrated?
  6. Thank you. Please point out the scripture that says...."put a kid in your car." Only says it is the priests duty to assist an elder, not how it is done. Saying that I think the Lord's guidance is a bad idea is very clearly lying about what I said. You Carb are a liar. You are very clearly misrepresenting what I said. You can interpret the intent of the scripture as you wish and so can I. I can right? Or am I supposed to be a mindless myrmidon?
  7. Just a few examples below. Not all necessarily nazis,but def involved in the white supremacy world
  8. I was partnered with my dad from prob age 12 or earlier until I graduated HS. He had a fairly significant church calling and time was in extremely short supply. Made it easier to just take me instead of trying to work out the details with someone else. Boy did we have some real live drama cases to visit. Im thinking these days this would not happened.
  9. He probably forgot that Mormons are not allowed to grow a beard or drink coke or wear shorts or any other of the fake rules or commandments some of the membership likes to kick around in the church. Look how long it took for the church to actually make a proclamation saying we could drink coke, pepsi etc... As for the beards, that is a BYU and mission thing. Outside of that no one cares.
  10. You can take your complaint up with the Lord who specified: I missed the part where I was complaining. I said it is a bad idea.
  11. Re taking a juvenile priesthood holder with you my minimally informed opinion says that is a bad idea. In scouts we can't be alone with them, but now you want to have one alone with you in your car? I'd just go alone rather than take someone's kid with me. I don't trust them.
  12. The last two words probably sum it up best. That is why those benefits are there. When they are needed, not when someone creates their own need. I'm all for women staying at home to raise the kids and all, but when one marries and has those goals, part of attaining that is setting oneself up to be able to financially afford it. I have lds friends and family who don't think my that is even a factor. lord says multiply so we are; who pays for it matters not the ends justifies the means. Of course random things happen, people lose jobs or whatever, but quitting so you can have more time isn't likely the intent of the program.
  13. We have an adult kid on this. So far so good and it is el cheapo. As for the possibility of taking the part time job with the associated pay cut: I'm thinking that someone who does that shouldn't then go to the govt for govt (schip / Medicaid)healthcare when they placed themselves in that position by purposely taking a pay hit. Not saying you would do that, but it was suggested to you. Part of me thinks that would be a bit dishonest and actually fraud (not literally, but morally) if you ask me. Being able to pay for it before, but going part time not because you have to, but because you want to and then now the taxpayer has to cover it.
  14. Ok- well I am specifically referencing games that are pretty much just killing sprees like call of duty for example. Any gamer knows the types of games Im talking about. Not Harry potter or some strategy game go find treasure chests or whatever. Im talking hard core killing. Warning for those who get triggered-- Like this:
  15. No, not projecting. Going back now and reading Ironfists comments, I think he is on to something. Probably just escapism is all- and I'm talking about the war vets and cops who play violent video games. I suppose it helps cool the jets after work. I used to just come home and go to sleep, but different strokes for different folks. So long as one can separate fact from fantasy it should be all good. I'm sure there could be at least one in the crowd who is PTSD'd out and can use some venting although I don't know if that's the kind their medical professional would rec to them. Theres always one or two around. People always say oh yea all my buddies are good. I used to say that too because I knew them, worked with them everyday and then all of a sudden they are out on FMLA and then gone. We lose (medical retire) 1 or 2 a year to that and in almost every instance, no one but the family knew about it. They controlled it at work and melted down at home. I have I think about 7-8 friends who ended up with PTSD med retirments and not a one (fellow cops) did anyone even suspect beforehand. I'm wondering if people who have repetitive exposure to violence, are routinely assaulted, routinely have to use force and injure people in many cases (and deal with the brass) need to be spending even more time exposed but with the ability to do whatever they want sans consequences. I'm thinking eventually someone is going to reflexively act in real life with a response that is only acceptable in a game. Some may say "well what are they really being exposed to?" Beats me, but strap a heart monitor on them and be prepared for an eye opener. We get guys in a virtra trainer who will experience serious spikes in HR and many say they had auditory exclusion...that is from a fake scenario. Granted it is more realistic than a vid game, but it is a game. No one goes in worried they are gonna get shot up. For the benefit of other readers : Video games are used to train cops (FATS, VirTra, Imarksman etc) ,but the roleplay is supervised. It is a method of conditioned response. It is like when the military went from bullseye rifle targets to human silhouettes because MOST soldiers were not actually shooting the enemy. The percentage of soldiers who reported actually killing someone in combat went up significantly after that change. Fast forward to the 2000s, we have video simulators for cops and military. Used for the purpose of not only conditioning for a response to a threat, it conditions for the proper response. It has been proven to be effective. How a video game may influence that conditioning down the road is anyone's guess. I'm assuming we will hear something sooner or later because we all know the limited time cops get on their simulators. The time playing call of duty or whatever is exponentially higher. I know you know this, just educating the reader on police and military training. Not that y'all need supervision, but just thinking out loud here that current gun carrying cops probably don't benefit from the additional mental conditioning the games offer. Kinda like porn compared to the real thing for a lack of a better descriptor. I would just think they get enough violence at work. Maybe not. Anyway, enjoy the games and I'll enjoy my fishing
  16. This isn't a pitch for gun control and this guy from what I know is not a cheerleader of it either..interesting commentary on video games
  17. Uh huh ok. So I think combat games such as call of duty are a waste of time and glorify killing people so that in turn means I have issues? The healthy alternative/ diversion from real live violence and repeated exposure to it (police work) is to play violent role play war video games? Interestingly (and I don't believe this myself) but there are lots of people out in American society (and some inthis very forum probably) who believe some cops set out to provoke violence and enjoy violent encounters. Like I said, I'm not of that opinion, but after that post I can understand how someone might form an opinion like that.
  18. I had to go look that up...Never heard of it probably since it started up in 2010 and that's when I retired from the army. Yep the army times article stated it was a fb page with 1500 likes. I went and found it and 7 yrs later it has 9500 likes.....looks like a dud of a movement. If I could ever describe anything with the word "gay," that would be it.
  19. So the guys you work with have done/ seen enough, they have had enough of it.. I'm assuming the part I'm missing is they are still glued to a call of duty game? I know u were not comparing this to police work you has just responded that a tour in Iraq would probably not cure their fetish with games involving killing. Fair enough...I'm glad it was enjoyable enough that they can still enjoy "cyber slaughter". .ha that's good just made it up.
  20. Time spent playing...just being logged on doesn't mean one is actually doing anything.
  21. Perhaps they have not seen enough real combat then...Then maybe they have and they just cant get enough. I can tell you in my short Iraq tour in my unit we had 1 KIA and 30% WIA (48 wounded).. Freaking mess and it wasnt funny. We were on the winning side of it and thats the result of 166 IED/ Small Arms and coordinated attacks / enemy encounters on our elements, several vehicles totally destroyed. I know the numbers cuz it was my job to keep them for our unit. An additional duty of sorts. This was leading up to and during the surge in late '06 thru 2007. Made police work look like a joke and I have seen some serious action as a cop. Been involved in a few shootings , witnessed many more, seen a few people blow their heads off in front of me etc. I was desensitized with real life before Iraq and Iraq was an eye opener. I dont know where you work, but Phx area is def a gamer's paradise for the real thing. Anyway- just my two cents (and thats all its worth). Its my opinion people only get off on killing when there is no consequence. We are raising a generation of people who think its a game. I'd go do it all over again because there are still terrorists out there who need to be killed esp if it meant I could take the place of one of my kids, but the thought of it makes me want to throw up. Thats why these games suck...the combat ones and the others for other reasons. These kids have better things they should be doing.
  22. Employers here cant fill jobs... they are everywhere. My employer has a non-skilled 40 hr / week job, receptionist, $14 hr full benefits... no one wants it. Of the few who applied, half when asked couldn't even remember which job they applied for. We are just leaving it unfilled for now because all who applied were idiots. As for the balance of the Phoenix area- here ya go. Non-skilled demand is through the roof and these kids mostly have no skills. HS diploma only. They do not want to work. There is a home depot just a coule miles from where several of them live....20 ish unfilled jobs. $10 / hr, full bennies, 401K, etc... all over the place here.,+AZ&explvl=entry_level Salary Estimate $15,000+ (32622) $20,000+ (27323) $25,000+ (18109) $30,000+ (11723) $35,000+ (7268) Job Type Full-time (27219) Part-time (7115) Commission (1429) Temporary (1114) Contract (989) Internship (265) Location Phoenix, AZ (13608) Scottsdale, AZ (4590) Mesa, AZ (3423) Tempe, AZ (3066) Chandler, AZ (2465) more ยป Company Unlisted Company (1200) PETSMART (817) Safeway (456) Fry's Food Stores (382) Domino's (358) The Home Depot (348) Albertsons (337) Marriott International, Inc (337) McDonald's Franchisee (285) Arby's | FX4, LLC (259) Banner Health (246) Pizza Hut (216) Spirit Halloween (192) The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack (190) Michaels (178)
  23. I'll give games, scriptures and tv
  24. No drama...I don't get offended too easy and I enjoy a spirited disussion. I get the whole introvert, mental health, anxiety etc issue. That's not likely at play here in these singles wards. Unless we want to automatically assume they all have behavioural health issues, I'm going to assume that since most if not all of them served allegedly successful missions they are prob ok....just lazy.
  25. I'll get right on that...after I start defending any of them as a worthy substitute for accomplishing my goals.