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  1. I felt the same way when I joined mine, I'm like it cant be perfect if they let me in!
  2. Your talking to a cousin of Clyde Champion Barrow, THE Clyde of Bonnie and Clyde. Am i proud of what he's done, NO! But it is a part of my family history and i think makes it flavorful, i mean all of my ancestors could not have been English lords, Scottish Kings (Robert the Bruce) and African Slaves here in America! @prisonchaplain learning about my family history has acted as a huge motivator to carry that torch and try to do greater works than my family have done, thereby honoring their name!
  3. I love indexing, havent done any since the freedmans project will have to get back into it!
  4. You guys have cracked me up hard, thank's Vort and Carborendum! To everyone else thank you for your replies and making me feel welcome. I know even more that this is the forum i've been looking for! @Jane_Doe if your ever interested in volunteering some time to mentor some inner-city kids learning genealogy please let me knnow!
  5. Hello Brothers and Sisters, I've been searching for a proper Latter Day Saint forum where I can connect with other members of the church! I want to be a blessing to folks here by maybe being honest with my opinions, and offering friendship and prayer. I am the husband of the most excellent wife in the world, and I love my church so much. For work, i help senior citizens and developmentally disabled Americans, and I'm also an avid author, and philanthropist helping the inner city learn about Genealogy! I look forward to getting to know you all! Kenneth