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  1. I'm new to this site so sorry. I can't even figure out how to edit or delete this posting otherwise I would have. Gosh tho people are acting like they just swallowed a lemon. I don't know why that wording causes such a buzz. it's like the time that there was a big controversy on BYU campus over whether they should permit Naked Juice to be sold in the vending machines because it has the word naked in it. Maybe I could stand to grow up but gosh so could the rest of ya's.
  2. Thank you!!! Exactly my point. I did not want to Google it (anti alert) and I don't want to ask male leadership in my ward because that seems provocative. And my ministers are unendowed women. I just am really defensive about my garments. I probably wear them even in times when I could not 'reasonably do" something with it on (missionary handbook, anyone?) But the missionary handbook is the only thing I have had and it's unclear what applies to missionaries and what doesn't. And I see a lot of men hiking or playing sports with shirts off or bro tanks which seems unnecessary. And sister that seem like they don't even bring their garments on a vacation or trip lol. Point being I see all of these active members taking off their garments in public but I can't do it in private? I'm fine with protocol but I didn't know it.
  3. Thanks for paying attention!
  4. I think the earning a living point is kind of moot in this context, but yes it is a point that needs to be addressed. Ideally the plan would be to reactivate the men not living up to their Priesthood potential but until then we have a generation of women who are ready for temple marriage while their male peers are either not ready or apt to be taken...
  5. So you're saying romance can mean different things to different people but whatever I think is wrong? Cool. Here's a life lessons for you, kidddd. Some people don't care about others opinions and worry more about safe proofing their marriage and family.
  6. Ok...just wanted to know because i am not going to play magic 8 ball and try to receive personal revelation on something that has direct protocol. That's advised against. I didn't know. I had no temple prep classes and limited opportunity to go to the temple endowment.
  7. Obvioualy i have angecy and. Could murder someone if i wanted. I never had temple prep classes and so I wasn't sure which was protocol. Hence i asked
  8. Wow judge much. I posted this question earlier but in a more mature tone and no one replied. Unfortunately we've all been conditioned to respond to shock value on the internet. Which obviously...you replied.
  9. I didn't wanna say this but yes the first one was my PB and it gives a pretty specific time which has now passed. Because it was a specific time frame I had a lot of anxiety and I wondered if I ruined it because I've exhausted all my avenues.
  10. Im asking a lot of questions but recebtly read an article on LDS Living ( same title as my post) that addressed women who were not getting proposed to by LDS men, and who were getting to be past the age of child bearong. It justified getting married to men outside of the temple in that case. It said that they should not give up the blessings of being a wife and a mother for a blessing that may never be afforded to them in this life. Do you think that the Lord would withhold blessings from a woman who chose to do so? I mean there are more Temple worthy women in the church than men, so it's just a fact that they're going to be some who are not afforded the blessings of Temple marriage in this life.
  11. I was given two prophecies regarding my marriage...one that I would meet my spouse after a mission. The other my Stake president said he felt prompted to tell me as I considered going on a mission: That I would meet my husband in the field; that he'd be a missionary. The two seemed to conflict! And the second one upset me he would tell me that because at the time I had a bf and also meeting boys who would be 4-5 years younger than me was not my motivation for going. But because of what he said I was very obedient on my mission to the no flirting rule because I never wanted anyone to think I had started an inappropriate relationship in the field. So naturally I didn't get a ton of attention from Elders. Since coming home I've gone on a date with one or two but we didn't click either time. The rest of my dating pursuits have gone worse than I imagined. I felt like I was doing the best I knew how. Is it possible I've missed my chance to get married in this life since the windows of time have both passed?
  12. Either you don't have children or as not as involved in coraling them during sacrament as you could be 😂 Other wise you would have noticed that children will SCREAM BLOODY MURDER if they don't get a crumb of bread. This taking away the Spirit (; So yes so think they should
  13. You have anxiety disorder if not OCD as well. There is hope as I have those too and have felt the holy ghost very strongly in my life. Mental illness has been the bane of my existence but confronting it has brought me closer to the Spirit than I thought possible. Loves xo
  14. Please respond this is a real question
  15. BUT. Modesty is council from the Lord based on how He wants us to treat or bodies and he said cover up. That's the reason. Not people's thoughts. Respect.
  16. I agree. When a man truly will do anything to have a woman that's usually when he gets her
  17. Personally i have a goal now to never date a man who has anything I would require him to change in order to be marriage suitable. I.agree others can help our walk with Christ but I don't think a dating partner is a person to rely heavily on with big problems as narcissits tend to do that.
  18. Personally after marriage that's my goal. Aside from being romantic !! it would defs deter people who want to be homewreckers.