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  1. This is so ridiculous, and I'm a product of this era. I was taught to call women "ladies" and I would love to be referred to as one! So what are women supposed to be referred to as now?? Gentlemen? Please.
  2. These are so addicting 😊 I don't blame her!
  3. The problem with plural marriage is jealousy. I feel that it's better for a household to have a heavy workload but enjoy a monogamous relationship, than to bring other wives in the picture and ruin that bond by bringing in opportunities for jealousy to arise. All you have to do is read books written by wives of polygamist relationships and they all speak of the favoritism and jealousy that is amongst the women. Better to get a maid/caregiver/nanny to do the work only and appreciate the completeness of having one wife.
  4. @JohnsonJones You are not old fashioned at all, I agree with all that you said. The only reason we didn't have a temple marriage was because my whole family are non-members, and I wanted them to be fully involved. So we opted for a civil ceremony. If we had married in another country, it would've been mandatory to get a civil marriage before a temple one. But our vows and commitment were definitely not less serious.