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  1. Yes, thanks we've looked at that and it isn't quite the same but it could have been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of Rev 11.
  2. I tend to agree with you unless the matter comes up in the lesson manual in which case it is valid and relevant. My interest in this was really because it was something I hadn't come across in my own lesson and my daughter was curious about it, having been taught by the Bishop. The scriptures do tell us to watch out for the signs, like the leaves on the fig tree letting us know the time is at hand. It could also lead to a bit of a casual attitude I suppose though if we think that we're OK so long as 2 Apostles haven't been killed in Jerusalem and left unburied for 3 or 4 days.
  3. Thanks GB. I'd tried Googling but all I got was stuff about dragons and role play in fantasy games! I think I'm beginning to see that there may have been some misquoting or mis-reporting of a half remembered scripture involved here. Verse 11 which mentions 'fire proceedeth out of their mouth' refers to the period when these two prophets were still alive and prophesying. It doesn't say anything about them breathing fire after being resurrected. In fact they don't seem to do anything after being restored to life except ascend into Heaven. It does say prophets and if we assume there is only one source of true prophets then it would have to be members of the first presidency of the church but that is kind of an assumption. I do wish people would quote actual scripture with chapter and verse when they are teaching a principle, or at least quote a general authority. Things can get a little confusing whenn people put their own slant on what they half remember or think they heard somebody else say. We have been warned so many times in Conference not to teach from anything but reliable sources and not to perpetuate urban myths. Sometimes there seems to be a very fine line between those and reality. I hadn't seen this 'fire proceedeth out of their mouth' in a literal sense myself. I'd looked at it more as the power of the words they were speaking and the truths they were preaching. Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Thanks Suzie, that was what I found in Revelation (I typed Daniel above because I was thinking of looking in Daniel next so my brain did a woolly leap!) but I can find no reference at all to this breathing of fire and yet it was made rather an issue of in my daughter's lesson. I am really struggling to find where the teaching comes from.
  5. I have found reference in Revelation to the two prophets who preach for thousand two hundred and threescore days and are then killed, but there's nothing about them breathing fire. They lie dead for 3 and a half days and then God breathes life into them and they ascend to Heaven.
  6. Thank you for that - I will try searching Daniel and Revelation for more information.
  7. My daughter came home from church today with something I had never heard of before which she had been taught in her young adult gospel doctrine class. I taught this lesson about the second coming of the Saviour in a different class and certainly never came across this story in my manual nor have I ever heard it before. She was told that before the Saviour returns two Apostles or members of the First Presidency will be called to Jerusalem, where they will be killed and then resurrected and return breathing fire. I have never heard of any such thing before and yet our Bishop, who taught the class, told my daughter that it's in the Scriptures but he couldn't remember where and to search for it on the church website. I tried doing that when we got home but couldn't find anything on the subject. Has anyone else ever been taught this? I am totally confused.
  8. That was actually my reacton when I was told but the RS Pres seemed to think I was being awkard. I'm one of the older end and I love the input we get from the younger sisters.
  9. Does anyone have experience of Relief Society classes being divided up into age groups? We are only a small ward and on average our RS has about 20-25 sisters in the class. This is now going to be divided into 2 smaller groups by age. I'm not sure where the line is going to be drawn between young and old and maybe I'm just an old stick in the mud but I can't help wondering what benefit there can be in splitting up an already small class. We have a sort of 'transition plan' for the young women by inviting them into the class opening excercises once a month which is supposed to help them feel at home when they move up but now splitting the RS up into age groups seems to contradict that. I suppose I'm just hoping to hear from people in wards where this is done and where it works well.
  10. Isn't that more us saying we will support them rather than us voting for them?
  11. I just want an online translator that works so well so I don't look like an idiot when I try to write in French.
  12. They won't take my blood because I'm on medication. I wonder if they still want my organs?
  13. Well he used to be our Bishop so I took him at his word.
  14. I would love to know how too because when I use Babelfish I get some rubbish translations but that looked like it made excellent sense.
  15. a couple of weeks ago someone was telling me they had seen a poster on a billboard outside a church which said "Don't pray about the Book of Mormon. That's how they get you!"
  16. If they are just out to knock rather than be open to discussion he Holy Ghost is rarely present.
  17. If they ask you about your beliefs that's one thing but when they start telling you you are wrong or brainwashed it's doubtful you will ever convince them otherwise by argument
  18. Thanks for that. I have sometimes been troubled by the thought that I was a fence sitter when I let myself down here.
  19. I don't think it’s so much about having low expectations of people as having more understanding and tolerance of people's shortcomings when they do their best.
  20. Every time I read this sort of response on here I cringe. People do have genuine queries and are genuinely puzzled about things they have been taught in the past but are not sure are scripturally accurate, or things which don't seem to gel with what they learn in church and yet they are not sure where they have come from. Simply telling people to blithely ignore such concerns does not put them to rest. If anything it sounds more like blind obedience and a refusal to look at any other point of view. Surely it is more productive to look at the queries and look at the scriptures and study what prophets have taught and reach some sort of conclusion about whether or not something is accurate.
  21. That does look like a rather basic copy so is a bit expensive compared to what you'd pay at the Distribution Centre.
  22. It isn't free from our local distribution centre. Are you sure this is a scam?
  23. As a forum moderator elsewhere and admin of my own forum I can assure Dorave that ‘feelings of power’ do not come into it. It’s a necessary job which has to be done to prevent total anarchy at times. I don’t know about the mask of the internet leading to truth. It certainly removes inhibition in some people in much the same way as alcohol so that they say things they would not necessarily say if sober or face to face.
  24. But if the Masons did actually get some of their rites from Solomon then those would most likely be a foreshadowing of our present day Temple ceremonies, plus over the centuries people may well have added to and changed some of the Masonic stuff from Solomon's day which would explain the similarities and the differences.