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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am new to the site, just wanted to ask anyone who might be able to help. I am having a hard time finding any young lady who is a member to date. I live in an area with few mormons and because of current circumstances, I am not able to move. I am 19, red headed, going to school for accounting. I have a strong testimony, and I want anyone I date seriously to have the same, or atleast an understanding of the gospel. I am open minded to nonmembers, I just dont want to lower my standards and lose any chance of the spirit being involved. Anyway, if anyone knows any single lady that has similar issues, let me know. I dont want to seem awkward or desperate, just frustrated. Thanks
  2. In the Disney movie Tangled, Rapunzel sings about being isolated in her tower and wondering when she’ll be able to truly start living her life. Rapunzel fits the profile of a faithful Mormon single adult: She’s a hard worker, she’s morally pure, and she displays a zest for life that is absolutely contagious. In her opening musical number, she sings: I’ll reread the books If I have time to spare I’ll paint the walls some more, I’m sure there’s room somewhere. And then I’ll brush and brush, and brush and brush my hair Stuck in the same place I’ve always been. And I’ll keep wonderin’ and wonderin’ And wonderin’ and wonderin’ When will my life begin? There are many Mormon single adults who can empathize with Rapunzel’s situation. One of my friends once told me that he feels life doesn’t truly begin until you’re married. Given the strong emphasis on marriage and family in the Mormon Church, I wasn’t surprised he felt this way. There are many single adults that long for marriage, feel “stuck in the same place I’ve always been,” and wonder, just like Rapunzel, “When will my life begin?” However, the attitude that life doesn’t really start until you’re married isn’t just wrong – it’s harmful to your personal growth and search for an eternal companion. Read More
  3. Young single adult wards allow me to attend till I turn 31, Mid single adult wards start at 31. I'm 30 and I haven't been to church for over a year. Should I just go to Mid singles though I'm not 31 yet? It doesn't seem like there would be that many girls around my age in a YSA ward.
  4. Hi. I'll be frank, I am looking for a true eternal companion. The last one was ex'ed from the church (just leave it at that). In the mean time, I am looking for some friends to chat with. I am sealed to my 4 children who live with me full time. So, I don't have a lot of time to go to singles functions...and honestly, the same people week after week, month after month...people who are still emotionally in high school. Can we just all grow up! I deal with teenagers every day, I don't want to deal with them at activities of SINGLE ADULTS. Yet, this has given me a great perspective...that many problems in our wards can be solved by being adults and conducting ourselves like adults and not like teenagers in adult bodies. They make comedies about things like that, but in real life it's not funny and so many people get hurt. I like Shakespeare, theatre, music, singing, dancing, concerts, gardening, camping (with tents in a camp ground), hiking, biking...that's just the start. So, if you're an adult or trying hard to be one, lets chat.
  5. So, I decided to start a blog about my ridiculous, sometimes awesome, and sometimes entertaining love life. It's totally anonymous, all names have been changed, but i'm hoping to share some insight into what really goes on inside the mind of a single LDS female while dating, and hopefully shed some light on a few things. Is there anyone on here interested in following my blog, or knows of a blogging circle that I can join? It's always more fun to share. Thanks people!
  6. Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on here. This week I had a feeling that I should start a new blog up about being a single girl in a community of predominately Latter- Day Saint people, and the struggles that come with it. I want to focus on how the Gospel and Atonement have helped me as I've been on this journey. I'm not sure how else to share this with people, so I thought I'd post it here. Just an Ordinary, Single Mormon Girl Do any of you have similar blogs? Or any blog that you would want to share with the community? Or maybe a blog that you've read that you thought was great? I'd love to start reading them!