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We have Rupert B. Puppenstein (Boston Terrier) and Piper T. Dog (Beagle/Boxer Mix), and our seven cats: Alley, Mouse, Mickey, Tinkerbell, Jessie, Milo, and Scrappy. (Yes 7! - We used to foster sick cats for the humane society and failed miserably a few times at returning them) They are all cute, but the dogs deserve more attention. :D

Photobucket is being a pain, so I apologize that these pictures are rather large. :(

This is Rupert with our Wisteria:

Posted Image

This is Piper with a dusting of snow - very rare in Atlanta!:

Posted Image

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We now have 5 cats, no recent pix stored on this computer, unfortunately:

Pushka (as in the profile pic), now aged 6 years (will be 7 in February)

Kitty, now aged 3 years and 4 months

Suki, now aged 1 year and 1 month

Socks, Suki's kitten, now aged 6 months and

Squealer, Suki's other kitten, now aged 6 months

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My son has a cat, but I dream of a dog, so now I'm addicted to " Dog-Whisperer" by Ceaser Milan.

Calm an submisive is my mantra now:) and being pack leader can trun you into a Little napoleon.

also,its so bad,I volunter to walk the nieghbors dog,well she's elderly so it serves two purposes. there a fav. TV show thread?

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