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I'm darkangel

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Welcome. I attended church one Sunday in Paris. They had two branches, one for french speaking people and one for english speaking people.

Ben Raines

I attended a ward in France a couple of times too. Though we had no such luck as the two different branches, we just had an American missionary translate the more important stuff - one of the newer missionaries actually appeared to be very relieved to see some English speaking people again. It turned out he was having great difficultly picking up the language and it was becoming a barrier for him.

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Bonjour! Silvuple! .... I doubt it would help me though... I cant any French.. Finnish would be easier! :D Welcome anyway and I hope you enjoy your ride!



Dear Newbie: Welcome to You will find here an ecclectic mix of LDS and some non-members. While the site is dedicated to the Gospel, and to promoting the Church to a world that often does not understand us, we also make room for conversations about current events, and about social and cultural practices within the Church. If your main desire is to learn about the Church, consider starting with the "Learn About Mormonism" forums. For more advanced teachings, that will often include a variety of perspectives, some non-LDS, consider the Gospel section of forums.

While you are welcome to all main sections, be aware this site makes room for a variety of opinions and personalities. Some posters can be passionate about their views, and occasionally more so about them than about the souls of visitors. If you find something particularly offensive, feel free to make a report by clicking the appropriate tab.

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