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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. Welcome to the site Jared! I noticed that you liked the Hunger Games. I just got the triology in ebooks for $3.06 at using discount codes. A friend had suggest the series to me and when I first started reading it I didn't think that I was going to like it, but it did get better as I read more.
  3. This week when you buy the Kindle Fire at Walmart for $199.00, you get a free $50.00 gift card. I saw this in their weekly add.
  4. LDSgirl


    Welcome and best wishes in your journey back into the church!:)
  5. Welcome back Susie! I just started coming back too!:)
  6. I feel that you are a good person, but when you ask what's the worst thing that could happen to a girl for turning down a first date........well, one big thing that comes to my mind is becoming a missing person or being found in a shallow grave in the woods! I don't date strangers and I feel safer starting out with a group date and gradually getting to know a person. Rightly or wrongly, we all make decisions based on first impressions. Sometimes we turn down a first date because we feel that we don't have anything in common and we don't want to encourage this person by giving them a false hope. I try to decline in a way that expresses a thank you for asking, but .......(PS: when I decline, I try to let them know that it is fine to ask, but that I have other interest). Then there is another group of people that your inner-self tells you to be leary a potential source of danger, immoral character or just plain old abusive behavior!
  7. Welcome to the site!:)
  8. To carry their personal items when they are traveling! Hi Trump! Welcome to the site! You're not related to Donald are you?
  9. I hope that you enjoy this site!
  10. I know a little French and Spanish.
  11. Yes mom! Lol. Seriously, normal parents should be respected by their children in the decisions that they make concerning parenting. They usually know what is best! I've never been a big fan of makeup anyway. The natural look is better, so if you use so sparingly!