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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. Welcome to the site Jared! I noticed that you liked the Hunger Games. I just got the triology in ebooks for $3.06 at using discount codes. A friend had suggest the series to me and when I first started reading it I didn't think that I was going to like it, but it did get better as I read more.
  3. This week when you buy the Kindle Fire at Walmart for $199.00, you get a free $50.00 gift card. I saw this in their weekly add.
  4. LDSgirl


    Welcome and best wishes in your journey back into the church!:)
  5. Welcome back Susie! I just started coming back too!:)
  6. I feel that you are a good person, but when you ask what's the worst thing that could happen to a girl for turning down a first date........well, one big thing that comes to my mind is becoming a missing person or being found in a shallow grave in the woods! I don't date strangers and I feel safer starting out with a group date and gradually getting to know a person. Rightly or wrongly, we all make decisions based on first impressions. Sometimes we turn down a first date because we feel that we don't have anything in common and we don't want to encourage this person by giving them a false hope. I try to decline in a way that expresses a thank you for asking, but .......(PS: when I decline, I try to let them know that it is fine to ask, but that I have other interest). Then there is another group of people that your inner-self tells you to be leary a potential source of danger, immoral character or just plain old abusive behavior!
  7. Welcome to the site!:)