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My name is Keith Flores, I am from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

I am member since 1983, I served a mission since 1996 to 1998 in La Paz - Bolivia. Now I am married and serve as Bishop in Guaracal Yard. My wife and I are excited about going to Calgary, Canadá as permanent residents. We have a lot to plan and to do before we get there.

It was great to find this site. I hope to recive some advices about the church and members in Canadá, especially from Calgary.

Best regards for all of you.


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Welcome! Calgary has a good icehokey team. :D I once almot tried to immigrate to Canada as my mother lived there, but as I was over 21 it would not have helped to have family over there. Well I did not search for the immigration and I have it very well where I am now. Would have been nice to live with my halfsisters and halffather and mother for once in my life.

But like they say here : other countries blueberries and own countries straw berries. :) Or the bread in an other country is sour.

I hope your move will go well.

So officially:

Welcome to LDS.net. You will find here an ecclectic mix of LDS and some non-members. While the site is dedicated to the Gospel, and to promoting the Church to a world that often does not understand us, we also make room for conversations about current events, and about social and cultural practices within the Church. If your main desire is to learn about the Church, consider starting with the "Learn About Mormonism" forums. For more advanced teachings, that will often include a variety of perspectives, some non-LDS, consider the Gospel section of forums.

While you are welcome to all main sections, be aware this site makes room for a variety of opinions and personalities. Some posters can be passionate about their views, and occasionally more so about them than about the souls of visitors. If you find something particularly offensive, feel free to make a report by clicking the appropriate tab.

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