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Hey, just wondering something

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Is it okay if I talk about a site I made for lds teens?.. if it isn't then remove this thread.

I made a site back in 2008 it got 36 memebers but everyone stop getting on it.. so now in 2010 I got back on it and started working on it.. I added more things do it etc.

I was wondering if some of the teens from would like to join and be memebers and post and just get on and use it.

It would mean a lot, I made this site so youh in our church will get to know one another.

let me Introduce myself a little better. I'm 16 years old will be 17 on May 31st, my name is Michael and I'm teaching myself German, writing a book on ww2, I love going to youth cons, efy's, best of efy, church I love being a memeber of this church. I got a big family I'm the 3rd oldest out of 7. got a stronge testiomy, is very friendly. want to know more just ask.

here s the url Endure To The End

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