Soul Mates And Eternal Companions-- Same?


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there is such a thing as fake revelation, maybe Satan wants to distract her from her mission because she saw a vision of her with this guy.

I say transfer, it's better to be safe than sorry.

I was asked, when we meet spirits from across the veil, do we shake hands with them. Yes and no was my response. If the Savior appears to you, it will not be necessary to shake His hand. You will know Him when you see Him. Same goes with revelatory answers; they are answered by means that are understandable and receptacle by you.

As i heard that there's not just one person in the whole entire world that can be your only one and true companion, there can be several. there can be many that would be good to marry maybe one is a good choice, the other a better choice and another could be the best choice to marry just depends on what you want in life.

Only in rare cases and reasoning behind it we are not always privy to know the ‘whys’. But you are right though. We could be sealed to anyone if both are willing to work together.

If the bishop AND mission president say that you WONT meet your eternal companion on your mission, you won't. If your cousin doesn't listen to that and becomes more and more infatuated with this person then BIG trouble can happen. Besides if she recieved this vision, wouldn't the guy also? if not then it's not to be.

Agreed! Discernment is left to not the person but also to the Bishop and the Stake President.

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