Ulisses Soares - Saturday am session

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Ulisses Soares

Meekness is a quality of those that are God fearing.

The apostle Paul taught that meekness is a fruit of the Spirit.

Christlike attributes are gifts from God.

We need to recognize our weaknesses and be willing to improve.

Being meek does not mean weakness.

We need to take up our cross daily. It must be a daily desire.

It is our duty to try and be perfect. We can look at what we did last week and do them better this week.

Each day we need to try and be better than the previous.

We need to learn to control our temper.

This is extremely important in our homes and with our spouses.

By controlling our reactions we begin to qualify for the quality of meekness.

We need to become humble.

The Savior is the supreme example of meekness.

He testified that Jesus Christ is our Savior.

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I loved his story of Brother Mahlangu. He also gave what to me was a very intriguing thought. He said, "I believe.. that only those who are humble are able to acknowledge and understand the Lord's answers to their prayers." The natural woman in me would really like to reject that idea, but I think he's right. Do y'all agree with that thought? Are there any scriptures that would support that idea?

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