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22 minutes ago, Sunday21 said:

Zil tell us your tips for battery life!

Read reviews on the battery life before you buy it? :)  Here are all the things I've heard for preserving battery life:

  1. Don't store / leave in extreme temperatures (e.g. don't leave your phone in a hot / cold car)
  2. Don't leave it dead for any length of time, don't store it completely charged
  3. Keep it between 30 and 70%
  4. On the other hand, I've also heard to let it go (nearly) completely dead and then charge it completely
  5. I've also heard to only do #4 on the first 3 or 4 charges

I tend to let mine go to near dead (~10-15%) and then charge fully.  A full charge on my phone lasts 2-4 days depending on use.  A full charge on my tablet lasts weeks, but I don't use it much - it would easily last me through 3 Sundays of use (where I'm in the Gospel Library for 2 straight hours).

I also tend to disable all the crap that the vendor installs that I don't want.  And if you really want the battery to last a long time, put it in airplane mode, turn off the wifi, and turn off automatic screen re-orientation.



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On 8/31/2016 at 3:46 PM, bytebear said:

Go to church.  Get a copy of the scriptures and a copy of Gospel Principles.  Go from there.  The church probably has copies you can borrow until you get your own sets..

The Gospel Principles teacher should be able to GIVE you a copy of the Gospel Principles book. If you can't afford to purchase a quad - ask your Bishop if the Ward will purchase one for you.

When I came back into activity after a 30 year absence, I attended Gospel Principles classes during the week (taught by the Senior Missionary couple assigned to my Branch) because my Branch President didn't want me to miss out on attending Gospel Doctrine classes that were taught at the same hour.

My oldest sister gave me her mini-quad, but once my divorce was final and the ex paid me for my share of the property we owned and that he sold, I bought myself a quad that I could actually see to read.


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On 9/19/2016 at 7:13 PM, zil said:
  1. On the other hand, I've also heard to let it go (nearly) completely dead and then charge it completely
  2. I've also heard to only do #4 on the first 3 or 4 charges


Accidentally let my Kindle Fire go dead twice - now I check it on Saturday afternoon to make sure it is charged for Sunday. Husband uses his Kindle Fire all the time. He plays spider solitaire on it while it is plugged in charging!

We just got him a new AT&T phone free from AT&T cause his 2G is not going to be *something or the other* [whatever :rolleyes:], when I ordered in via the phone, the AT&T Manager told me to charge it up, then let it die, charge - repeat for three times. Then charge before it dies again. The battery will last years this way. I was told this also by the clerk at Walmart when I bought my AT&T to Go Z432.


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This might have already been said, but get in touch with the Missionaries. Have them teach you the lessons they would teach to a new member or even teach the regular discussions that they teach to investigators. They can help you get up to speed, teach you, answer questions, and get you connected to the right people and/or resources.


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