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I received my endowments almost exactly a year ago, and just got married 7 months ago. The thing is, I'm still trying to find the perfect garment size/type.

Does anyone else have the problem of the garment bottom sliding down all the time? I thought a size up would help, but nope. I tried this with natural waist length and a cotton top to help with the carinessa bottoms. Only helps a little until the top starts bunching up. I also prefer the slick tops, but those ride up and make the bottoms slide down worse. This isn't as bad when I'm wearing pants, but with dresses and skirts its a nightmare. Especially when I'm doing temple work and really can't fix anything for awhile haha.

I wear carinessa large bottoms, drislique 46 bottoms, carinessa medium tops, and 38C tops in cotton and silk. Any recommendations to help with the sliding and bunching up? 

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I am an obese woman who is amply endowed (44DDD). I have worn DrySilque since I received my endowment back in 2001 & weighed 230+ lbs. I get the Full size tops in long, and the average/normal length bottoms. Never have I had a rising up or sliding down problem. My outer pants/slacks do slide off easier. Since I have lost 38 pounds, my garments fit looser - but still don't rise up or slide down. Got to love the elastic they are made with - that stuff never really wears out. Am not going to buy new ones until I have reached my goal weight of 145 - same with most of my outer clothes.

The last garments I bought was 4 years ago and I just bought two sets about a year ago cause I didn't bring enough on a road trip I was making. Packed in a hurry and didn't re-check the suitcase. Those new ones are longer in length on top and looser in the seat than the others. I love them. Being 65 years old, and totally done with the skin tight clothes of my stupid youth and totally into clothes that are COMFORTABLE these new ones are wonderful.

If your tops are rising up, then see if they come in a longer style. Long enough to tuck into the waistband of the bottoms. I am allergic to the elastic waistbands, so tucking in the top protects my skin. I also wear my bra OVER the garment top. Same reason, allergic to the elastic. Before my endowment, I coated my body where the bra's elastic touched with liquid bandage or wore a camisole to protect my skin. In the winter I wore a man's cotton tank undershirt under the bra. During my bout with menopause aka heat on, heat off, sweating on, sweating off, I was so glad I was no longer wearing cotton underwear. 

Has anyone suggested that you go to the Distribution Center and talk with the sisters who work there? Tell them your problems and ask for their help.

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