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Looking forward to the forum. I'm new here.   : )


I'm not LDS but I know a couple of people who are, over the years, and I have two friends currently who are. I'm christian and enjoy to talk to other Christians without arguing and fighting, just learning and exchanging what we understand. I met one LDS friend on a different evangelical forum, which is a contentious place, and he suggested I try here. Another person I am friends with on FB, a lovely girl who lives in Indiana. When I was a young thing, I was friends with a woman who I know is still LDS though we are seriously out of touch for decades. About me. I retired from it now but I worked as a prof for a long time and wearied of philosophy and theology, when all God wants is a soul, not a robot genius .   : )


I'm an older woman who mostly now reads scripture and does not attend any congregation. I've had experiences with God and I met Him and my whole life belongs to Him.


I look forward to the opportunity to chat once mods approve my posts. Thank you.

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20 hours ago, Jane_Doe said:


I'm an mid-aged LDS Christian lady married to an Evangelical Christian dude.  I love chatting about God with about anyone, and am on many religious/spiritual forums.  This one is my favorite though :)


I am only on this one and one other. Nice to meet you Jane. :)

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