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Adventures in Indexing

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I thought it might be fun to mention interesting, weird, and fabulous things discovered while indexing.

I just came across a name:  Julius O. Cesares  (Sounds quite a bit like Julius Octavius Caesar).

I found interesting marriage ages: 

  • Largest age gap: 17 years.  I believe it was amid to late 20s woman to an early to mid 40s man in England.
  • Youngest age for marriage: 15 (late 1800s in Wisconsin) to a 28 year old husband.

Largest number of "children now alive" : 13

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On 3/31/2021 at 12:28 PM, Carborendum said:

In the same list there was a Leonard and a William (abbv Wm).  But no Nimoy or Shatner.

Any McCoys?

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