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2 hours ago, Carborendum said:

Here, Biden clearly announces he is the Beast.  Or at least, he's the puppet that the Beast is using.

For the record, I was told by many parties that Obama was the beast.  But as I looked through Revelation, I couldn't find anything that would lead me to believe that it was so.  Since then, I've been paying attention to every major national leader.  Putin showed some promise.  I believe that Xi Jinping certainly satisfied many of the requirements.  But now Biden is bringing it here to the US.  Because of that last fact, I'd say it's Biden.

We're going to be in for a bumpy ride.

What are you referring to regarding the "announcement"?

If anything, he is more a puppet. The guy can't even think straight. Hard to be the beast when you truly can't act like one. He definitely is part of the great and spacious building, the mother of harlots, etc... Weaponizing government agencies, against political opponents, would definitely be a sign for this organization.

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So, it appears he violated the FACE ACT.  According to his wife he drives 2 hours every Wednesday to South Philadelphia to "counsel" people at abortion centers.  This "Counseling" appears to be more of protesting and trying to convince those going in that they should not go in.  That, in itself, is actually still legal.

That's not what he was arrested for though.  It appears that he assaulted someone and that resulted in injuries at the clinic. 

Department of Justice page on the incident - Pennsylvania mad indicted assaulting reproductive health care provider

Pennsylvania Man Indicted for Assaulting a Reproductive Health Care Provider


According to court documents, Mark Houck, 48, of Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, is alleged to have twice assaulted a man because he was a volunteer reproductive health clinic escort. The two-count indictment charges Houck with a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to injure, intimidate, and interfere with anyone because that person is a provider of reproductive health care.   

The charges stem from two separate incidents on Oct. 13, 2021, where Houck assaulted the victim, identified in the indictment as “B.L.,” because B.L. was a volunteer escort at the reproductive health care clinic. 


The FBI Philadelphia Field Office investigated the case. Trial Attorney Sanjay Patel of the Civil Rights Division and Assistant U.S. Attorney Anita Eve for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania are prosecuting the case.

In another document it reports that it was what sounds like assault...

Pro life activists caused injuries that required medical attention when he forcefully shoved abortion clinic escort DOJ

Finally, looking at it from the other side of the coin, from the news of a website I commonly visit...

Mastriano says FBI arrest of Bucks County man an abuse of Power

In it the governer says that this is an abuse of power and he will not stand for the FBI doing this in Pennsylvania.  The article also goes into more depth on WHY these charges occurred which I'll quote below...


In the first incident, B.L. was attempting to escort two patients exiting the clinic, when Houck shoved him to the ground, according to federal prosecutors. In the second incident, Houck verbally confronted B.L. and again shoved him to the ground in front of the Planned Parenthood center, causing injuries that required medical attention.

“Assault is always a serious offense, and under the FACE Act, if the victim is targeted because of their association with a reproductive health care clinic, it is a federal crime,” U.S. Attorney Jacqueline Romero said in a statement.

Online sources list Houck as the founder of a Catholic men's organization called "The King's Men." He has been protesting outside the Blackwell clinic for the last 20 years, according to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer earlier this year.

It should be noted that charges do not equal a verdict nor that the case has even been tried yet.  I don't know what will happen to him or what the result of it will be. 

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9 hours ago, Carborendum said:

It was figurative.  I meant that it was a clear and blatant fulfillment of the traits & actions of the Anti-Christ.

That is what I was wondering. I was reading the article trying to find what he said or what he did that made you feel he was announcing himself as "the Beast."

9 hours ago, Carborendum said:

Yes, as I said...

I knew what you said, and I was agreeing with that part. I would identify him as a puppet of "the Beast."

9 hours ago, Carborendum said:

I'm not talking about weaponizing government agencies for political purposes.  It's a long explanation.  You have to understand who / what the Beast actually is.  There is a meaning to the number 666 that is more figurative and more literal than we even consider.

Although I do my best to research history, I admit there is always more out there that I haven't read and alternate interpretations of "what happened".  That said, I believe this is the first time that any US President has weaponized a government agency to persecute Christians for being "out" about their Christianity.

The arrested man in question was guilty of the lowest level of "assault".  The civil lawsuit against him was thrown out of civil because the "victim" was the one who started it.  But this father/pro-life activist in no way violated the statute that the warrant indicated.  And such a violation is in no way a violent crime.  Yet an FBI SWAT team was sent to pick this guy up at his home in front of his wife and kids.  How on earth is that justified?

You may think it is just a politically motivated show of force.  And on some level, I'm sure it is.  But the underlying message that is so easy to overlook is that if you're a faithful Christian, you're on our hit list.

I'm not studied enough to really draw a conclusion as to who/what "the Beast" is. At the moment, I accept "the Beast" to be part of the great and abominable church and the mother of harlots. The main identifier would be those who fight against the "saints" of God. In this case, weaponizing a government agency in the manner shared is in fact a sign of "the Beast" and the great and abominable church. That I also would agree with. I also agree that it is a subtle threat to those who oppose, or would oppose, the desires and actions of the great and abominable church (particularly against "Saints").

9 hours ago, Carborendum said:

Over-reacting?  Possibly.  But I believe that over time, we'll see much worse with more and more blatant episodes.  I pray I'm wrong.

I don't disagree with you. I believe, personally, we are coming to a time where we will start seeing -- once again -- Church leaders being attacked in a similar fashion. The Church will need to continue teaching truth -- the laws of God as defined by God. These truths are in direct opposition to the whore of all the earth. As this organization gains more power we will sadly see things -- as you describe -- much worse.

Another sign, as already discussed in a previous thread, are those involved in January 6th. If the reports are correct and accurate, the constitution is being broken (the law which is to protect) with how they are dealing with these individuals. Biden fully coming out and saying MAGA supporters are the greatest threat to our "Republic" (he even used the right name) should also be a subtle sign.

We can go into more over the past two years with Covid and see the signs there also.

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