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  1. Today's Saturday afternoon session in October Conference is great. Except the choir dress, it is Fall and the sisters are dressed like Easter eggs. Bright though.
  2. For those of you who enjoy laughter, and think it might help you live long, research laughter yoga. Then go watch the Stooges. Also research Gabor Matte and his studies on stress. Will laughter stop all heart attacks? No, but less stress might stop a few.
  3. I was going to suggest the term, eating clean, is just plain dumb. I thought, conspiravy theory, was kinder. Apparently I should have just used, dumb.
  4. I am not sure that recognizing the billions of dollars being spent on diet and exercise is being paranoid. But, I have been watching a lot of X-Files episodes, that could be rubbing off on me. so that and Folk Prophet's Ph.d. in psychology have me pegged.
  5. What does eating clean mean? I see that phrase thrown around quite a bit, but I do not believe it is anything more than a cultural meme the diet/exercise/industrial complex came up with to scare us into futility. If one "eats clean" then that same person can "eat dirty"? The Twinkie Diet was nothing more than one researcher's attempt to see if people could lose weight on an "anti" low carb diet. And he did. The media got a hold of his study and ran with it. I do not think he promotes it as a life style change. He did not just eat Twinkies either...his diet "evolved" into 1200 calories of junk food a day. Tom Naughton was one of the gentlemen who watched Super Size Me and cried "bologna"! (Literally) His term. He made a responding documentary called Fathead. Interesting stuff, and he did eat fast food for a month and lost weight. Roy Walford wrote Beyond the 120 Year Diet. His research showed, in "lower life forms", life could be extended through calorie restriction. It is presumed that such practice could extend human life significantly as well. Aubrey de Grey, at Oxford (Cambridge?), believes he is on track to extend human life expectancy indefinitely. Hugh Nibley presented an interesting essay/talk on "the boredom" of endless life titled "But What Kind of Work?" it can be read in Approaching Zion. It certainly would be a challenge, but according to Mormondom's gadfly, worth it.
  6. Some years ago I felt like the calling of Elder's Quorum President was headed my way. Within a reasonable amount of time the then presiding EQP was released. After that I was still reaching Gospel Doctrine. I thought I was being arrogant to have had such thoughts. Fast forward a few months after that when a member of the stake presidency spoke. It is not uncommon for men and women to be prompted to feel ready for a calling in which just one person would be called.
  7. Cobra, yes if you remember the 80's, that Cobra.
  8. I find Catholicism fascinating, am not Catholic, and find this thread interesting. I might be a blunt instrument because I'm not sure I see a need to address it (the thread) in any other manner for which it was intended. Let me answer my built in question, I am a blunt instrument.
  9. Over43

    Baseball 2014

    After a lackluster Super Bowl, a disinterest in basketball, and endless chatter about Tiger Woods on the Golf Channel, baseball season is about a week away. I am pulling for Oakland, even though I live in the Colorado/Seattle television market. Go figure that out.
  10. Ghost Rider by Niel Peart. The first four pages he explains how he lost his daughter and wife in ten months. It stuns.
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    Dr. Mercola is an interesting fellow. I have watched a couple of his Youtube posts. I have not done the Sprint 8, but have cut my strength training down considerably an I am still seeing progress in strength.