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    Over43 got a reaction from DennisTate in Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed   
    It's Ben Stein, and if you're familiar with him and his sense of humor, then in a way, that permeates the movie. He spends a lot of time tracking down scientists who have been banned from academia in their mere mentioning ID at times. Richard Dawkins gives an ad naseum descritpion of how people who believe in ID, and religion, are stupid. (His words, not mine...) And, that anyone who is intelligent would never believe in such myths. (Apparently he never met Carl Eyring or James Talmage.)
    It seems the biggest "threat" to evolution, that has been presented in the movie so far, I'm not quite done, is molecular and celullar biology. He interviewed several cellular biologists who believe Darwin's theory does not mesh wll with what they are learning about the cell, and the complexity of the cell. Some cellular biologists believe the chance of a cell being created "by accident" is a trillion, trillion, trillion. One doc called it "casino biology" if you believe in Darwin due to the odds.
    The one question that none of the "intelligent" people haven't answered yet is, "How did life begin?"
    Anyway, it's interesting. As someone who has read Origin of Species, and liked it, I'm not sure it will sway me one way or the other, but some of his guests have presented some good insite.
    Anyway, take care.
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    Over43 reacted to SpiritDragon in Living Longer   
    That is all I'm saying too. It is common knowledge, conventional wisdom... whatever you want to call it - a well promoted idea that laughter is the best medicine. I don't dispute it is good for a person either, I was simply stating in direct response to the question of what I think of the article, that it lacks the stamp of FACT.  :)
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    Over43 reacted to Palerider in The Twinkie Diet   
    It does in my book......Lol
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    Over43 reacted to kapikui in The Twinkie Diet   
    First was the bald faced lie that he wasn't trying to promote a patently political agenda.
    Then there was his entire vile premise that you're too stupid to make intelligent decisions on your own and need to be nudged and guided and even forced if necessary to make correct decisions in all aspects of your live, quite possibly one of the most vile and satanic lies of our day.
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    Over43 reacted to jerome1232 in The Twinkie Diet   
    I wash my twinkies off before I eat them.

    Does that count as clean eating?
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    Over43 got a reaction from Backroads in The Twinkie Diet   
    What does eating clean mean? I see that phrase thrown around quite a bit, but I do not believe it is anything more than a cultural meme the diet/exercise/industrial complex came up with to scare us into futility. If one "eats clean" then that same person can "eat dirty"?

    The Twinkie Diet was nothing more than one researcher's attempt to see if people could lose weight on an "anti" low carb diet. And he did. The media got a hold of his study and ran with it. I do not think he promotes it as a life style change. He did not just eat Twinkies either...his diet "evolved" into 1200 calories of junk food a day.

    Tom Naughton was one of the gentlemen who watched Super Size Me and cried "bologna"! (Literally) His term. He made a responding documentary called Fathead. Interesting stuff, and he did eat fast food for a month and lost weight.

    Roy Walford wrote Beyond the 120 Year Diet. His research showed, in "lower life forms", life could be extended through calorie restriction. It is presumed that such practice could extend human life significantly as well. Aubrey de Grey, at Oxford (Cambridge?), believes he is on track to extend human life expectancy indefinitely. Hugh Nibley presented an interesting essay/talk on "the boredom" of endless life titled "But What Kind of Work?" it can be read in Approaching Zion.  It certainly would be a challenge, but according to Mormondom's gadfly, worth it.