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  1. Vort, I like about 90% of what you say, I seriously missed you when you took your hiatus a while ago and stopped coming around myself since you're one of the few people around here who talks sense, but you really, REALLY have no idea what you are talking about in this instance. I was going to say more, but it's late, and I really don't want to get myself worked up. Let's just say I've spent about 30 years doing personal scientific experiments on how I best do things depending on how much of what kind of medication I am on, and have found things that work for me. You might want to read some actual research on the subject.
  2. You don't know me, you don't know yow my brain works. I've spent over 40 years dealing with it. You haven't, so don't presume to lecture. Now even if you were right however, the point still stands that as long as I am not actively disruptive, IE blocking vision vision or making noise, it's no one else's business whether or not I am paying attention, or what I am paying attention to. I find the entire attitude that has been exhibited in this thread being basically "We need to force everyone to pay attention in a certain way" to be extremely distasteful, and were I to find that to be the prevailing attitude in my ward(a ward I've been in since 1973), I wouldn't be back, not to that ward. It all kind of reminds me of the primary child who considers himself the prayer police and peeks around during prayer to make sure that everyone else has their eyes closed and their arms folded and heads bowed. It is an equally childish attitude. I'm finding that as I age, I am less and less able to tolerate busybodies, to the point that the best I can do when I absolutely need to is active avoidance, though my self control in this is slipping.
  3. I actually listen better when I'm doing something slightly distracting. Reading is bad since processing the language of the text interferes with processing the language of the talking. A good game of 2048 is nice for a concentration enhancer since I can process all of the talk. If I don't have a distraction, I'll hear a bit, and be off on some long chain of thoughts. Now if my doing something on a tablet that is making no noise is distracting to you, it's you with the problem. I'm not preventing you from hearing anything, and I'm doing things to help me listen. For that matter, as long as I'm not being specifically disruptive, it's absolutely none of your business if I'm paying attention or not.
  4. I'm finding 31% of births being medicaid funded to be abhorrent. The fact that it's one of the lowest in the nation nauseating.
  5. I didn't see anything that should have pushed him away.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about getting emotional during a funeral of a loved one. It's expected and normal. It's kind of what funerals are for. More problematic is when someone gets emotional and starts blubbering in a standard sacrament meeting talk. That would be a bit different.
  7. Yet most wives tend to spend a considerable amount of time trying to train or "fix" their husbands.
  8. My father has managed to bore himself to sleep.
  9. Ya know. Although I've never actually watched a superbowl, when I was young, I can remember people always being disappointed because the superbowl was never that good of a game. A lot of people turned off well before the end. Now that there are billions of dollars invested the game always seems to be a lot closer and more interesting, and always a pull it out at the last story. It is important that people watch all the way to the end. Now I wouldn't say it's rigged, or rather I wouldn't say that the outcome is determined ahead of time, but there is a vast financial incentive to make sure that those watching remain interested all the way to the end and not get bored and tune away and miss the ads that someone paid $183,000 per second to air, and millions more to make. Do you think those advertisers would pay that much if they knew that people would be tuning away sometime in the third quarter? Doubtful. By all means enjoy the show, but don't think that it's much more real than wrestling.
  10. Actually attempted suicide rate in Utah is one of the lowest. It's just that Utah has an insanely high successful suicide rate, which speaks to method, not motive.
  11. Seems like that would be the reason to do it MORE. Once it no longer embarrasses them it would cease to be fun.
  12. It also makes the lightning rod look prettier.
  13. I can't say why, but if someone's identity is that fragile, maybe they deserve it to be invalidated.