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  1. I know I didn't. What I was seeking was if there was any guidelines for dating the second time other than what is taught to the youth. Thank you to everybody that answered.
  2. These comments jumped out on me. I don't think there is a big difference between marrying a person raised in church who jumps ship, or a new convert who falters. But you really do need to bring the Lord into what ever decision you make regarding the marriage. I do like the 3 requirements though. And going at it alone is hard, because the things you desire most (an eternal family) will be talked about at church.
  3. If he is struggling to keep covenants of baptism now already, marriage outside of the church isn't going to help him. It will make it even harder to go.I'm not judging here, just thinking practically so I can get feedback from others who have been there.
  4. If you don't mind self published, an excellent author is Sara V. Zook. I've been lucky enough to talk with her about her work, and she doesn't put sex in her books. She also hasn't had any swearing that many YA books go. I also try to blog book reviews, and I'm active on goodreads.
  5. I enjoy writing myself. Do you have a blog Lakumi?
  6. I'm a book collector (avid reader). I've lost many boxes of books to a flood (that I was storing at my parents house in the basement) when I went away for some schooling. I am back to collecting, years later, and have found many many ebooks.
  7. I am wondering, what, if anything, does the church say on a widow member marrying outside of the faith. I presume is the same as a single person - better not to. It frightens me that someone I know could lose out of a whole family -- late wife, child that died at the age of 5, and now multiple children and grandchildren he has in the eternities. I'd just like to know of someone else has been there, and what counsels exist with in the church about it. Thanks.
  8. Does anybody know where this is available? Latter-day Homeschooling: 80 Days Closer to Christ Thanks!
  9. Here's a support link you may like to check out: Hope and Healing – Pornography Addiction Education and Recovery | For those affected by pornography / sexual addiction (both addicts and loved ones) The ladies there are wonderful, and it's LDS based.
  10. Thanks guys! I think it will be fascinating in many ways to get to Heaven. So many things to learn.
  11. Well, in the case of my husband he would still be pulling smoke into his lungs. And lungs are important to me. For one thing, my grandmother died of lung cancer. And secondly, I have two nieces with cystic fibrosis. And third... marijuana smells really bad to me, so he's going to stink. (It's one thing that makes holidays with his family hard, well besides the language. They all vanish and it gets really bad smelling. Add in, they smoke tobacco too.) As for him using it for pain relief, that's between him and the Lord. I've had a long journey over the years coming to accept that. I voted to legalize medical marijuana in my state. (I think it should be totally legal, people have the right to choose and it bugs me they have lists of users. I think lists of growers and distributors is good enough at this point.) PS. I like your username too. I love stars.
  12. I agree, but this person has lost his common sense as he struggles with the skeletons in his closet. I was seeking things that can help me point him in the right direction, with out being preachy.
  13. To answer these: 1. No, she is not. (She has a live in boyfriend to boot.) 2. Again, no, she has a live in boyfriend. 3. My state doesn't recognize Common Law Marriages, but I was going on that she is living with her boyfriend as if married. I figured if they are boyfriend and girlfriend who live together, chances are they are sexually intimate, therefore "common law" married for this discussion. Thank you. I will check for a downloadable copy.
  14. That doesn't really answer my question, but thanks for the quote.
  15. For a bit of background, my father is a widow and very lonely. Twice now he's gone on a "date" (his word choice) with a co-worker of his at work, who has a live in boyfriend. I've told my dad he should avoid the appearance of cheating, she is after all in a "common law marriage" situation and to treat it as such. But I can't find anything.
  16. Could some one please direct to any information Church Leaders have stated on dating/going out with someone that has a live in boyfriend? Thank you.
  17. I have asked about this as well. I was told by the priesthood president in my ward that IF it's prescribed by a doctor (in the case of medical marijuana) it is treated just like that, as medicine in the eyes of the church right now. However, I personally still think it's not a good thing.
  18. I was discussing some topics with someone, and the idea came up that Jesus was the only sinless one in heaven of all of God's spirit children. I haven't heard that before, but I do know he was the only one that was sinless on earth. (except I once heard Noah of the Ark was too.) Any thoughts?
  19. How do you know if it's (emotional) abuse?
  20. Here's the link: Karl G Maeser Academy, Accredited LDS Online High School – Elementary Now that I have that out of the way, I'd like to know if anybody has used their elementary school program. Did you find it worth the price? How did the grading system work? Thanks!
  21. what's not "literal" about God being the Father through miraculous means?
  22. There's a scripture that after the test of faith, you'll come to know. (Can anybody help with that one?) How you feel the spirit prompting you is different from person to person, and event to event. It can be soo small that you might not know what it was. History also shows how evil can teach the masses (by way of the children) and corrupt generations. (Think of Germany, and the rise of Hitler.) It seems to me, that you want to find a reason to NOT believe.
  23. Yes. I know it has happened, and the person was allowed to share that he received his answer by visit of an angel, and a few things. But some things he was commanded to not share. And you know what, but doing what he was counseled, a mighty miracle unfolded. And I am sure to this day, still unfolding. This happened in my own family.
  24. i want to say, you CAN overcome it. You may need to give up the internet and any other means of "meeting" and playing at romance. Not even email. Second, it sounds as if your husband makes you feel that tv time is more important then you. If so, tell him.