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    Who are you, in 5 words?

    At the same time, I am Mark the English.
  2. Art_in_Heaven

    Who are you, in 5 words?

    I am Art in Heaven.
  3. Art_in_Heaven

    After 19 months, I transgressed.

    If you were without sin you would be Jesus, but you're not, you're just a man, and you're weak, just like the rest of us. So, to the rest of the guys out there, who wants to cast the first stone? I certainly don't!
  4. Art_in_Heaven

    'Recovering from Mormonism'

    I think some sites are set up by people who were never really LDS/Mormon and they have an agenda, whether it be hate or political or both I don't know. There are also sites set up by people who really do have hatred for the LDS/Mormon way through bad experiences, and the sites are a kind of catharsis for the individuals/groups concerned. I was baptised a catholic, and when I was a child I fell victim a couple of times to predatory paedophiles who were priests. It is my opinion that the Catholic church spent many years protecting these scum and many more in their ranks. There have been several major scandals since then but it still goes on. I could have walked the path that led me to shout from the rooftops about my hatred for priests and the church itself, but the fact is that I don't hate all priests and I don't hate the Catholic church. Not every Catholic I ever met was cruel to me and I held on to that. not everyone can. I'm not saying that the reason some people grew to hate their Mormon faith was due to sexual abuse, there are surely many reasons why people lose faith, I'm just putting forward what happened to me and how I could have taken either path. I would like to say that I feel I'm a quite tollerent person, and I've forgiven many things and many people (myself included), over the years, but as an adult I did chance to meet one of the priests concerned, and despite how awful this may sound, I'm happy to say that he has been wheelchair bound since that meeting, and because of my actions during that meeting. What I'm trying to say is that my hatred was for that individual and one other only, but some people just seem to have to lay total blame on all they see before them, and that is why they go to such lengths to attack them, not just LDS but all religions.
  5. Art_in_Heaven

    Brain Teases.

    He was counting his blessings?????? Oh pass me a bucket!
  6. Art_in_Heaven

    What can we do to help these people?

    There is poverty and starvation everywhere in the world. What can we do to help all of them?
  7. Art_in_Heaven

    Brain Teases.

    Told you!
  8. Art_in_Heaven

    Brain Teases.

    Here's an easy one in the mean time. A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays Two days and rides out on Friday. How?
  9. Art_in_Heaven

    Need help learning to live with a loved one's mistakes

    "Sugarchris"?????? Getting a bit fresh there aren't we?
  10. Art_in_Heaven

    Brain Teases.

    He went and got a replacement from a jewellry store.
  11. Art_in_Heaven

    Need help learning to live with a loved one's mistakes

    "May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the best day of your past. " I love that!
  12. Art_in_Heaven

    Need help learning to live with a loved one's mistakes

    Is it just me or did anyone else think "Troll" when they read the OP's opening post and every other post after that? Maybe I'm just too cynical......
  13. Art_in_Heaven

    Do I have cancer?

    You need to get that checked now! Are there any free clinics in your area? I'm sure they can help. Good luck to you.
  14. Art_in_Heaven

    In need of some clean humor!

    After that joke they need to put a "Groan" button next to the two for "Thanks" and "Laugh"! :)
  15. Hello everyone. I'm Mark, I'm English, (NOT British). I was born on the Isle of Sheppy, Kent 49 years ago. I've lived in a few different countries over the years due to my father being in the Army, and in teen and later years traveling Europe sometimes by myself and other times with friends. My interests include reading, cinema, electronics and music. I have a serious passion for Classical music, but I'm also a bit of a metal head, and I'm really into a band from your side of the pond called Disturbed at the moment. I currently live in the city of Birmingham, which looks quite beautiful at the moment as it's snowbound. It's nice to meet you all.