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  1. This is an excellent question, one I think you should discuss with your Bishop this coming Sabbath...Let us know what he says???
  2. How does one use the ignore feature for these threads? A snow free thread might make the experience more enjoyable?
  3. I too enjoyed JFM's bio on his Father. It seems easy to attack those wwho are no longer around to defend themselves. Bruce R. McConkie spoke with the conviction and the spirit of our Lord and Savior. I've often found his words to be uncomfortable only to those who feel/felt like they were above the his counsel. When I'm feeling down (which lately is more often than not) I listen to President McConkie's last address in Conference before he returned to HF. That talk alone offers so much in moral and spiritual support...
  4. "Conflate"...Excellent word...Thanks for the introduction. I'm curious here, do you find the Majority Leader of the Senate as funny when he conflates his religion with politics?
  5. Spot on Johnny...It's one line in an entire story dealing with fiscal responsibility...
  6. I love how many whilst condemning PC....seemingly bend over backwards to cater and kowtow to the homosexual agenda. Hmmmm....Seems we're living in the days when good is evil and evil is good????
  7. Fascinating response...Since I've never really cared who occupied #10 Downing Street????
  8. Still here, and thanks for the advice...but like your personality it's vapid...
  9. I take it from your post, you've not taken out your Endowments? In the ceremony Lucifer is address and we learn much from it.
  10. Rather than being a sarcastic individual, why not share your knowledge of Satan as you know it? Methinks your rotten personality on these threads is a defense mechanism for ignorance. BTW...snow...For a cat who according to you can't do bupkis, how was he able to tempt Christ?
  11. The "Liberals" are happy to give a man a fish...The "Conservatives" aren't happy until that man knows how to fish...Where do you suppose our Savior would be on this issue?
  12. Then I'm in BIG trouble...jajajaja
  13. Try the Deseret Books website, lot's of good titles there to wet your whistle.
  14. Thanks for the advice, you make a good point, the less time here the better. I wonder if those who contribute their hard earned dollars to keep your so-called Foundation alive, actually know what their money is buying? Adieu
  15. Johnny: I'm not advocating that he be silenced, I just don;t want another dose of him. Do they make electronic nexxium for when he gets too spicy?