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    New at this....

    Okay, so.... I am wondering how single parents do it, how they survive and take care of their children. Hopefully I can get some advice since that is something that I am going to experience in the next 6 months or so. I have 3 step children, and I will soon have temporary custody of them while my wife will be away for 6 months or so. This all happened quick, and I am not prepared for this. My wife and I were separated for a while, and I moved out closer to my work. We were on the brink of divorce before this incident happened. I am trying to find a (safe) place for me and my children to move into, closer to my work, find a babysitter, find a way to take care of kids and pay all the bills, and I am a little stressed about this. This will be quite an experience and it leads me to wonder how people do it. My family lives in a different state, and cant really help, not too much friend support (yet), my job is not good enough, summer break is almost here and kids will be home all the time and stressing over finding a safe, affordable place to move into, and someone trustworthy to watch them. Can anyone give any suggestions ? 6 months is not a long time, but I guess I am just stressing on how to do this since this is my first time. My wife managed to raise the children, and she says if she can do it, I can too. She did receive support though, from the state and from the kids father, plus some side work she did. Again I am new to this, and seeing I dont have a lot of legal rights when it comes to the kids, I have no idea how this is going to work and I am left with a lot of uncertainties. I am learning a lot, and any advice will be appreciated.
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    When things go wrong; I am losing the battle.

    Downers is where Jesus Christ did his ministry. I cant be positive and always hang around positive, when I feel down I seek positive, when I see someone down, I try to be the positive. If someone is struggling, I find it helps to tip toe 360 until they are comfortable and ready to talk , but at the same time be positive and to show by example, letting that light shine. I am reminded of the To do and To be talk here. Phoenix...... Youre unique. We all have our struggles and each person has a level of difficulty they deal with. Whatever is bringing you down, or any person down, HF said he wont put us through something we cant handle. We can get through anything!
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    a girl worth fighting for...

    Sweet.... I like it when people follow through and report. Please continue to be humble, as boobies dont bring eternal happiness. Theres still more work to be done, more issues to resolve. Im glad though, that I could see you smiling and happy just from reading your latest post. Compared to your original post which was a little sad. I hope that you remain happy and always continue.
  4. .02 - Twort, best of luck on your journey. I wish you happiness. You've gotten a lot of advice and it seems you've made your choice. Reading this post..... it reminds me of my sons slinky thats all tied up and is very difficult to untangle. I've seen people pull hard on it and it untangles a bit, but it also causes more damage. Seen my kids get tired of untangling and just throw it away out of frustration. I did enjoy slowly untangling it and after working at it for a while, voila! and its back, and it works, very rewarding. Youre family is all tied up..... dont buy a new one til youre done untangling that mess you caused. Im not in any way condemning you, I would be condemning myself. I just want you to feel free, no matter how much it hurts. Again, best of luck friend. We'll be here if you need us.
  5. findingmyway

    Yes, another PORN thread

    You will always love him, that wont go away. I hate it sometimes when people say you need to love them unconditionally, that includes when they are doing something wrong. You can love him and still put your foot down, or put it to his behind! The porn addiction is a disease that he can overcome, and its just wrong to give up. How long and how far is he going to take this ? Dont be afraid to do the right thing, sometimes the right is the hardest thing to do. If you fear doing the right thing, youre not trusting Heavenly Father. Im sorry, I just want you to be happy and not stress so much. This life really is short and theres more to it than this. Men (or women) are that they might have joy! If youre not experiencing joy, please..... you need to. Its not in porn or any kind of wickedness, (wickedness never was happiness), youre husband knows that. Maybe he is just blinded. Dont give up, open his eyes, show him true worth of a woman, how much youre worth! Heavenly Father does not enjoy watching his daughter depressed, lonely or sad. I suggest you talk to the bishop and get a blessing to help you. I hope you find joy and not be depressed..... I know the feeling, and its a bad place.
  6. findingmyway


    Yay.... Texas! Welcome, glad youre here. Where in Texas are you from ?
  7. findingmyway

    Osama Bin Laden's last facebook post:

    Just imagining a tyrant having facebook and doing this is humorous. Its unreal, thats why I found it funny..... If it was real..... actually it might be even funnier. But Im laughing about facebook not about killing someone. Noone wants to laugh at someone getting killed.
  8. findingmyway

    being happy with what you have

    Pass it around...... just reading here is giving me a headache too.
  9. Crush comes and goes...... lock your heart for now. You'll see some fine young women , before and on your mission, but the appropriate time is after. You'll be blessed.
  10. findingmyway

    What little I know

    Welcome friend. Inspiring story...... and the journey keeps going. Glad to see you here.
  11. findingmyway


    Yes , you must be a Texan! Glad to see you're here.
  12. findingmyway

    Was excited until now.

    YAY!!! Congratulations on your son getting his mission call !!!
  13. findingmyway

    Your list of things that should be free..

    Getting divorced should be free. Money should only be spent celebrating the getting married part. Also adopting an animal from the shelter should be free
  14. findingmyway

    Your list of things that should be free..

    Things that should be free. Basic cable Basic Internet I think if you own a tv or computer, much like the radio, the basic channels or the basic internet should be free.
  15. findingmyway trivia question

    I was gonna try not to post so much, so as not to be considered senior..... but I saw it too late. If 100 posts you become senior, what could you be considered if youre over the thousands and thousands of posts?