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  1. kristina12

    Keeping the Flame Alive, long distance

    I would say no to photos, just because you dont know if they could end up in the wrong places.
  2. kristina12

    How to tell them?

    I know the lds is the one, but just another question (I have so many lol) if you are to be baptized, but dont have any friends/families to be there (or dont want to) how is the service done then?
  3. kristina12

    General Conference time again!

    Me neither, will check it out!
  4. kristina12

    How to tell them?

    At the moment I am considering the timing for joining, knowing my family well, I suspect they will think its some sort of sect. Its interesting to see how other converts told their families and friends.
  5. kristina12

    How to tell them?

    How did you tell your family and friends that you wanted or join the lds church? At the moment I am wondering on how to say, as I have never been to religious. Just curious on how converts have told and how it was reacted too
  6. Is there any reason to why the different temples have different rules concerning the wedding dress for sealing? Just found it puzzeling that some temples allow some "bling" but some doesnt, shouldnt it be one set of rules that all should follow so you dont have to call each temple to see what the allowed or not?
  7. kristina12

    What kind of music does everyone listen to?

    I do listen to all kinds of music, my favorit band is Blackmores Night, I think. Pretty sure it is. And The Piano Guys!
  8. kristina12

    Where to find nice guys?!

    If you find some, let me know lol. Hard to find nice guys around here too!
  9. kristina12

    RS - Non LDS (or yet )

    I have been considering the RS, and their work. As far as I have understood, you dont have to be a LDS to actually be a part of them. My questions then are; 1) How do you approach the local LDS when you are a non LDS? 2) How much time do they expect you to put into it? 3) Is there alot of pressure to meet the missionaries/ join the LDS? 4) And I also worry that it may sound selfish, I am considering this because I have more free time now since I am done with school (and my boyfriend dumped me) and I want to have something meaningfull to do and that I can focus my energy. I want to put my time into something positive. I know I will one day, but not yet. The time and how my life is now is just not ideal for joining. And this is something I have considered and I know there probably isnt a perfect time for anything, but at the moment.... it is not right for me.
  10. kristina12

    Do LDS ever talk about sex?

    Those applicators are really the worst idea ever! I have only tried them once, and never again!
  11. kristina12


    I looked through and couldnt see this topic, so if its exist someone has to let me know! Here easter is one of the most sacred holidays through the year, everything closes down from mid week and opens again mid next week. But even though it is sacred, atleast in my family we dont celebrate it to much. We do use the chance to get together as a family and meet and have small gatherings. Otherwise we always get an easter egg filled with candy. I do feel like my easter wasnt much to share, beside gatherings with family and eating. But I still would love to hear about what you do!
  12. kristina12


    I dont think I have replied here before! Here in Norway we start with going out to the forest to pick out a tree to cut down in mid december, my uncle has a forest so we usually find one there. A couple of weeks before we take it in. We never ever put up and decorate the christmas tree before the 23rd of december, and its usually involving a lot of arguing over the lights that always is in a tangle. Here we celebrate on the evening of the 24th, so we always come together since we are a small family and are around 12-15 persons. On christmas eve we always always eat the same thing: rack of lamb ribs (doesnt sound good, but can promise its yummy!) with potatoes and a mash of root vegetables. Thats one tradition we keep here, for dessert we have rice pudding, in which we put an almond in, and whoever get the almond gets a marzipan pig. And since my family is sneaky, no one ever says I got the almond first, we are usually on the second portion before someone admits to get it. After that we open presents, and at midnight mum likes to watch the pope and we end christmaseve around 1 am ish. And thats the short version of how I do it!
  13. kristina12

    The Hunger Games

    I have read the books before the movie, and seen the movie. I enjoyed it, I do wish that the pin Katniss wears would have been given to her by Madge rather than her sister, just to show the friendship. I also miss Haymitch at the reaping. In general there are a few bits and pieces I miss that I wish had been in the movie, but I do like it. It will be interesting to see how it develops, now with the 75th hunger games coming up.
  14. kristina12

    Personality Types (everyone should take this) ^^

    I am ISFJ. Introverted: 22 Sensing: 1 Feeling: 75 Judging: 33 Hmmmm, I am not sure how I feel about this test. Not sure how much I got out of it... Edit: unsure if I understand what it means really, the results.
  15. kristina12

    Manly makeup advice

    Dark circles is a genetic thing, and some get worse than others. Makeup wise, I would suggest getting the Garnier Tinted Eyeball Roller, it is an anti-puff under eye treatment and it has a slight colour to it. This sinks into the skin quickly, whilst an regular concealer can look very makeup-y if you dont use a full face of makeup. Garnier also have a non-tinted version, but if you want quick resulsts get the tinted. Also, invest in a good eyecream, work wonders! The Body Shop have many good, and they also have a skincare line for guys.