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    mass shootings

    I would also add that a major catalyst for mass shootings is broken families. I have heard a few times that the large majority of mass shootings are done by people who grew up without a father figure or an abusive father. As the US starts moving further away from the nuclear family, this problem will continue to grow
  2. I remember on my mission to the south, we came across countless Christians that just loved Jesus. They would shout it from the roof tops and proclaim their love to everyone around them. It was so intense that you could approach someone mowing their lawn, tell them you are representatives of Jesus Christ, and they would immediately stop what they are doing and start spouting off half quotes Bible verses and proclaiming the goodness of God. This wasn’t just holy rolled Pentecostals (though they took it to an impressive level), but traditional level headed Protestants and people who seemed to be members of fairly conservative churches. I remember attending a mega church once. The Christian rock started and people of all walks of life and all incomes (the church was between 2 drastically different wealth class neighborhoods) placing their hands on their hearts and swaying back and forth. Raising arms in the air and praising God. All to “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. My thoughts towards these experiences were often times at least a little judgmental. I found myself being annoyed that do often people would proclaim their love... but they never seemed to do anything about it... which I guess is a problem to them because many churches teach that all you have to do is believe and you are saved. Why do we not experience this same level of emotion in our own church? Should this be something we ought to seek? Are we lacking in that raw love we see many Protestants carry with them everywhere? Or perhaps is this show of immense motion the symptom of loving Christ but not knowing where or how to focus that energy? Much like a toddler who struggles to explain that he wants to watch toy story 2, not 4. Is the teaching that all you need for salvation is to accept Christ limiting the amount of love they can trurly show? Why is it we have such conservative speech and song lyrics when it comes to Christ. Our speech about our savior is very pointed, careful, and as literal as we can be. However Jamie Grace is making songs about Christ that sound like Justin Bieber’s recent hit single (seriously, is “Hold me” a a cheesy teenage love song or a song praising Christ?) I think about this often, however I always get bogged down in trying to make sense of what my question is and what may be right or wrong. why is it we don’t see this in our own faith. My thoughts and opinions on this are no where near as complete as I want them to be. Hoping someone can share some insight on this topic. TL;DR: Why do traditional Christians have more passion about loving Christ and shouting his name. Should we be seeking to adopt that passion? Or maybe adopt it but adjust it to be more deliberate and meaningful?
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    Demands of Justice

    @laronius the more I ponder this, the more I ask myself the very same question haha. I feel like I have answered a question that may be the underlining question, it’s a bigger and far more meaningful question ... but not the actual question . “Why do two people need to suffer if no repentance is made? Was justice not satisfied with the suffering of Christ?” This question mostly comes from how the scriptures are worded and not how we understand it. Why is it that I must suffer for a sin that has already been suffered for if I do not repent? Is it God that is punishing me at that point? Like you said “What DOES justice demand?” Is it just a punishment like Christ experienced? Or is it a punishment that lasts as long and as deep as the sin that causes the punishment? If it is the latter, that would explain things a bit. Perhaps justice isn’t satisfied until the sin is stopped? Hence why we will have to suffer for eternity, but Christ’s atonement allows for an end date of the sin. Perhaps now we only suffer until we have repented. That is why two must suffer. Christ and I suffer together until I stop the sin and become Christ like?
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    Demands of Justice

    I do see where you are coming from. honestly, the best answer is that it would thwart the whole plan of salvation if it worked that way. It is easy to look at questions like this in light of the traditional Christian doctrines and dogmas mingled with our own. I see that happening in this question (and admittedly, I got caught up in it a little in my previous answer). Purpose of Life: Traditional Christianity: Be saved through Christ Latter-day Saint: (1) get and keep a body, (2) Be saved through Christ, and (3) become like Christ Desired destination: Traditional Christianity: Heaven Latter-day Saint: Which ever Heaven you want The question you are asking would be a great question for a traditional Christian that believes that our actions effect our eventual salvation. However...The Latter-day Saint church is not that. I would argue that Christ did suffer for everyone’s sins. I would also argue that the first two purposes of life are covered entirely by Christ; and because of that we will all have access to some degree of glory. But as for the highest degree, that is saved for those that want it and are actively seeking to become Christ like. There may even be people in the highest degree that will suffer more for their unrepented sins than those who choose the terrestrial kingdom. Our destination has far more to do with what we want than what we did and “earned”. Repentance doesn’t seem to be a qualifier for not going to hell, but rather a tool we use to show God which kingdom we wish to be in.
  5. Fether

    Demands of Justice

    Christ surely did suffer for our sins and satisfy the demands of Justice. But justice is only satisfied once the laws stop being broken. In a world without Christ, the punishments would continue beyond the point of repentance. If I had a short fit of frustration with my wife, but quickly apologized, and made amends, I would still face eternal punishment. Because Christ suffered for us, we can remove the eternal punishments of past transgressions and start fresh every time we repent. So to answer your question: Christ’s mercy only covers mercy from sins which are not currently being committed. If you continue in sin, you are actively fighting against the power that is trying to save you. Now, this power isn’t stronger than Christ’s power to forgive and have mercy, but leaving people free of the responsibility of their own sins is contrary to the plan of salvation, which is not about doing righteous things, but being a righteous person.
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    Apostle or GA in trouble??

    From what I read earlier this week, it it may have been a family member that made the donation in the family’s name but the default name was Elder Uchtdorf’s. Something to that effect.
  7. Fether

    The Beast

    Obama is the beast. ... Oh sorry, I forgot it wasn’t 2009 anymore
  8. Fether

    Sacrament Meeting Talks

    We too had an impressive sacrament meeting. One speaker, a youth preparing to serve a mission, shared his experience with Pornography and how he overcame it. Another speaker shared a lot of difficulties he had growing up. At a certain point, when he felt he had overcome and beat those trials, he moved to a new ward. Now that he was passed the trials of yesterday, he began to see that there were many in his new ward that were facing many of the same things he had overcome. He then made the observation that not only do we need to purify ourselves for the sake of salvation, but we have a duty to seek purity so that we can strengthen our brethren (Luke 22:32)
  9. I imagine for the first few decades of the church, and The first few decades as it became a world wide church, the focus was on hashing out the doctrine clearly and unapologetically so no one questioned where we stood. Today, we have all the doctrine laid out before us. But it is up to use whether we will partake. The church is creating a culture where we can partake at will and when we are ready, we can leave the milk section and partake in the steaks that lay waiting further down the buffet line.
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    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    Apology accepted
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    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    My feelings are more authoritative
  12. Fether

    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    I am familiar with the sense of humor... however when he starts going on about doctrine (which is fascinating and great to read), I have a difficult time paying attention
  13. Fether

    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    His voice is Unbearably boring. I only read his talks
  14. Fether

    Bruce R. McConkie’s Legacy.

    Wrong. Do his words not matter anymore? Do we no longer consider mcConkie, Joseph Firlding Smith, and Packer’s words as doctrine. Last I checked, his words still exist. They are still published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which I would point out, we are a member of the church, not a member of the past 10 years of general conferences. So many members forget that) If you look at the social movements within the membership and on the fringes of the church, yes, you are right. But when you look at the church itself, it still holds their words as doctrine. Though we only have a few people on leadership today that speaks as forthright as those three did, the high expectations of God remain the same. The more soft toned talks we hear these days are for those that may not have a full testimony or are not ready for the meat of the gospel, so they are given milk. But don’t let that lead you to believe that the “rigid rhetoric” is only that. The gospel mindset that McConkie, Smith, Packer, Oaks, and so many other “controversial” leaders taught us essential when it comes to living the gospel.
  15. Fether

    President Nelson

    Is there a Prophet you would give anything less than an A? Its hard to give a willing servant anything less than an A
  16. Fether

    What do you make of the ESG Score?

    If they implemented the ESG today, and statuettes labeling every company as being owned by a specific color person, I think the left would find that their loud supporters aren’t nearly as massive as the average consumer base. In most legitimate situations where the true masses get to speak, the ideals put out by the loud minority are not reciprocated. I remember my wife seeing how many states were I acting anti-trans laws and being surprised because all she was hearing was the left minority and they were all about trans equality. I argue (for right now at least) most people are actually moderate left/right but ideologically further left/right because their news sources are telling them that everyone is becoming fascist/communist. Go and watch any pro far left/right video on YouTube with comments enabled and you will see a never ending supply of people who disagree. Transgender athletes, BLM riots, white supremacy, etc
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/03/10/milo-yiannopoulos-announces-he-is-ex-gay-and-sodomy-free/amp/
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    Counter guidance 1. don’t pay off any debt, but rather Get in MASSIVE debt because it will be a LOT easier to pay off once hyper inflation hits 2. Instead of a fund, save of tangible emergency things because inflation will destroy that fund
  19. Fether

    Is he trolling or repenting?

    Milo has been particularly quiet the last couple years. It was actually my first thought that this might be the first in a series of inappropriate jokes to poke at the far left. But his long period of silence may be evidence of his attempts to reinvigorate his catholic beliefs. Michael Knowles, a catholic political speaker himself, said he had heard Milo was spending a lot of time recently trying to deepen his catholic faith.
  20. Fether

    Reaching out to non actives

    I know a lot of people say things like “serve them”, “invite them over for dinner or activities”, “ask them to help you in Scenarios where they may be helpful” But my approach has always been to just approach them with honesty. I was just assigned 2 non-active families a couple weeks ago. I went over to one of them on Sunday, knocked on the door and said “Hey, John? I’m fether (realized I accidentally put my real name lol), I’m from the ward. The Elder’s Quorum President asked me to drop by and make sure everything is going well with you guys. I don’t know your relationship with the church, but we just want to be in a position where we can be of service should anything happen with you guys.” If you wanted to give yourself a little social shield, you could even say “With COVID and all, I haven’t been to church much lately myself, do you guys attend regularly? I don’t recognize you.” I’ve always found just being as honest as you can about the situation really helps everyone feel comfortable. They know why you are there, trying to pretend anything but that may make the situation awkward.
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    Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

    Didn’t read the long post... but I figured I would share my 2 cents (which is probably worth more like $100,000,000) “Why do bad things happen to good people” is a misplaced question grounded in a false pretense. It’s begging the question from the start. It also is a question that comes from a Christian that doesn’t truly believe the gospel he professes. Anyone who asks this question likely believes in some divine being that has and commands a moral way of life see and promises eternal life in the world to come. Like wise, anyone who asks this question also sees this life as the end all be all, that any blessing a god has for us is found in this life. Only when these two beliefs are held. Y an individual does the question arise. I liken it to a child who is going to get ice cream as long as he behaves on the car rise there. While on their way, the child’s car seat buckle begins to become uncomfortable, he becomes furious and shouts “I THOUGHT YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO GET ICE CREAM!!”. The child believes that his moral mother is going to bless him with ice cream if he behaves. He also believes that it he car ride is all there is, that there is no ice cream store because he hasn’t seen it. He is expecting a reward equal to the ice cream he was promised because all he knows is right now. If he doesn’t get the expected reward, then he will start to think his mother is unjust, or even cease to belief he even has a mother.
  22. Fether

    Views on Stimulus

    I have been trying to understand the different schools of thought when it comes to Stinuls bills during depressions, recessions, and in times to prevent potential recessions (like we see now). This also bleeds into the concept of UBI and how that would effect economies in the short and long run as well as national debt and important is it really? From one side (right) I have only heard complaints against it, saying that stimulus only creates inflation and more debt as the US “prints” more and more dollars. The only outcome is short term comfort but long term super inflation and debt (which I still don’t understand what the risk of a national debt is). From the other side (left), I see arguments about how, despite inflation and debt, stimulus and a UBI would encourage more spending and would grow the economy due to the more movement of money. This happened personally where we got the stimulus check and we chose to use the money to get two expensive things we would not have otherwise have gotten (a new dining table and electric drumset for myself). I’m pretty consistently right in my thinking, but this is one place where the left view makes more sense to me. The only thing I do not like about stimulus and UBI is that it encourages a culture of wide spread dependency and entitlement. I saw that first hand on my mission where entire cities were dependent on the government handouts. But admittedly I am not comfortable in my current understanding with the whole thing. I would love some insights in this as well as some links to sources where I can hear “experts” (whatever that means these days) and explain it. I’m not really looking for convincing, I just want to see the explanation as to why stimulus/UBI is good/bad. Everywhere I have looked has only provided very basic explanations of why it is good or bad, most breaking down to an appeal to pathos on the right and left.
  23. Fether

    Views on Stimulus

    I’m not so curious about inflation as I am about the effects of stimulus on large and small scale and how it effects our lives. I understand there will be some around if inflation, but do the benefits of stimulus out way the cons?
  24. I remember, in my Seminary years, asking the question out loud and to myself “How do I know the spirit is talking to me?”. The leaders, teachers and my parents would often share (directly or indirectly) Doctrine and Covenants 9:7-8. “7 Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me. 8 But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.” I was bombarded with this response brim I was convinced this was the only way the spirit speaks. I then started thinking of all the times I felt a “burning” in my bosom. After writing off heart burn, the only other time I felt a “burning” in my bosom was when I felt scared or nervous. Since I couldn’t think of any other feeling, I used that (not the feeling of being scared, but the little tightening of your chest when you are scated) as a sign of when the spirit was speaking. As you can assume... I never really had any experiences with that. Anyway, while on my mission I became more acquainted with how the spirit speaks to me and I feel like I have a good grasp on a few ways he communicates. However, I did drop the whole “burning” in the bosom thing. I dropped it to the point where when people would use it to describe the spirit I, in some way or another, said to myself “they obviously have never felt the spirit”. Now when thinking back on my life this morning, I was reminded of times, particularly in business and family planning, I would get this feel of peace followed by a subtle excitement to move in a direction I feel like God want us to go in. It happened when we planned to have our first 2 kids, moving to Vegas and then back to Utah for work, and subsequent smaller business decisions. All of which have turned out very well. Could the “burning”, rather than being a physical sensation, be referring to a yearning, drive, or burning desire to do a particular thing? Perhaps this is old news... I was just never taught about it
  25. Fether

    Views on Stimulus

    Isn’t the success of an economic system measured by the prosperity of the people? I ask only to understand, I’m not disagreeing, just challenging so I can understand. Are you saying that Stimulus is helping us today only to doom us in the future?