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  1. Morrkai

    Top 5 Countries you have Visited

    My 5 countriesi have visted are 1. Phillippines served mission there 2. Korea military 3 japan military 4. Canada Calgary srampede 5. Mexico I want to vist Germany England Jamaica
  2. Morrkai


    As for calling. I have enjoyed the time i didnt have one. The time of season thing is true, for me and my wife qe didnt have callings for a while when we werent ready for one (not due to worthiness etc....) we had just adopted our son who is special needs and that was our main focus. Now in this time of season we are able to serve. I believe everything happens for a reason.
  3. Morrkai

    Missionary Numbers - stats, ugh.

    I think its everywere i have been in this ward 4 years we have had 1 missionary go and she just came back. There is one young man who is thinking about going. Its like a lack of desire to serve
  4. Morrkai

    High Priests 1st Sunday topics

    @wade you sound just llike my assistants. It will intresting to see how this goes. Its exciting
  5. Morrkai


    Yesterday in high priests the instructors asked a few questions that i would like feedback on. 1. What hand do you take sacerment with? Some said right cuz of tradtion and its covenant hand. I have used either hand to take sacerment. 2. What does the sacerment table represent? Some answers were grave of Jesus, or a altar. Just wondering what you all had to think on it. Thanks
  6. Morrkai

    The needs before us

    @Sunday21 thanks for the help Thats a awesome idea and the commitment ti do something is a good idea
  7. Morrkai

    The needs before us

    My instructor called and said he will not make it to high priests so i have the lesson on the needs before us by bonnie oscarson. Any helps advice would be appreciated. I plan on using music about service to start with like gave i done any good, and at the end put your shoulder to the wheel.
  8. Our 4th sunday lessons have been wonderful and inspiring. Our instructor is a teacher by profession and knows who to get us all engaged and discussing.i try to get my instructors a month notice of lessons so they can prepare
  9. Morrkai

    High Priests 1st Sunday topics

    In eq there was only 1 other my age. All the others were young newlyweds and have young kids. I loved eq. It was fun to be able tell them wait til your kids are teenagers. You will learn a lot and find out your parents kinda knes what they were talking about. In my hpg we have older gentlemen who are elders and feel more comfortable attending with us.I am happy to see then and attending to me it dont matter as long as they feel the spirit. Hope this made sense
  10. Morrkai

    High Priests 1st Sunday topics

    @wenglund it was a total shock for me my goal.was to be the oldest elder in our ward. Now i am one of youngest high priest. It has been a humbling experince so far.
  11. Morrkai

    High Priests 1st Sunday topics

    @e-eye thanks i will look at the link
  12. Morrkai

    High Priests 1st Sunday topics

    @Vort yes i was called as a high preist and called to be the group leader. I never have had a leadership calling. I have always been in scouts
  13. I have just been called as a high priest and high priest group leader. What ate some good topics. We have discussed priesthood blessings and concencrated oil and passed out vials. Also we discussed home teaching any help would be appreciated