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  1. Junior why ask for everyone's advice and then ignore it? You have given just about every possible objection to actually going to church. Your behaviour and answers show your commitment to the gospel. You are not coming across as a caring husband who does not want to hurt his wife's feelings, you look like someone justifying his actions. Your wife will object to many things, will you just capitulate? Sometimes showing love is going against what someone "wants" or avoiding hurt feelings; somethings mean more than this and its your choice if church is one of those things.
  2. Junior if you stop going to church to appease your wife at what stage will you be able to go back to church without hurting her feelings more or making her feel like you have chosen church over her? It will only get more difficult as you will have changed your behaviour and then will have to change it again. If you honestly (and the only person you have to answer this to is yourself) want to go to church then just go, things will probably not be as bad as you are anticipating, and if they are you will find a way to deal with it. There will always be a reason not to go - find the reason why you MUST go regardless of the potential actions of others.
  3. If I could only have member friends, I would be scuppered. We have very small congregations here in the UK and just because you share some of the same beliefs and values, does not mean you will necessarily have much in common. Here in the UK finding anyone of ANY faith is hard enough with between 42-52% (depending on poll) stating they have no religious affiliation. Only 20% of the population report praying regularly........... So we are a very peculiar people in this land!! Having friends to discuss matters of faith with is not something that happens easily and something we should all cherish
  4. KScience

    Released - Not ready

    I will only attend if the new president can't make it, and I have permission. Hanging over someone else is not a good way to show that you have faith in their abilities. The Lord chooses those who are needed at a particular time for a particular reason. The new president will be WAYYY better than I am. The girls run the program and are amazing. Back to Grief Society for me....... It was hard enough being in adult Sunday School after being released from primary. My place is NOT with the adults in the ward!!! So I plan on moving to my new ward, figuring out who the primary president is and being UBER friendly/helpful until someone gets the hint!!!
  5. KScience

    Opt out of endowments?

    I have an amazing sister in my ward (we used to co-teach in primary) who has not taken out her endowments. She is temple worthy and attends regularly with the youth to participate in baptisms. She is a convert who was married for 15years before joining the church. Her husband took the missionary discussions with her, but decided not to join. He is happy that she attends on Sundays and is generally tolerant, but would be very upset by her wearing garments. So she prays that this is just not the season for her to do this work and waits patiently for his heart to change or she outlives him (her words not mine!!) and tells me she is learning a lot about patience. She is a better woman than I
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    I am not sure what to do

    HI hellosun, I hope you can find some helpful comments from the wise people here. I wonder if your frustration is all about your husband, are there other areas of your life that you feel the same way about? Make a list of all the reasons you married him. From what you have written I can identify some very positive qualities and wonder if you are taking them forgranted. What was the last thing he did that DID make you feel special? How did you respond to that? What exactly are your expectations and how would anyone be able to meet them? Lots of questions and not much help from me I am afraid
  7. Odd question, but I have been thinking about sustainability through all parts of my day to day life and prompted by current media have been looking at my own wardrobe. However there is a major part that I cannot change my choice of where I purchase. I have been trying to find information about the ethical production of church clothing both in terms of manufacturing and resource procurement and but not finding anything. Any ideas where to look or who to ask?
  8. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    me too....except for the male bit, although I am not particularly a girlie girl....I would start an awareness campaign but I think me too might have been taken
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    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    I think it might be a cultural thing, I guess I am not used to the directness. I am also naturally a very reserved person and don't like to rile people, especially those I don't know. British sarcasm is a thing to be enjoyed with friends and with the benefit of vocal tones and facial expression. Its difficult to judge peoples tone and intention from the written word; and trying not to offend people as I am not a regular poster
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    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    Mikbone, my proposal is to be informed. I obviously have to wear the clothing, but if I am aware that there are potentially environmentally damaging processes involved I can fill in the feedback form on LDS.org. I am not one who does outraged and certainly not upset with church leaders and sorry if any of posts have come across that way. I am aware that here in europe there is a lot of support for environmental causes and anything that can be construed against these can be taken out of context and used negatively against the church. Awareness campaigns certainly work in the UK, thinking vaccinations, breast screening, reduction of using plastics, increased recycling, prostate cancer, cervical cancer screening, blood donation, organ donation. NO idea about the US
  11. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    WHOA I go to dinner and come back to an angry thread!! In the UK there is currently a big push for a more sustainable clothing industry, so I have been considering my options. My conscience has been pricked by a number of the issues associated with textile production. I was just looking for information about the sustainability of clothing that I wear and have struggled to find anything at all about the production of church clothing. Mikbone I have mixed up the issues associated with all of the textiles used. I am in no way implying that the church is single handedly causing environmental havoc or contributing to fast fashion - I was talking about the considerations for my whole wardrobe. Sorry for the confusion I caused by mixing these details. Mores Sorry if you saw my posting as virtue signalling (I had to go Google what that meant), It was an honest question on a forum where I was expecting a pointer to gather information rather than what I have regrettably started. I do not post regularly but have contributed often enough for you to see that I am a genuine poster. The terminology of chemical bleaching is used by the textile industry as opposed to enzymatic processes. I agree it is an ill used phrased bandied around poorly and associated with many topics. Sorry for getting everyone so fired up on what I genuinely thought was an innocuous topic.
  12. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    I am happy just so long as no one is throwing me under a bus ...... proverbial, literal or otherwise P.S. I am a she
  13. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    Thanks Anatess, I was thinking of it more with regard to publicity and the different perspectives of European and US audiences. There are a number of organisations trying to change farming practices, but sustainable practices are presently not able to supply the needs. I look forward to this changing due to consumer pressure.
  14. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    Thank Anatess, was just wondering if I had missed something. There was a news release about the sustainable design measures used when building the Rome visitors centre. There was obviously a lot of thought in the plans, although the exceeding the energy efficiency standards in Rome would be easier than the same in other countries, The plan also unfortunately outlined the use of palm oil to fuel the co-generation plant. https://www.mormonnewsroom.org/multimedia/file/Environmental-Feature.pdf There have been a number of campaigns against the use of Palm oil in the UK and Europe as it has links to deforestation and environmental damage. Without researching what actually happens there can be no one to appeal for change.
  15. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    Mikbone, it is one of MANY things I worry about. If I am one less person reliant on irreplaceable resources, chemical bleaching processes which destroy the environment and contributing to "fast fashion" adding to landfill then it will make me feel better about my clothing choices. Anatess thanks already have that in mind when I make purchases. I may not be able to do anything about it, but doing my research I may be able to direct questions to others who do have the authority to do something and maybe have them think more about these issues. It may be that there are issues which have already been addressed, just not well publicised.
  16. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    Thanks Scott, I know thats the US address for Beehive clothing, but could not find any information that all garments worldwide are produced there. I would suggest that the transportation of garments throughout the world from the US would not be an environmentally friendly approach. I would like to know more details about "environmentally friendly" policies in place but can not find any more specific information.
  17. KScience

    Church Clothing - Ethics & Sustainability

    I was thinking more about garments as I will be wearing a lot of sets over my lifetime (as long as I am not hit by the proverbial bus anytime soon)
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    I have have had mixed success and being new to the ward brought its own special challenges. The successes..... I have a great relationship with one sister who was originally my companion and who I now minister to. Her family has had a recent change of circumstances and I have been available to help and feel honoured that she would accept help (picking up a child from school occasionally, accepting my mediocre baking) as I know she finds that difficult. It helped that I have called her as my counsellor in YW so we are serving together and finding out how much we have in common (i.e. outlook and goals). I am also still ministering to an older sister who officially is no longer on my list, but who struggles with mobility and gardening so I offer her lifts regularly to church activities and whenever I am going to the temple and she is teaching me to garden (I am useless and she has a lovely garden that she adores). Although not assigned I also minister to a couple of new converts (our only two YSA) and drive them to institute each week as they have no transport and its about an hour away. I had not realised this was ministering until I had a conversation with RS president so we now count them as mine too as their assigned ministering sisters were not having much luck with contact. This weekly "road trip" has meant that we have had time to get to know each other and discuss the gospel, which they don't have much chance to do being the only members in their family. The challenges....... I have a new companion, who only attends church occasionally and has no interest in getting together and is too anxious to engage with sisters they "don't really know and are so much older than them so they have nothing in common" . But I keep contacting her and figure eventually she will give in or ask the RS pres to find her someone else. I also have one sister to minister to who attends church periodically, and is pleasant but most of our exchanges are "Hi (big smile) how are you?, great, are you coming to *insert ward event* OK see you soon". I have however found her on facebook and found that she is knitting blankets for a local hospital....so I got my knitting needles out and am just completing blanket number 2 for her to take to the local hospital for me. I figure a large number of small positive interactions is all I can do right now. Most importantly I don't take any interactions personally, I figure people have stuff to deal with and life is complicated. So I am friendly, even if I am not yet a friend and look for opportunities to serve in small ways and do the best I can and talk often to my Heavenly Father and ask him to accept my ministering efforts such as they are. I am moving again soon....so will start all over again Edited to correct SPAG
  19. Reading through (most) of this thread has made me wonder if I drastically underthink things, am too naive or am just plain dumb. Answers on a post card please
  20. I am really surprised how riled up this has got some people!! I just saw this as a globalisation of policy and reflection of the more global nature of church membership and a move away from US centric policies with modifications for "the rest of us". It works well here in the UK, civil ceremony in the chapel and then the couple and close family attend the temple then if close enough to the temple an evening reception or for those who have 4-5 hours to travel each way to get to the temple, family celebrations tend to take place the next day when the couple have returned from the temple. When I was married then sealed in this way it meant that I could easily separate out the civil service and focus on the ordinance. It made the sealing ordinance the complete focus; we were just concerned about us as a couple and Heavenly Father with no other distractions. We had a simple civil service with close friends and family, both of us the only members in our families and this gave my spouse (who had been shunned by his family due to his conversion and their faith) the opportunity to reunite with his parents and opened the door to them having a relationship again after many years of no communication at all. - Just my personal view of course.
  21. All wards in my stake have been encouraged to make Sacrament meeting this week a special occasion and invite friends family etc My ward are reversing the order of SS and sacrament so that Sacrament is last, followed by a munch and mingle to encourage visitors to stay and socialise. As a ward council we have come together to discuss topics for talks and have 2 musical items (we NEVER have musical items in sacrament). Wondering what's going on in your wards?
  22. KScience

    Is Dubai determined to destroy itself?

    Linking to The Mirror and The Sun......... only shows the VERY WORST of British "news"papers even for the tabloids. But at least you got both sides of the political views (mirror = centre left and Sun = conservative right)
  23. KScience

    How do you continue to have Patience?

    Patience is rough. We need patience in so many places of our lives, but at the same time we need to live our lives and not sit by waiting for something to happen. In the scheme of things 6 years is not long - HONEST.... Although I appreciate it feels like an eternity at the time. It's good that you have general goals in your life, but I wonder what each of these things looks like for you? Once you have figured this out then you can look at where you are and what things need to be put in place for you to achieve these goals and how you are going to be able to achieve this. Remember that there are many paths to the same outcome and the way you get there may be unconventional to some but right for you. See this as a great opportunity to find out exactly who you are and what excites you. Your lack of motivation may be a sign that you are going through lots of self doubt or that you genuinely need to find a different course. Who can you talk to in "real life" that will listen and help you explore your feelings and hash out the different options?