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  1. KScience

    Moving away when you're the Bishop

    Things will only change if your son changes. If HE wishes to cut ties with the toxic relationship then it will happen, if not your moving him may back fire. He will just find other people who are similar because he had a need to seek this kind of relationship in the first place. You need to address the root cause of his seeking out relationships with people who you dont think are good for him. What does he get out of the relationship? How can that need be met in a way that is better for him?
  2. KScience

    Primary Activities

    It is an eye opener that you have so many activities a month! Here in the UK we had one a month. Attendance was always sporadic, although the "challenging" children always seemed to be present. We also did not have a specific activities coordinator it was down to primary presidency. I am now out of primary, but was chatting to my old primary Pres about how the changes were going. She is very happy to support the parents and intends to spend lots of time talking to, calling and emailing parents and encouraging them. her biggest challenge is teaching the adults how to set goals in a meaningful and supportive way, so that is going to be the Jan activity.
  3. At grassroots level it was unfortunately very obvious that this was going to happen. Labour needed to understand that this was an election about Brexit and all the other policies were window dressing. Corbyn's stance on Brexit was a HUGE nail in the coffin and not attacking the 10 year record of the standing party adequately did it for the Labour party. I am sure he would be a perfectly civil neighbour, but does not have the personality to go up against Johnson - even when Johnson refused to play his part in the media circus (avoided 2 major televised appearances and made some rather big bloopers when he did appear live on camera). I don't know anyone who was not a very left Labour supporter who was convinced by the party this time round. So people felt like they could vote for Conservatives (get out of EU) Labour (let's have another negotiation and a referendum on that deal and drag it out EVEN longer) or Liberal Democrat (revoke article 50)....... It was always going to be down to Brexit and people are SOOOO sick and tired of it they just want out.
  4. As the token Brit...... It was no surprise that the Conservatives won. The labour party went back to the 1970's with their manifesto - and we are will never be a socialist voting country. Corbyn was the wrong leader, too wishy washy on Europe and his "I will remain neutral" was indefensible on the doorstep or in interview. His extreme left views were always going to haunt him - wrong man for the job. The fact that the Labour party have publicly admitted this is more shocking. The surprise is how many voters swung to the conservative party in parts of the country that are confirmed red votes. I think this is more of a product of picking "worst best option". I worry that not having a credible opposition of any political persuasion means that the mechanisms for balance of power are gone. We will now see Boris Johnson's true colours as he has been trying to play to both sides of the fence with the very small majority that was voted into power just 2 years ago. In politics everything can change so quickly.
  5. KScience

    Financial Whistleblower

    SLTrib is unavailable in European countries......................... NO great loss then I am guessing???
  6. KScience

    Career Change - Advice?

    Well done, seems like things are all going in the right direction
  7. KScience

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thanks everyone, Had a bit more time to digest your advice. I am not the type of teacher to deliver a lecture - so I am glad that many of you have given the advice which matches my preferred teaching style. I am much more predisposed to get people active and doing things (too many years of teaching practical subjects) In order to facilitate a class discussion which focuses on the doctrine and its application to individuals, I believe that I will need to be well versed in the doctrine covered in the reading; so am spending my time identifying the doctrines covered and making sure I have plenty of sources to keep the conversation on track. I know the importance of use good questioning skills to ensure that everyone can participate and contribute no matter what their level of understanding, so again am preparing a range of questions that may be useful to get things going. Of course this fortnights reading covers BOTH the second coming and the fall........ plenty of room for speculation and going off topic; so will make sure that the discussion stays on what is discussed by Paul at this time (is it time to start preparing for Revelation already???) and make sure we focus on the positive messages in the reading.
  8. KScience

    British Politics

    Sorry no I voted to leave. I took a lot of time looking at the available information and realised that there was not enough to make a properly informed decision. I never believed the "Boris Bus" I didn't want rid of immigrants, but did see that the EU is a bloated bureaucratic system and that too many interests dilute reasonable argument and effectiveness as an entity. I didnt for one minute believe that it would be a swift and easy exit (no divorce ever is) and knew that France and Germany could not afford to let us out without a bloody nose, as a warning to any other nations thinking this could be a good option. What I did think was that Parliament would have to good of the nation at heart, be able to come up with innovative solutions to the obvious issues and negotiate with a little more persuasion....I know, how foolish !! The biggest issue is that MP's are not acting like parliamentarians. As for Farage...... he is an odious man that has stirred up racial tensions throughout the country. He tries to be "a man of the people" but his only interests are his own economic gain.
  9. KScience

    British Politics

    I can assure you that us Brits are fed up with the political carnage that has been Brexit. This process has been drawn out, damaging to all political parties, caused community tensions and taken up far too much political time, too much money which could have been better spent on national issues. We should remember that this started with David Cameron (2 PMs ago) seeking a referendum sure in the knowledge that the people would say remain and shut up the Eurosceptics in his own party.....There was no great appetite on the part of the UK to leave until the campaigning began and all sorts of claims (which have since been disproven) about how much better we would be outside of the EU - along with plenty of not so covert racism disguised as politics.... its been downhill ever since!! There has been a flurry of planning over the last few months for contingencies should no deal take place https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/no-deal-readiness-report . The operation Yellowhammer document also makes for an interesting read. We have already seen loss of investment and companies moving financial services (our big earner) out of the UK in preparation for leaving the EU. Supermarkets have taken extra storage as they anticipate food shortages. I have moved away from the Dover tunnel, but saw the building of huge car parks which will keep trucks held at boarder points from blocking the already congested motorways. The selling of certain medical supplies abroad has been suspended (by law) to ensure that we don't run out. So today's latest shenanigans the Prime Minister has sent the letter seeking an extension to the EU as he was required by law, but has not signed it, and has also sent a letter explaining why the EU should not agree to an extension so that a no deal becomes inevitable. The biggest complication is that we now have a minority part of the Conservative party in charge who do not have the backing of many in their own party, do not have a majority and have lost members over this fiasco. But the opposition parties are a mess of their own making too and so cant do their job and hold the government to account YUP we are sick of it too...... I know we seem like the cat that stands at the door mewing to get out that once you open the door refuses to leave.
  10. KScience

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and advice. I will take some time to look over your comments again and digest them. I had the chance to participate in the class today (called and set apart today ready to teach in 2 weeks time) so was able to see how the class interacts. Feeling more positive in as much as they are a very active class and looking forward to getting to know the members of my ward better.
  11. KScience

    Advice for a Gospel Doctrine Teacher

    Thanks I have already studied the Teaching the Saviours way manual for my last calling, but will review again - thanks for the reminder, and the CFM Manual was of course my first port of call. SS is the only calling I have not yet had (that I could technically hold as a woman) at ward level, so I suppose I am just looking for some insights from people who have held the calling - ideally the "DONT DO THIS" kinda stuff.
  12. So having moved to a new ward I have been called as Sunday School teacher. I am a little alarmed because firstly I will have to deal with adults (I do much better in primary or YW) and secondly although I love the scriptures I am by no means a scriptorian. I know that whoever is called is qualified, and see this as a great learning opportunity for me. I almost feel that my first address to my class should be an apology for my lack of expertise. My employment history is in education, so planning and delivering a lesson is not my worry - My style is very much to facilitate talking and group exploration of subjects. Not having been in a whole SS lesson in this ward yet (meeting with Bishop first week then conference) I am not sure what style of teacher they are used to, or the level of discussion which usually takes place (I personally get bored by the SS lesson which just summarises everything that was read). So any hints or tips?? This is what happens when you pray for help (I have just returned to university and am struggling to manage my time between part time work and full time study, and was beginning to worry that my scripture study was not as in depth as it has been). The answer to that prayer was obviously to ensure that I change my priorities!!!
  13. I have just started on a Physiotherapy degree course as part of a career change plan. I have been very excited to be a student again, but have had some irritating minor conflict with the University with regard to the clothing (or rather lack of) requirements for the practical sessions. Not sure why it didn't occur to me before starting the course, but I have had some difficulty explaining that due to religious beliefs I will not be wearing shorts which barely cover my buttock creases and will not be taking off my t-shirt. This was not a good enough reason and I was being pressured to participate until I noticed a final year student who is a muslim and wears a hijab and asked the program lead to allow me the same concessions that she had been allowed on religious grounds. Suddenly, I am no longer "a problem". I managed to speak with the girl yesterday and asked her about her experience and she told me about the options they had given her and what had worked for her and I now have a plan that I feel comfortable with. It was nice to at last speak with someone who understood the discomfort of immodesty, rather than heavily implying that I have body image issues I am grateful for that woman of faith who lives her principles. I am less amused that I had to use "the muslim card" to get some tutors to take me seriously. I guess I am already marked out as the awkward and annoying first year student....... well best they knew early on
  14. KScience

    Ideas for surviving in "bunker mode"

    I am sorry you are going through this. Budget and meal plan are my top tips. Budget: Look at what you do have available to you and allocated every last penny, so you know where it is all going. Then the hard part....sticking to it. Withdraw cash for everyday spending and put into designated envelopes (and once it is gone it it gone). Move the rest of your cash into savings and just transfer enough for bills in time for them to be paid (this way if fraudsters come back they cant access all of you money for bills. And every evening check that you are on track with the budget. Any overspend means that you will have to adjust in another area and correct the budget. Make sure you include a small amount of "fun" money so that you can have a small treat each week, so that it does not feel like you are totally depriving your self. Meal planning: Before setting you food budget go through all of the food you have (inventory) and then write out meals and snacks for every day for the next two weeks. Then write out a shopping list for things you need to add so that you can eat and shop on the first day. For fresh items have a cash envelope in your budget. Only shop with a shopping list and stick to it. Make sure you give yourself something fun to do each week... there are lots of free activities that you and your husband can take advantage of and enjoy some time together so that the stress of "bunker mentality" can be escaped from for a couple of hours. Good luck
  15. I am put off that so many people consider just day to day living requires a firearm to feel safe. I have plenty of examples of language mix ups and we tease each other about using "English" but at least we can all agree on dismissing the metric system and measure distance and speeds in miles