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Found 7 results

  1. I'm Kat, in the UK. I'm a convert of about 9 years now, but only really just starting to become active. My life has turned around for the better. I still have some hard times and just want to talk to people that are perhaps a bit more experienced and can possibly give me advice in life. My close friends are not in church and only my mum is a member. I don't always get to talk with her though I'm looking forward to speaking with new people :)
  2. My wife started school again recently, and on her first day, while they were introducing themselves, another girl in her class recognized her last name and asked if she knew me. My wife responded and said that she was my wife, and that we had been married a little over a year. This girl revealed to my wife that we had dated about three years ago, and they got to talking about all the things that they have in common. As it turns out I must have a type, they both went to the same liberal arts college, and they're both working on their second bachelor's degree in the same subject, they were both partially home schooled growing up, and have similar family make-ups and personalities. The biggest difference between them is that my wife is about 9 years younger than this girl, otherwise they would've met years ago. To give a little background, when I dated this girl I wanted to marry her, and she pretty much broke my heart. I pined over her for a long time before moving on, and about a year later I met my wife, who is the love of my life. Needless to say, this is a very awkward situation for me because I hadn't thought about this girl in a very long time, and then my wife comes home and tells me about her new friend who I used to date, and suddenly I'm having a lot of conflicting feelings. These feelings are further complicated by the fact that they really are so incredibly similar, lately I've been thinking that after this girl broke my heart I must have gone looking for someone exactly like her and found it in my wife. I also wonder if this girl is comparing herself to my wife and thinking the same thing. And while it's more likely that I just had a type of girl that I liked, it's still very difficult emotionally. I know that it would be wrong for me to be friends with one of my ex girlfriends, but is it okay for my wife to be her friend? Should I tell my wife that her being this girl's friend is making me uncomfortable, or do I just need to get over it? My wife doesn't have too many friends right now, especially at school, and I don't want to tell her that she can't be friends with this girl, but I'm feeling like my mind is doing "The one that got away" dance far too much, especially when it's my wife that is bringing up the topic. Any thoughts?
  3. Guest

    Thank you.

    Ya'll, I just needed to write to tell some of you, most of you, thank you. You have inspired me, helped me feel the spirit, and made me laugh. I have found that there is more good in people than bad, and even those who would like to say they hate everyone - I know better! (wink wink -you know who you are). Some of you have sent me very sweet, kind messages and they are cherished! You make me a better person! It's been really great and I thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep being yourselves - you have so much to give. :) Prov. 27: 17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
  4. Guest

    Goodness says Hi !

    Hi All, I am an inactive mormon and go occasionally. I haven't seen a lot of sites regarding inactive mormons except those who've left or who are anti-mormon. There ought to be a site where inactive members can turn who still believe but for one reason or another don't attend regularly or not at all. I was once very active. I have had beautiful conversion experiences related to Deity. What I would like to see is some type of buddy system set up so that inactive mormons can buddy up with someone who is active and go to church as they see fit. Sometimes missionaries mean well but some inactives would like to go at a pace they feel comfortable with. Sincerely GoodnessGracious
  5. So I had a friend for about 7 years. Then she started a website that turned into a blog. We are no longer friends for many reasons, however, I feel really bad for her. 1) One day when we had arranged for me to go visit her, she informed me that she decided she preferred internet friends to face-to-face friends, since she could look so much better. She told me she sounds smarter and can stop and think before she says anything offensive...she does have a problem with offending people verbally. 2) After this meeting/visit with her, everything started to slide. She put everything before all of her real friends for her internet life. I actually read on her site and the site of her hometown where she referred to me (not using my name) in a negative way. Her story wasn't true, but fit the blog and site postings, so she just made something up to get pity and belong. 3) She has offended many people in her ward to where she decided the town had a problem and recently moved. 4) The last time I spoke to her, she talked about how embarrassing it is if people in her ward knew of her "real" life. She openly admits that she personifies her life and that of her husband's and kids' as something near perfection. In actuality, her oldest has little or nothing to do with her. She is considered "shallow." 5) Part of her problem offending people is that she believes in order to judge right from wrong, we need to judge people. This was a new concept for her when I last spoke to her a few years ago. She is so selfish and conceited now. She portrays herself even online as above everyone and their menial problems. She brags about money (who knows if she really has it?)The last time I saw her she ran from me, since she wasn't put together properly. I see her around and never approach her now. I don't know what to say, except I haven't spoken to her in a few years, and I think she has really lost it. I know she isn't truly happy, although she'd never admit it. She has lost all of her friends, including her oldest and her fellow ward members. In the new town she moved to I think it is just a matter of time before she offends everyone again or before they see that she is faking her life. Anyway, I thought I'd share this, because somehow I feel like I let her down in that I couldn't pull her from understanding that judging is wrong, and lying is wrong. And real friends are worth a lifetime of happiness.
  6. I just wanted to post here because I'm feeling pretty down right now. I have (what I thought was) a very good friend and whilst we catch up every now and then, we mostly keep in touch via Facebook. Well today he had something in his status about 'the dark side' etc and how he was heading there... so I said "but light is knowledge, my friend"... I think it was pretty light hearted, I wasn't getting all religious and heavy on him... I'm not into pushing my faith onto anyone else. But then he replied back implying that the light side is for goody goody boring people and he'd "rather be on the dark side as there's people he wants to meet there and what is the point of knowledge when you're dead anyway". So I kinda took offence to that and told him so - and consequently he deleted me!! I'm just shocked - mainly at his lack of respect for my thoughts and feelings. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion ... and shouldn't be judged for it. But, gosh i just feel totally belittled and made fun of and considered "boring" and "a goody goody" because of what I am!! I'm sorry to go on... I just feel really sad right now. I try not to judge people and I don't like to be judged - I get enough of that from my family (who are anti-mormon!), but my husband and I are doing really well in the church now... I'm finally where I want to be... and striving hard to be better.... but I'm happy, we are happy. It's just hard now that it seems I have lost a friendship because of my faith. I wish I could show people like that what the truth is. I wish they could just understand a little of the truth. I wish I could show them that there is life after death.... that by doing good and striving to be like Jesus Christ will make you a whole lot happier and be much more fulfilling than striving for worldly things......