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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone prepared any information on which Ward Mission Plans (WMP) work better than others? What are the elements of a successful plan? How often do you pack the chapel full of open-minded investigators? Wouldn't you like your child to serve his mission in a ward with a powerful WMP actively running? I have my essay on this below - but I'm looking for other essays on this subject to compare it too.
  2. Hi there! A Mission Prep resource my wife and I are working on is called Prepare to Serve. Right now there are over 230 mission prep videos and over 3,000 travel videos hand-picked for future missionaries going to different countries/states. If we can do anything for you, feel free to message us through the contact page. :) Do any of you have any suggestions or ideas regarding how we can improve the website? Also, if you know anyone with a mission call you can tell us where they are called to go and we'll try to add a dozen more videos about whatever country/state they are called to serve. :) Thanks so much!
  3. I am a prospective sister missionary and have started the application process to go. I want to leave at the very end of the year. I have been attending church for almost five years now so I did not grow up in the church (my family has been inactive for as long as I can remember). I decided a year ago during my first year of college to go on a mission. Because of all that, I don't know much about the application process. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. What would you have liked to know when you were applying? Also, I have a meeting with my bishop this upcoming Wednesday to discuss some questions, but it would be nice to know more before I go. One big question I have is: When is the earliest that I can turn in my papers? How can I get help to pay for my mission? I have been saving for it since I decided to go, but that doesn't amount to much. PS. Please no negative comments about sister missionaries. I have heard a lot of it already, and I still know that I want to go.
  4. okay i dont know what to do. i have a girlfriend. and i love her(please dont say im to young to know what love is). Now i know tht every young man has been called to serve a mission. but is every young man suppose to go on a full time mission? my P. blessing says i need to PREPARE for a mission and serve in w/e capacities i am called to. so it doesnt directly say i should go it says i should prepare to go. and i want to marry this girl of mine. and she wants to marry me. we have went through hard times and easy times. its been a year. we find that our worthiness is getting harder and harder to keep. now i am preparing for my mission and if i get a call i will go, bc ,if i understand right, if i get a call and turn it down i will be going against god. there is a chance that i may have cancer and im currently in the process of finding out. but i find myself praying that it is cancer just so i can stay home and marry this wonderful woman. to be honest what i want to know is what should i do? i know if i want our relationship to succeed i have to do what is right. so if i must leave on a mission then i will. but if i get to stay i would love to stay and marry her. i have thought of writing the prophet and asking this very question lol. she moved back home to Las Vegas on Monday, and i find that im lost without her. she is having a hard time at home and to be honest we would both be happier if we could just finally live together. BUT in 2 years she will be a RN and $$ wise things will be much easier. honestly i have prayed about it but i haven't(to my knowledge) revived an answer and i am so confused. like i said I'll do what im told but i want to stay and get married in the Provo temple. so what should i do i just need any advice/help/thoughts i can get. im so confused right now. and scared. so please reply.
  5. Hey, I'm Erik, and though I'm not a full-time missionary...yet...I am very much involved in a good cause. The Lord asks all of us to be actively engaged in a good cause, and I am. My cause is called FAIR's Rising Generation and we are a NP Organization that focuses on supporting LDS youth. Yesterday we launched a new service and we need help spreading the word. Please come ask us a question! We need the online LDS community to give us a push so that we can start helping people. If you're willing to help, visit this post on our blog: what do you need? | FAIR's Rising Generation Thank you! Since this is this is my first on the forum I guess I'd better say some more about myself. My name is Erik Slack and I'm 18. Pretty much everything I'm doing right now in my life is to prepare for my mission and life after it. I'm looking for a job and trying to save up as much as I can. I'm also studying the scripture, Preach My Gospel, and a ton of other books so that I'll be able to serve more competently. I'm good with computers and I love talking to people. If you want to talk to me, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks again!