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My name's Ashley. I'll be a freshman in college this upcoming year, and looking forward to some of the independence this will bring. I come from a Catholic family, but they're 'Easter and Christmas' Christians. I myself have been through a *lot* of spiritual upheaval, bouncing around from Catholic, to LDS, to Pagan, to agnostic...I've had various crises that dealt serious blows to any belief I had in God.

I've been doing some soul searching, and I feel like LDS is the right path for me to follow. I just...need some support here, and reconciliation (I'm not connected to an LDS network right now, but it'll be in my capacity to be once I get to school).

And on reconciliation...what I mean is this. I'm a bit of a wild child. I want the nose piercing, I want the tattoo to commemorate my friend that joined the Marines, I want to be able to have a career (teaching) after I get married, I want to be able to keep on writing my probably-isn't-appropriate-by-LDS standards novel. Also, I'm going to one of the most notorious party schools in the nation this fall, and it's going to be really hard to keep from drinking.

If someone can provide me with advice, or just message me from time to time on the site, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Ashley!

It sounds to me like you have a wealth of good spiritual and religious experience to draw from. Experience that has brought you where you are today, and that will no doubt enrich your future service to God if you do indeed choose such a path.

I know that the church is strong in GA. Not sure what constraints you are under right now that may prevent an LDS association, but I know that there are missionaries and church members all over the state if you wanted to contact them. They most likely will have you start reading the BofM and perhaps start discussing the foundations of our gospel teachings. You said that you had previous LDS experience. So you prolly know that already. If you have a copy, start reading it on your own.

With regards to any lifestyle and behaving differently while the rest of the world does what it wants...... I think that some of that will take care of itself as you move closer to the Savior and start gaining testimonies on the different aspects of the gospel. Once you are baptized and have made covenants, you are blessed with the most tremendous gift!! The Holy Ghost! It is your constant companion and it does some pretty remarkable things with your spirit as you are obedient. It will change your appetites and desires for things. You may not want that tattoo anymore. You might opt for a commemorative scrapbook instead. It will also give you strength against temptation. Staying away from the drinking scene might even be easy because you just won't want it anymore. And the more active you are in single adult LDS activities the more that social need will be filled in you. And anyway, all those things....the alcohol, the tattoo, the rings.....they are temporary satisfactions that tend to have long term unforseen consequences. And the consequences aren't really part of what eternal happiness is all about. So giving them up in the long run, really isn't losing much.

Never underestimate the power of God to change you and qualify you for his work. This is His work and His glory to bring about such changes in us. This is what our message and invitation to the world is all about!

I am glad you are considering the church again. It is an amazing church to be a part of. I cherish my membership. The BofM!! I will never tire of telling anyone and everyone how it has changed my life. There is no other study that has made more of a difference to me. It has anchored me, and taught me, and literally helped me change as a person. Its goal is to bring people to Christ in this latter day time. And to the truly penitent, it truly does that.

Good luck and best wishes.

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Hi Ashley,

In my experience, you gain the most from a belief system that you give the most to. You mentioned a whole bunch of wants. My advice: Figure out what God wants of you, and do that. As long as your nose piercing means more to you than your relationship with God, you won't really find what you're looking for.

Just my advice.


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First I think you need to figure out what your priorities are. Seperate what you KNOW to be truth from what you're unsure of, then decide how important it is for you to be true to those truths. Canuck put it simply - as long as the "alternative" lifestyle is more important to you than God (or truth), you won't get where you really get where you want to go.

Second, watch this video on youtube. Everyone has their own reasons for joining the church, but this video shares a reason I think you could identify with.

I can identify and understand where you're coming from, a bit. I've seen and done things that most mormons would shudder at - and most probably wouldn't believe. But I came to a realization that I wasn't being true to the one thing that I knew was true. When I decided to make that a priority in my life, my life changed drastically - and only for the better.

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When you are ready to put Christ first in your life and all your other things aside then look at becoming a Christian in some form, if you have received a spiritual confirmation that following the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught by the LDS church then go for it. If you like the way they live and how they are family oriented I would say that is not a reason to be LDS. Christ and Christlike living should be our focus.

Ben Raines

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Can't say I can offer any real advice on the drinking aspect. I can't see how anyone would want to do that to their body and their brain. I've never liked it, and all I can say is that you should look at not drinking as a sign of respect towards YOURSELF.

Wild-child, eh? Piercings weren't a big thing for me, but I have wanted a tattoo for some time, to mark my ancestry. I'm pretty big on outward showings of my faith. (I LOVE sharing the Gospel, and wish I could just wear a T-Shirt that said all that I know.)

I don't think that's terribly wild, though! I was a bit of a butthead, if you will, not long ago. I've been in the Church for about 19 months, being baptized on my 19th birthday. So, I'm kind of in that same age bracket as you are.

I've had that feeling that "LDS is the right path for me to follow." Absolutely had that feeling.

So I decided to test it, to take a gamble on it all. It was worth it. It was the best and most sure bet I've ever made. The power of Jesus Christ is real, without a doubt. It transformed me from a person I didn't like to a person that I know is heading on the right track to be the person I truly want to be.

I've been agnostic. I had interest in certain pagan beliefs. I was never Christian until I joined the Church.

It's a big leap, a huge change, and I was just telling people this morning that sometimes I stand, amazed, that I'm at where I am. That I'm such a different person, and that I'm a person with belief, faith, and knowledge of Christ. It's a wonderfully amazing shock.

You can have this, too. I know it. If you decide to take that leap of faith, it will pay off. The blessings you shall receive because of it are things that I can only meagerly describe. So many little aspects of my life have changed because of Christ. You can be filled with that joy, and that sureness of faith.

You just have to want it. More than anything, want it to be true. Hope with all of your heart, every fiber of your being.

If you ever need to talk to someone, or want advice, this board is a great place to go. Use it! There are many members that're happy to converse with you privately, as well. Myself included. Don't hesitate to ask, because we honestly all want to help!

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Hi Love,

I can tell you that I was a bit of a rebel going to school. I listened to Lars Frederiksen, Agnostic Front, The Clash and even went to a Misfits concert a few years back. I was a convert much like you and had a lot of friends that were heavy in to partying.

That's okay. I can tell you that the first year of being LDS is the hardest year of your life. Your friends won't understand, your family will be upset and your friends will probably think it's one big joke when you tell them you're a member. I can't say it will be easy or that they or your parents will understand.

I can only tell you it'll be worth it.

I didn't stop smiling for three days after I was baptized. I had always been a bit of an intellectual rebel and I was looking for the truth. I found it.

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