Monsters vs. Aliens


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Anyone else seen this yet? I took the family last weekend, and we all laughed and laughed - I thought it was one of the best animated movies I've seen for a long time. (Well OK - Madagascar 2 was pretty funny as well!)

It starts with a young bride who gets zapped by a meteorite on the morning of her wedding, grows 50ft tall (like you do) and gets taken to the secret military base where all the other freaks and mutants are kept. Fortunately these "monsters" become the heroes when the earth is invaded by aliens!

I thought the funniest character was Bob (a sort of parody of The Blob), a blue gelatinous creature who constantly gets himself confused with everyone else!

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I went with my daughter and watched the 3D version of this movie and found it to be most impressive of added 3D detailed that surpasses the past generation of 3D movies. The glasses are no longer red and blue. I can see where our latest monitors and TVs will start to use 3D technology. Next? Wired holographic imagery. Perhaps, something where, a person can be part of the movie by watching it within the scene.

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Perfect movie for little girls. Derek was a jerk, and there are ways to recognize a jerk before marrying them (ways that don't involve getting hit by a meteor and growing to be 50' tall).


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