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Not been here in a while, but been a member of the site for some time.

Mom with 3 kids.

I'm LDS and was baptized two years ago.

Not been doing very good at being Mormon I guess as I met this great guy one year after the baptism and we became parents few months after.

Perfect little girl, but we are still not married. He is in Utah and I'm in Norway. Hopefully he will get here soon, but I don't know if we will ever get married? He left church. Great guy and I love him to bits so if he decides a state marriage is okay I will marry him otherwise I guess we will be living in sin. God will know why I will let that happen :)

He is my soul mate even if we are not married and all I am perfectly sure he will be a good dad to this family. Not perfect in every way, but at the most important he is more than perfect. I'm not a perfect human either.. lol

I may not get to the celestial kingdom, but... I hope I will be as happy as I am here on earth where ever I end up in afterlife.

Perhaps I will pop in here again soon.. been a while since I was at church too, but I will pack together my kids and go tomorrow again. I hope the baby will melt the people there enough not to give me the worst feeling of being a sinner in life.:eek:

Wish me luck with my comeback!

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Thank you all :) Good to see people I "know" in here!

Church today went okay today. People talked more to my kids and the baby then they did me. That was perfect, but I saw the branch president wanted to talk to me... ...-don't want to enter his office first thing...

I think if I am gonna keep going every Sunday as I did before they need to not "want" to much from me at first. I really don't want to talk much to anyone there just yet. It's a very small branch so anyone turning up even if not regularly is used for prayers, teaching etc. real fast.

I will keep my right not to participate with that again just yet.

lol, not that they would want my opinions perhaps?? usj!

My kids was really happy to be back, so I guess I will go again next Sunday.

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HanneLine SOOOO god to see you here again! And hey God loves you! Just keep attending and DONT CARE of what people may think or say... I know it hurts sometimes. You know things really tend to take swift turns in peoples lives, so NEVER say never! It will turn out the best some day... after all he IS a fantastic guy!

I hope you still consider me as a friend!

Anyone who is without sinn can cast the first stone! Sometimes you just have to take things the way they come.


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