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I am officially announcing the release of my second self-published book, Natiya's Garden. It is an LDS themed fictional story and a companion to Wind of Fire, in the sharing of one of my more colorful characters. 


I finished in January and published it via Amazon/Kindle. I haven't openly marketed it as I worked on some editing and waited for some valuable critical feedback.


Natiya's Garden is a novel-lite; only just over 100 pages.  Wind of fire was a full novel with 75,000 words. 


Both have young female protagonists and are suitable for any age. They are hero themed and intended to be spiritual uplifting and thought provoking.


I'm grateful to you nice folks here in the Forum for allowing me to express my spiritual interest comfortably.



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I was priviledged to get an advanced copy, since I am a fan of Wind of Fire. I also received the updated/edited Wind of Fire.


I loved Natiya's Garden, which should be obvious since I made the book cover my profile pic. I like that he portrayed one of the "three Nephites" as human and sometime frail and not put up as exalted, as some fiction I have read. It is a fun story with good - basic - gospel lessons.


Congrats to Mr. Fritz for finishing the work.

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