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  1. Success is dependent on the stake representative responsible for posting and someone giving them info. Ours tends to only post info happening in their small town and nothing from the larger nearby city (with seven wards). We only see a half dozen posts a year.
  2. I know my family and guests just walked in and took the next session. It was a big group, but the temple is made for that.
  3. It is their way of coping with the grief. Consider it temporary and all will come to their senses eventually. My condolences for your loss.
  4. PP caused the violence at PP. Why they don't think the scraping of a person out of woman's womb isn't violent, I don't know.
  5. I wasn't accusing you of wheeling and dealing now. I am saying that is what it would become if you separate now and then work out the divorce.
  6. You've been talking divorce (at least she has) for a year. You have come to agreements on a settlement of divorce. Her wishes were to be out of the relationship six months ago. You postponed it. Did you think her world would stop spinning for you? You need to cut the cord and leave. You have no say over the boyfriend. That isn't what you wanted to hear. You wanted someone to validate you. Fact is you are trying to control something you lost a long time ago. You conceded the loss but still hang on. Move on. As for the wait until you leave to tell the parents did that. It had a bandaid rip effect. It was done and over and everyone moved on. I think it was best. You don't need to torture your kids or end up with them being manipulated in the wheel and deal you seem content on carrying on.
  7. In our area, the number of missionaries is dependent on the number of homes willing to house them. There are times when we don't have housing. It is a great sacrifice to have them in the home; despite the blessings.
  8. I think social media is evolving. A lot of what we see as the constant shining the light on one's self will eventually go away as people find it isn't really a very smart thing to do. People will learn and we'll find and equilibrium again.
  9. Welcome Lance. This is an excellent forum for getting correct answers on issues you may question. It is also an excellent forum for hearing diverse opinions and approaches to matters. Read through posts and ask questions.
  10. First, I would encourage you to pursue a career in writing. If indeed your expressions are sincere, I believe the Lord will measure your desire and will measure your behaviors (all of our behaviors) in the context of the earthly parameters in which we live (i.e. family and social environment). You seem to be perfectly human in the context in which you paint the picture, and that is the plan for which the Lord prepared for us; including forgiveness.
  11. Your's is an interesting story. I'm not sure what you view as "obstacles in my way"; meaning there shouldn't be anything keeping you from walking into your ward building and fellowshipping with us fellow sinners. You may have obstacles to obtaining "good standing", but those are not the same as activation. You can become active while you work out other issues. You are not barred from association and I believe association is what will do you the most good. We are here to support you, not condemn you. Welcome
  12. You have a Liberal in your Primary Presidency. It was one year. She will likely move on and next year you can have face paint. Such is the LDS culture created by being a lay ministry. Our group this year respectfully asked "no gore". I saw nothing wrong with that, for a church party. I say it would be best to have a backup costume for church and school. That is not denying the child his/her whim for the night of trick-or-treating.
  13. When being judged for being judgmental it is really someone telling you to filter your speech. You can't help but want to judge what is different than your understanding. But you can help not speaking up about it.
  14. Oh, the things I have learned about my brothers and sisters. It actually puts everyone on an even field. I don't treat some people better just because I haven't learned their secrets yet.