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  1. It looks like Barry Soetoro is barreling ahead with his socialist strategies; one being crashing the welfare system. For those who don't know what it is, the Cloward-Piven strategy is: Barry's “Work to Welfare” is his latest scam on Americans. Essentially, if you lose a job and get one that pays less, Barry wants to pay part of the difference between the old and new job. He's calling it “wage insurance.” As of 2012, he's increased welfare spending by 32%. He is going full speed ahead in destroying this country.
  2. This verse is no longer applicable as a suggestion, but is now a commandment.
  3. Sorry about that. I get a stab in my heart every time I read about a LEO getting killed.
  4. You may be right that some mental illnesses may be treatable with drugs – if – those illnesses are physiological in nature. I still will say that man made chemicals are not the answer, well, not the answer the overwhelming majority of the time. There are natural remedies for depression that I would take, specifically, St. Johns Wort and DL phenylalanine (DLPA). This herb is recognized throughout Europe, especially Germany, for treating depression as is DLPA. However, let's take a closer look at Elder Holand's advice. Note the areas I've highlighted. I fully support cognitive therapy from “reputable people” who have “good values.” We are to prayerfully consider their counsel and what they prescribe. If what they are telling you is bunk, then find another doctor. This is right in line with Brigham Young's counsel when he said. I have a serious problem with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists who disregard the role of our spirit, the Holy Spirit, and evil spirits when it comes to mental illnesses. A psychiatrist's idea of treating someone is shovel out the drugs (for which many get a kick-back from big pharma), all of which have very serious and dangerous side effects. Have you ever read the warnings included with them? I also have a major problem with LDS counselors who “Mormonize” their secular education. They are enamored by their secular education in psychology, and psychology denies the existence of God, the Savior, the Holy Spirit, and Satan. That is the flawed foundation I was referring to and LDS counselors are taken in by it. They try and use some secular principles that are contradictory to the Gospel. I know because more than one LDS counselor, who lacked any discernment whatsoever, put back my recovery from porn because of a bad diagnosis and advice. Here are a couple of interesting quotes from an LDS psychologist, Dr. Genevieve De Hoyos. I trust secular education when it comes to the physical sciences, but when it comes to psychology, I take it was a couple pounds of salt. If all secular education is not filtered through the Holy Spirit, then those who trust it will be deceived. They will be , “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
  5. I was addicted to morphine for eleven years and my ex and kids never caught on. My kids were surprised when I finally told them after getting clean. If no one monitors your medicine intake and you are careful, and you are a very good liar, you can abuse it to your heart's content. I was all three.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out. However, I will bet any amount of jujubes you want to name, that both are liberals. Just as Elder Andersen said that a person's political beliefs reflect their moral beliefs, I'm also willing to bet that anyone who believes in a "liberal" religion of the type Elder Widtsoe was talking about undoubtedly will have liberal political views, also.
  7. To understand politics, you need to go back to the root words of politic. Poly means many Ticks are blood suckers
  8. You're good at making generalities, but why not back it up? If you are so passionate about this, present your proof of the validity of psychiatry. It is nothing more than a pseudo-science that relies on drugs to treat many imaginary diagnoses. Psychiatry and big pharma are in bed with each other; it's all about money. I'm sure there are some sincere doctors out there, but they are sincerely deceived.
  9. The fact is that liberalism = socialism/communism, which is absolutely contrary to the Gospel. This is why I agree with Pres. Lee's statement that a liberal in the church "reads by the lamp of their own conceit" and "doesn't have a testimony." Quite simply, they are deceived.
  10. I forgot one. If you don't have your food storage by the November elections, you won't be able to
  11. One of the many problems with liberalism is that it espouses stealing as a means to an end. Government takes money from people by force - at the barrel of a gun, then doles it out to people who did not earn it. If I were to do that I'd be charged with extortion.
  12. You're mistaking my being pragmatic for pessimism. The fact is, is that the U.S. cannot continue in its course of defying God. This is Zion and it must and will be held accountable for it's perversions and acceptance of sin. I see the legalization of homosexual marriage as the last straw, because liberals have taken the single most sacred institution and combined it with the worst perversion in God's eyes. I look forward to the cleansing of America and the Church because it will mean the end of a nightmare and the beginning of real peace and harmony. The cleansing will begin in the Church starting with those who are deceived and then spread to the rest of America, then the world. I may even be part of that cleansing. I hope not and I'm doing everything I can to search out what has been written to keep that from happening. I sound the alarm as much as I can, but, alas, no one listens. We are like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the days of Noah.
  13. Liberals do one of three things when the hard rock of truth falls on them. 1. I'm gonna take my marbles and go home. You don't play nice. In other words, you aren't accepting my higher moral point of view. 2. Shaming and embarrassment; make fun of you by saying things like, "Let's get out our tin foil hats." 3. Personal attacks by name calling and labeling: "racist," "homophobic," "Islamophobic," etc.
  14. AMEN! You're like a three leg cat at a K-9 convention.
  15. I had a serious problem with porn for nearly five decades. When I finally got clean, it was due in no small part to my wife's support. It was and is essential for any person who has this problem. It is a rare person who overcomes this problem on his own. You need a person to be accountable to; someone who is important to you and spurs you on to do better. That person should be your wife. At the same time, you've got to remember her feelings of betrayal. It sounds like you want her to just get over it. She is hurt no matter if she shows it or not and trust will be slow in coming. What I learned and had problems with, was learning to shut up and take it. You caused the problem and now you've got to live with the consequences. Every other woman is a threat to her and she will be suspicious of you every time you are in proximity to one. If she is having trust issues, I suspect you are still doing things that are threatening to her. The vast majority of men don't even think twice about looking at other women. If you think this, think again. First off, as a married man, you have no right to look at another woman and admire her beauty. As someone who has a porn problem, it may be seemingly innocent to you, but it is a continuation of your problem. If you watch TV or movies, you will be looking at them, also. Your wife will notice this; she's probably watching you every time you are out together. You simply cannot look around at other women in real life or on TV. I stopped watching TV and movies altogether. Looking around is what Elder Hartman Rector, Jr., called “feeding the evil desire.” The other problem that every addict I've ever talked to has, is that they think that they have a distorted idea of what constitutes immodesty. Immodesty is this: if clothing is tight in any way, shape, or form; has a neck line that is too low at all; does not cover the knee when sitting down; or in any way calls attention to the body, it is immodest. Learn what is and isn't modest.