Transferring information between Ancestry and Familysearch?


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Does anyone know if there's any easy way to transfer information between Ancestry and Familysearch? I have accounts on both sites, but I have the majority of my family history work over on Ancestry. I was hoping there could be an easy program that could merge the two sites together. If anyone could give any ideas it'd be a huge help, thanks :)



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Importing your family tree from FamilySearch to Ancestry:

1.     If you are LDS, then you probably already have a family tree on FamilySearch.  These directions will let you move it into Ancestry.

2.     At, click “Family Trees” (up top).  You must be logged into do this.

3.     Click “Import tree from Family Search”. 

4.     Sign in into FamilySearch.

5.     Name your family tree. 

6.     Allow others to view your tree?

a.     If you check this box, other people will be able to see the dead people in your tree. No one else will be able to make any changes to your tree, or see any living people.  Sharing family trees encourages good research.

b.    If you don’t want anyone to see anything on your tree, don’t check the box.

c.     Note: you can change this option at anytime.

7.     Click to accept the Submission Agreement

8.     Click “Upload”.  Uploading can take several minutes for large files.

9.     Boom!  You now have up to 4 generation of your family tree in Ancestry and can get researching!

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Intro to LDS Temple Work (pt. 1)


You found a relative on Ancestry and want to do their temple work?  Well, that’s AWESOME!! Here’s how you do it---


Has this person’s temple work already been done?  Getting Ancestry and FamilySearch to talk.

1.     To see the status of a person’s temple work, click on “Connect person to Family Search”.  You’ll have to sign in.

2.     You now need to match the person in Ancestry with the person in FamilySearch.  The computer will suggest a possible matching person/s. 

a.     If you see a GREAT match: Select the right one or “Add to Family Search”.  Do not do this for no-matches or mediocre-matches.

b.    If you don’t see a great match: go to and search for your person.

                                               i.     Try searching for person with relationships to others (like looking for their spouse). 

                                             ii.     If you find the person, copy their ID number.  This ID number is located under their name, next to their birth/death data.  Example: K8BM-KT3. 

                                            iii.     Now go back to Ancestry, and again click on “Connect person to Family Search”.  Up top, click on “Find Match by FamilySearch ID”.  Type their ID in, and the person should appear. 

c.     If you cannot find the person in FamilySearch: try harder.  Doing a person’s temple work takes a long time, and we don’t want to duplicate effort.

d.    If you for 100% sure you cannot find a person, then in Ancestry click “Add to FamilySearch” and follow those prompts.

3.     Once the match is made between Ancestry and FamilySearch, in FamilySearch you’ll see an icon tell you the status of the person’s temple work.  If you want to view more details, click and the computer will open up a new tab Family Search.  You may exit out of this at anytime and it won’t disturb your Ancestry stuff.


Should you submit this name?  Guidelines for Temple Submission

In accordance to scripture, the church has issues guidelines to who you should focus on for temple your.  They are:

1.     Your first priority is your direct ancestors (grandpa, grandma, etc).

2.     Second priority are aunts/uncles.

3.     Third is cousins.  Ie, decedents of your grandparents, but not directly related to you.


·      Holocaust victims.

·      Famous people.

·      Anyone born after 1900.  If you do temple work for someone born after 1900, then you are robbing their living children the opportunity to do work for the people who raised them.

o   You may only do work for these people if you have express permission from the closets living relative, which is defined as: first a spouse, second children, third parents, fourth siblings.


Submitting names for temple work

1.     Find the person in FamilySearch (see part 1 of these directions).

2.     On that person’s page, click “Ordinances”

3.     Follow the computer’s promptings.

4.     If a name needs permission to submit and you don’t have it, then DON’T. Please don’t lie while doing temple work.


Now go get dressed and head off to the temple!

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  • 3 years later...
On 6/3/2015 at 1:01 PM, Jane_Doe said:

Advice from my experience:   

Keep your records on Ancestry, using FamilySearch for temple work only.  Don't bother trying to "fix" records on FamilySearch.

I have to disagree with you Jane_Doe.      My family history on Family Search has gone ape crazy with non family members or shirttail family members putting in wrong information, and it's really discouraging to see erroneous info that gets passed on to future generations.

 I also found somewhat of a cousin who put my uncle down as dead..... when he is alive and well. I  was able to change my uncles record so he lives again, I have also been able to correct records that were really messed up for older family members so they could be baptized or sealed together.

I have used my Ancestry account to help me fix my Family Search, and my FS to fix my Ancestry.

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Guest LiterateParakeet
8 hours ago, Lindy said:

 I also found somewhat of a cousin who put my uncle down as dead..... when he is alive and well. I

That happened to me too!  My family is not close, so at first, I wasn't sure if this uncle had actually died!  But it turned out to be false.   Geez!

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