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So, I have schizophrenia. And I need help. Because its partially a religious problem.


I believe the prophet spoke to me through telepathy. He told me I was foreordained and now that Im on earth im found unworthy. And in the pre mortal life I volunteered to be a prophet even though I knew I wasnt worthy. Which is where the sin is. Like the 1/3 that was cast out i will too become perdition.


Any help? Im miserable and would appreciate anything.

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None of us here are mental health professionals, and as such I believe that you should seek one immediately, schizophrenia is a very serious mental illness, and any questions you have should be saved for the professional who has spent several years studying your disorder.


If you are unsure of where to find a mental health specialist, contact your bishop or his counselors, and they will be able to help you in any way they can. Same goes if money is an issue, they will be able to help with that as well.

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First of all, you are here on earth because you chose to follow God's plan here on earth. You are blessed to be here. Any ideas to the contrary is nonsense.

Secondly, I like DevtheWind above, strongly encourage you to seek out medical aid. Your normal doctor can refer you to the proper places, and your bishop will also likely be able to help. 

If you have previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is extremely important to remember to take your medication and not skip doses or stop taking the medication. Recontinue any medication on your normal schedule, or as directed by your doctor.

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Guest LiterateParakeet

Uhyea, it's not true.  You are not doomed to be cast out with the Sons of Perdition.  Schizophrenia can make things that are not real seem very real.  


What is real is that the Lord loves you and will provide every possible opportunity for you to return to him.  Everyone who has a body has that chance.  The 1/3 who were cast out didn't get to have bodies.  You have a body that means you were one of the righteous ones.  Your mind is deceiving you.  


You have a medical illness, a very difficult one, please as that others have said, get treatment, take your meds.  Get a priesthood blessing.  And please believe me, the Lord loves you.  

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Hi uhyea33!


So, I have schizophrenia.


I believe the prophet spoke to me through telepathy. 



So, have you been getting treatment for your schizophrenia?  Talked to doctors about it?  Learned about it?  Because if you have, you already know this is a trick of your mind, and not genuine communication from the Lord's annointed.


If you just needed another voice to confirm that to you, consider it given.  God bless you!

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Hi uhyea33,


I have a completely different take on seeking help from so called professionals. Schizophrenia is a multifacet problem and not just one thing will work. Many of the medications do more harm than good to the brain and please don't even consider electro convulsive therapy I have seen people's brains fried through that so called therapy. In section 89 of D&C God tells us that there are and will be conspiring men in the last days who will destroy our food.


Food has a huge contributing factor in schizophrenia the omega 3 to 6 ratio is vitally important for brain health. Sin also plays a part along with psychological disturbances, spiritual problems and last but not least Satan and his evil cronies do a great job of confusing, deceiving, lying, giving delusions, illusions (both auditory and visual) and haunting those with cognitive impairments. These evil cronies like to joke with you all day long and make you laugh and look crazy and then give you nightmares all night.


Unfortunately Satan will mainly try to possess those that are sinning, those that are mentally vulnerable and of course those that are striving for exaltation. Satan tries so hard to get people addicted to substances or porn or gambling to disturb their cognitive abilities so it is easier for him to possess them and cause trouble. I know some people through no fault of their own come down with cognitive impairment and then these evil spirits will try to confuse them with all sorts of deception.


The nutritional and cognitive problems in the brain some how open people with impairment up to be harassed much worse than people with normal cognitions. Those that are impaired are able to see and hear evil and unclean spirits and because of this they are tormented much worse due to their mental impairment.


When you hear these evil lies get a priesthood holder to cast the evil spirits away from you and give you a blessing that they leave you and not return. You will need to study into to the food that you are eating and make sure your omega 3 to 6 ratios are in balance. Also keep praying and reading scriptures. When you hear those evil intruders get them cast out and put hymns on. If you have contributed to your cognitive impairment by sin pray for forgiveness and deliverance.


Good luck and God Bless

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