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On 9/21/2018 at 4:23 PM, MormonGator said:

Off topic- In American history (and probably world history) if you look at the birth statistics t's somewhat surprising how many births happened before nine months into a marriage. We'd like to think all our ancestors were super virtuous and holier than we are, but that isn't the case by a long shot. 

Funny family history fact:

My wife's grandparents were a shotgun marriage.  The only way my wife knew was by doing family history.  She found her mom's birth date and her grandparents' wedding date didn't quite add up.  She called her mom about it.  The response was,"You didn't know?"

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I think we will see changes to early morning seminary within the year. Many high schools are changing to later start times that will make it harder and harder too find teachers and for parents to get their kids to class. 

I also believe the church is still working on some type of home school/pathways type program with people called to provide face to face teaching once or twice a week at the local church building. 

I really believe the leaders are concerned with losing our youth in such high numbers and are looking to give as much help as possible.

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Guest MormonGator
6 hours ago, raven2 said:

I really believe the leaders are concerned with losing our youth in such high numbers and are looking to give as much help as possible.

Great point. Agree totally. 

My Lutheran friend told me that their pastors are worried sick over the youth in their church not going anymore. Same with Baptists. I think our leadership is just as worried. 

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I heard last conference there would be changes but what they were I had no clue. I kept my mouth shut about the probability of changes because I didn't know anything for sure. This time it almost seems like the fact that there WILL be changes is not a question. It seems to be that isn't secret? Either way the gospel is true 😁

So might as well add my 2 cents..that's more than my opinion is worth really.. I've caught wind that we're moving from a church focused to temple focused faith. As I've considered what this might mean I've had to assume that it could mean shorter hours at church in order to build fewer churches and build more temples. This acknowledgment is by me, a person who enjoys 3 hours of church. We struggle with nursery leaders and ppl turning down this call.. I wonder if one hour of nursery might give me ppl the willingness to accept. Lol. I don't know how else shorter church could help with temples but perhaps they have more inspiration regarding this. 

I've heard changes to the missionary program of many kinds, not stuff I've seen on here. All I've seen here is talk of making it all like service missions. Would that not be like calling all missionaries home? I'm doubtful of either..But- I've considered in conjunction with the ministering program the possibility of adding more members doing missionary work maybe as ward/stake callings? Perhaps more ward/stake members called to temple callings/work, more family history? This stuff is just my own musings but the bit about temple focus versus church is not mine and I feel could easily be legit. 

I don't know if the concern I've heard floating around is a true issue, about these changes being a dividing or faith altering thing for people. I hope not. Unfortunately it doesn't take much sometimes. In the meantime I'll be praying always to not only be accepting of changes but to understand through the spirit the good intentions and purposes behind the change which I've heard might just be the norm now. 


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I saw this link on MDDB. Mormon Land seems to be connected with the SL Tribune and I know many posters here are not fans with that newspaper. So if this link is not allowed here, I won't be surprised if it's removed.


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I personally think that if they do reduce the church meeting to 2 hours it will be of benefit. It will help the weaker saints and new members to keep an easier commitment and as for those who seek more knowledge and growth in the gospel they still have plenty of time to study at home with family and friends. I need a break after any study that has gone for two hours whether academic or spiritual. From studies I’ve read people only keep effective focus for 1 – 2 hours anyway.

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On 9/21/2018 at 11:51 AM, e-eye said:

Good luck with that!

I think 2 hour church sounds great but I think it will also come with us being asked to do more on our own studying with our family.


On 9/20/2018 at 8:21 PM, dahlia said:

So, I'm reading, If You Thought Last General Conference Was Exhilarating, Buckle Up!, in Mormon Light. It discusses the author's impressions from various people that there are going to be major changes announced in October.  Possibilities he put forth were:

  •  reducing church meetings to two hours (actually, my bishop's wife said the same thing to me and that they were testing it in some wards)
  • getting rid of the primary program
  • dissolving singles wards 

All very interesting.  Assuming that the Church is going to continue to move with changes such as ministering, what do you guys think might be announced in October?

For me, I'd like to see a relaxation in ward boundaries. This is purely personal - either my son or I would like to move to the next town over. We're talking adding another 8 minutes or so to the drive to church. I feel I can't move outside my current ward because all my friends are there. Yeah, maybe I could make new friends, but maybe not. I think it would be different if I were moving out of the area. I get that I can't commute 4 hours to go to church. But living 8 minutes away, I'd see my former wardmates at the bank, at the grocery, we'd end up talking for a couple of minutes and then moving on. Very sad. I've seen it. 😞 

Also, though my son isn't a member, he isn't against the church (he's even received priesthood blessings). He might be able to come to church with me a few times, but if he began to investigate, if he moved and I didn't, eventually he'd have to go to the other ward. This ward shares our building. My son and I would be like ships in the night, passing each other between services instead of sharing experiences at church. I am perhaps being dramatic, but you get my point.

So, what changes would you like to see?

I beleive that change is good for the church because Heavenly Father has plan for his church. I support President Russell M. Nelson and all the general authorities 

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