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Full and complete lesson on modesty?

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1 hour ago, estradling75 said:

We appear to agree on many points.  I disagree with the statement and implications that bikinis are 'inherently' immodest. Because that leads back to the idea of coverage, rather then 'situationally' immodest. (Admittedly the only time that I think it might be ok is in the private Husband and Wife time, but that is a valid time) 

I agree.

It is absolutely situational Walking around nude is immodest if in public, but fine in private when you will only be around family that is comfortable with it . A bikini is inherently immodest when it is worn in the company of those that may see you as a potential sexual partner, you wear it to show off your body to the same gender or when it is deliberate revealing. I can see situations where woman wear bikinis and they aren’t trying to be sexy… but there are some bikinis that have one function and that is to provide the bare minimum requirements to keep the wearer from being charged with indecent exposure.

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