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    Global warming???

    The thing that entertains me about the Global Warming controversy is everyone picks a side and assumes that there is a right and a wrong side. I find that in spats like this one, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. In this case I would guess that the earth is experiencing a climate change that is in fact natural, but that the climate change is being pushed to a new extreme because of human behavior. Interpretation: There may not be much we can do to alleviate the effects of global warming, but that doesn't mean we should sit back and do nothing. Throughout this century, environmental responsibility is going to play a big role in how the world shapes out.
  2. MarginOfError

    Tarot cards

    So, a rough translation and interpretation: tarot cards could be used like ink blots? If so, I agree.
  3. MarginOfError

    Eternal Marriage Problems??!

    In a completely speculative and non-doctrinal fashion, I'm going to throw these ideas out to be kicked around: In the scriptures, it seems that plural marriage has only ever been permitted by the Lord in the circumstances that a) He needed to do some nation building (children born into the covenant), or b) He needed to take care of people. Or sometimes both. In the case of nation building, it doesn't make sense to have women have multiple husbands because each woman can only be pregnant by one man at a time (barring multiple eggs being released at the same time, but let's keep the argument simple, shall we?). But one man can impregnate multiple women. So for nation building, the many woman to one man idea makes sense. In the case of taking care of people, I suppose it doesn't matter which way it goes. Anciently, and even in the 1800's it would have defaulted to the one man to many women because, due to cultural morals of the time, women wouldn't be able to produce enough income and resources to support multiple families. Men could...particularly in an agricultural society. Now that cultural norms have changed, if this were the state purpose for plural marriage, then I see no reason it couldn't follow a one woman to many man model. At the same time, I think that one way or the other has to be defined. If a man can have several wives, and each of those wives can have several husbands, essentially what you've created is a system of sanctioned adultery. You just go marry the next person you want to sleep with and it's all legal. The only ways out of this is to either choose one gender to have multiple spouses, or eliminate the multiple spouse thing entirely. One thing that I am sure about is that plural marriage, as practiced under God's law, was never about sexual pleasure. Men who were given additional wives were men who had the means to support multiple families, and the spiritual strength to preside over that many children. I suspect they were also men that understood that it was the women who truly made the arrangement work. According to prophecy, Mary was a virgin, who gave birth to a son. Ergo, sex is not requisite for procreation. It wouldn't be heaven without sex, would it?
  4. MarginOfError

    i am trying to learn

    I don't know any credible member who categorically hate blacks. I do know some who categorically hate the yankees though. Is that a problem? GO SOX! :-)
  5. Who has the keys to the basement? I'm assuming we keep multiple locks on the door.
  6. Growing up, there was a father in our ward that actually wasn't a member of the Church, but came with his wife and boys. He didn't agree with everything either, and had no real desire to commit himself to the principles of the Church. He did, however, enjoy being with everyone at Church and enjoyed the activities. The thing he did do that we all respected was he still showed up for every service project he could, and was always willing to help in any capacity he could find. So, if you don't want to be involved in teaching, perhaps you can ask to be involved more with the serving, whether it be helping people move, mowing lawns for old widows, or whatever the needs in your area are. You might be able to find a role on the activities committee. One word of caution to you--if you go back to Church, it's a good bet that no matter what, a few people with well meaning hearts will make you their project. It's an unfortunate by product of being such a missionary oriented Church is that some of the members feel it is their duty to redeem the world and can be a little too proactive about it. My advice, ignore their efforts and just try to make some friends. In fact, if you say from the get go that you're there just to make friends and develop a social circle, I think you'll find that many will respect your space.
  7. MarginOfError


    I pay my tithing monthly as well, for a couple of reasons. I get paid semi-monthly, but my house payment eats up enough of my first paycheck that there isn't enough left to cover the tithing. So I pay the house payment with the first check of every month and the tithing with the second. I've also delayed paying my tithing a couple of times as a student when tuition bills were due and I didn't have the fundage for both. After paying the tuition, I paid the tithing the very next pay check. Criticize my choices if you will, but before I wrote the checks, I always wrote down where the next tithing check would come from and made sure I could cover it. Also, the boxes in bold on the tithing slip (Tithing and Fast Offering) are the only ones the Church expects. The unbolded ones are purely optional.
  8. You've come to the wrong place for Book of Mormon experts ;-)
  9. MarginOfError

    Not Enough Time for a Calling?

    with family building or quality time included, I think that 2.4 hours a day is WAY too easy lol. I apologize for the curt response then. I assumed you meant 2.4 hours a day directly contributed to the Church. That'd be absolutely insane. Although, now that I think about it, I think it might almost balance out to that over our life times. Especially if we're ever called into a bishopric or stake presidency.
  10. MarginOfError

    Not Enough Time for a Calling?

    That could be really tough to calculate. What about the 8 hours a day I spend to make sure I have money with which to pay tithing? Do I get to count that time? How about the time I spend holding my daughter when she can't stop screaming so that she knows I won't abandon her? Does that time count? I see the point you're getting at, but disagree about the ten percent of our daily lives. I think we should be giving 100% of our time while contributing as much direct work to the Church as is necessary/we are capable of.
  11. A great question: How do you handle conflict? If you're a person who needs to talk about your disagreements when they occur, you don't want to be with a guy who prefers to sleep on his problems before discussing them. I'm a little different in how I approach relationships though. I don't put much emphasis on the building-common-ground aspect (which tends to happen with time anyway) and stress the importance of managing conflict. A couple with next to nothing in common that can manage their conflicts will be far more successful than a couple with everything in common that can't manage their conflicts.
  12. MarginOfError

    Plural Marriage

    43 pages is far more detail and thought than should ever be put into any topic if you ask me. I just can't stand to focus on some...hey look, a butterfly.
  13. MarginOfError

    Not Enough Time for a Calling?

    I just got lucky enough to have a calling that requires all of 45 minutes a week. Piece of cake :-)
  14. MarginOfError

    Plural Marriage

    Okay, I typed up my notes, and I have a three page .pdf I can send at some point. I'll get that done as soon as I can.
  15. MarginOfError

    Eternal Marriage Problems??!

    Another key aspect of this passage to remember is the phrase 'having no children.' Wives were only given to their husbands' brothers when the did not have children, and it was the brother's duty to raise a family in place of the dead husband. Thus, in modern terms, the wife would be sealed to the first husband and only civilly wed to the subsequent husbands. The ultimate point the Savior was making, however, was that we should do everything we can to resolve these questions in this life and not ignore it until the next. bert10 makes a solid point about her happiness.
  16. MarginOfError

    What do you think when......

    I tend to be a bit more cynical in my use of the word 'Mormon,' only using it when referencing parts of Mormon Culture that really annoy me. Otherwise, I use LDS, the full name of the Church, or simply the Church.
  17. MarginOfError

    Bullying and race.

    I have to complain again about the fact that variance wasn't reported. Estimates like these are pretty much useless without corresponding variances (confidence intervals are acceptable). What's even worse, they didn't even report a sample size. A study like this can suffer from two sample size problems. 1) the sample size could be too small, and fails to produce meaningful results, 2) the sample size is so large it over emphasizes meaningful results. Other issues to consider...are these children in heterogeneous populations, or are the populations more homogeneous? This is a less direct angle on DigitalShadow's comment that the study fails to indicate who is doing the bullying. You can't reverse racial stereotypes when white kids are bullying white kids. Lastly, the fact that they only site "government research" is terrifying. Who did the research? Where can we find the article? To try and make a story out of something like this without citing the information well enough to even be looked up is just irresponsible journalism. My guess is that this 'study' is complete garbage.
  18. MarginOfError

    Plural Marriage

    I'll rely on the peanut gallery for help, because at this point, I'm just too lazy to look up references. Also, I have a really great summary of plural marriage at home, but since I"m not there I can't look it up right now. After reviewing every reference I could find to plural marriage, I found that it's righteous practice always seemed to fall under three constraints 1) it was commanded of God 2) it was administered by a prophet 3) it was always maintained within God's covenant people. In David's case, he did nothing wrong until Bath-sheba (taking another man's wife, and taking the wife without the authorization of the prophet--at the time, Nathan). In Solomon's case, he started taking wives outside of the covenant. It was those wives from outside the covenant that had him in violation of the principle. There are references in Doctrine and Covenants and in the Book of Mormon that help clarify, and a ton of stuff in the Old Testament that you can sift through. Perhaps sometime when I get home I'll type up all my notes.
  19. MarginOfError

    Date Christ Died

    You really think God gives a flying porta-potty as to which calendar we use? I vote we use the Orthodox Christian calendar.
  20. MarginOfError

    School drops pledge -- Islam reason?

    Wow, you kind of blew that one out of proportion now didn't you. Perhaps you should listen to what is being said: Applying general use of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools can be seen as a violation of the Constitution because the current reference to "God" shows respect to a particular religious institution. As such, it has no place in public institutions (such as public schools). What's more, I stated that the problem could be remedied by removing the reference to God from the Pledge of Allegiance. You might notice that the Pledge of Allegiance is not contained in the Constitution. So why would I need to amend the Constitution to toss out something that wasn't there in the first place. As for amending the First Amendment, I have no desire to do that. I like it just the way it is. As does nearly every single liberal in the country.
  21. MarginOfError

    School drops pledge -- Islam reason?

    In an ironic twist, I think what the framers had in mind was that it didn't matter what the framers had in mind. The Constitution was intended to be a document that was flexible enough to accommodate changing times, because it was well understood that those writing the document couldn't anticipate the needs and circumstances of the people that would be using it 200 years in the future. And what relevance do the states up until 1828 have? Why are we judging our current situation based on standards that are 180 years old. But if you really must, it appears that after 1828 people figured out that state churches were a bad idea and began removing them. I'm pretty sure that works against the point you're trying to make. You do have a point about the song about the preamble. I missed that detail. Now I'm imaging the Preamble being sung in a round to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat. It's almost enough to make me fall into the fetal position and suck my thumb.
  22. MarginOfError

    Latest poll by Pew Forum

    I'm not convinced this shows a culture of faith. In fact, I see more evidence of a culture of ignorance. What kind of an atheist believes in God? I'd be interested in seeing what their variances for these estimates are. Seems kind of odd.
  23. MarginOfError

    School drops pledge -- Islam reason?

    I have to agree that the Preamble to the Constitution makes a better opening than the Pledge of Allegiance as it currently stands. Public institutions should not encourage universal reference to god, gods, or lack thereof. The 'god' mentioned in the Pledge is inherently montheistic, which shows preference to monotheistic religions. Since the constitutions states that the government (Congress specifically) will make no law respecting an establishment of religion" this reference can be seen as unconstitutional. There are two ways to remove this fault. Remove the words 'under god' from the Pledge, or revise it to say 'under god, gods, or lack thereof.'
  24. MarginOfError

    my patriarchal blessing is rehearsed

    You asked why I think you're independent, so I'll give some explanation. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong, and I apologize for that. But, I'll state where my conclusion came from and hope I don't pass on any offense. You like to do things on your own terms and in your own way, even if it does seem a bit reactionary to me. You certainly don't appear to like to be told what to do. There's quite a bit of cynicism in that statement. As I said before, cynics are often independent thinkers. They enjoy pointing out the faults in everything. With this kind of cynicism, you actually have great potential as a consultant, by the way. You'd be great at helping organizations pinpoint their weaknesses and organizational flaws. You're showing a strong desire to have your blessing be individualized, something that could only be applied to you. It's almost like you're interpreting the similarities as an affront to your uniqueness. Random story: I went to buy a suit once as a graduation present. I walked in the store and the guy took one look at me and said, "40 Regular" and sure enough, that was my exact jacket size. I was furious because the guy had categorized me, standardized me, and fit me perfectly into a box. Sounds stupid, I know, but that was still my initial reaction. More cynicism. Please note that I don't necessarily consider cynicism a bad thing. I very much encourage people to question their beliefs down to the core principles. It's one of the best ways to fully internalize those beliefs. Here, you're reassigning the strength you received from your Patriarchal Blessing to placebo effect. That also means that the strength was in you the whole time. If it's true that it was in you, then you've reaffirmed to yourself how independent you really are. For starters, you're doing something that you probably shouldn't have without his permission (asserting your freedom from being dominated), second, by having denied him the privilege of reading yours, you've shown a way in which you and him are different. More affirmation of your uniqueness from him. I especially like the, "I still feel it won't give me my any answers..." and "I'll get over my own pride and decide to kneel down and pray for myself." Again, you want to do things on your own terms. My absolute favorite in this though is "I'm not spiritually prepared for that. I don't want one." This could have people debating for years over what it means. Great quote! Oh, and I have to disagree with Elgama. I think you have quite the abundance of self confidence. Again, doing things on your own terms. But anyway, I can't really point to any one thing that shows why I reached the interpretation of your personality that I did. When I look at the whole collection, that's just the feeling I get. I suppose it's possible that some of your comments remind me of things I said and did in my younger years, and so I'm assigning you characteristics that I see in myself. But I guess you're really the only one who can say if I'm even in the ball park.
  25. MarginOfError

    Best Parenting Advice

    My best parenting advice: Don't listen to other people's parenting advice ;-) Some books to consider reading: Caring for your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 (American Academy of Pediatrics) New Mother's Guide to Breastfeeding (American Academy of Pediatrics) Guide to Your Child's Sleep (American Academy of Pediatrics) Help your Baby Talk: Introducing the Shared Communication Method...(Robert E. Owens) Taking Charge of Your Fertility (Toni Weschler) Sex for Dummies (Dr. Ruth) I find this collection of books gives a pretty good overview of the parenting process up to age 5. The AAP also has books for older children when the time comes.