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  1. Our very favorite thing is having the primary sing. Having the primary do something ensures that parents attend. Seeing children do ...anything no matter how badly puts everyone in a great mood. We keep trying to tell the primary teachers that expertise is NOT the issue. We just like looking at the children. Also no food that stains if you have carpeting. No purple grape juice or beetroot. Feed the children and elderly first. (I always have a snack in my purse because this takes a while.)
  2. Dear @MormonGator, I read it ..but I have no idea what was going on! I have to say, this book would really put you off family! I should buy Coles/Sparks Notes from ABEbooks and try again!
  3. I am hoping to go to a book club tonight! We are discussing Mrs Westaway. I literally pulled an all nighters reading this!
  4. Woo! Not a light read clearly! I may need a lot of literary criticism to follow that book! I wish it was possible to get a good ‘annotated’ edition of books in é-format. I mean an edition with a ton of footnotes and explanations as opposed to the skimpy editions labeled as ‘annotated’. I need a lot of help to get through these classic books!
  5. I saw the movie but I think that I would need a bucket full of Prozac to get through the book! 😢
  6. Good Job you! Well done! ⭐️
  7. Very true that they will not start without you but...they WILL be waiting for you so...All women look a bit ‘drowned rat’ after baptism. Sorry! Wear before: A dress because most/many will be in Sunday dress. I have two polyester long dresses. This is what I wore to church. They are indestructible. In part, I am Canadian and part of my culture is fitting in and following social rules. (I have met a lot of American woman who share my values. Especially women from downtown Detroit and the south. Just saying). If the sisters wear dresses, I wear dresses. Also, I am often asked to do stuff: teach a class at the last minute or just lend a hand in general. Ask me to help and I will! The great thing is that you are entering a world in which help is only a phone call away at any hour of the day and night. You will make friends with people who are so fantastic, you will not believe it. And they will be your friends forever. You have come home! You will spend the rest of your life with people who share your values of kindness and caring. Okay back to clothes. I am also pale as a pint of milk so I hear you. I have a tube of make up that I slap on. Fast slap of lipstick, Seriously get ready as fast as possible. However, I do come from a culture in which the feelings of others are very important. After baptism and quite likely for the rest of your existence, you will glow with a calm reservoir of strength and beauty. No doubt you are currently beautiful. Well you just wait. It only gets better! You will have a light inside you that will carry you over the bumps and valleys of life. You will be very glad that you made this decision and you will feel God’s love on your darkest day. For clothing after I like those polyester long dresses. Easy to get on and you look taller, more elegant. It is nice to hang out with people who do not care about your wardrobe or bank account. Welcome sister! We are so happy to have you with us!
  8. They are still celebrating the mission to Toronto! 😇
  9. @Maddiec Congratulations! Welcome! Absolutely crucial to wear white underwear. Bra could be white or nude. You will need to wear your hair back. Bring a couple of fluffy towels to dry off. Often there are sisters to help you but just in case..I would ask the brother who interviews you for baptism if his wife will be there. Maybe call this sister and ask if she can help you after the baptism. I was baptized as a teenager and there was no sister to help me and no towels! So take control! Bring towels. You will not have time to dry your hair but if you have bangs, I would bring a hair dryer and dry your bangs. Forget make up and nylons because the congregation will be waiting for you, you will not have time. Nothing worse than trying to quickly put on nylons when you are wet. Think of an outfit that you can quickly change into when you are wet and cold! Good luck and all the best!
  10. Look at the actual pages of the illegal Tyndale New Testament!
  11. Sunday21

    New boss

    As the woman who just graded an exam in which 20% failed...this is just how I feel! Mind you 20% received a grade of B plus or higher. With about 10% getting A or higher. Mutter, mutter, mutter.
  12. How about...make a goal to go to church and just sit in the foyer for ten minutes? You know, baby steps? if you make a lesser goal, this might be easier? So just go even if dressed super informal (if people don’t mind what you wear in your area. In my area, you could show up to church in jeans and we would wrap you in a warm embrace). If a bit nervous, go to church sit for a bit in the foyer and then call a friend? It is hard to walk into a building in which you do not know anyone. We are thinking of you! Let us know how it goes! ❤️
  13. Really this deserves more than one laugh! 😆 😂 🤭 !
  14. Oh this website (message above) is fun. Detail from Christmas traditions... Turkeys had first been brought to Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century, but before steam they were not a holiday staple. Before the railways with their speedy transport, animals had been herded to market alive. Turkeys, however, were poor walkers: their feet were tender, and they needed to be fitted with little leather boots to protect them on the march.. .turkeys with boots!
  15. I think we had a ‘cool website’ topic but I could not find. I often suspect that there is a lot going on in novels that I don’t get eg Room with a View. This site may help!
  16. Sunday21

    New boss

    I wonder if she is a former stutterer? These people have many odd quirks. I have had students whose faces register a wide range of emotions in rapid succession. These emotions in no way reflect the material that they are presenting. I tried to explain to one woman what she was doing and she was most upset. She told me that, ‘I didn’t think you were going to be so personal!’. Well what did you think feedback on your presentation was going to consist of?
  17. Sunday21

    New boss

    I teach UNI students who are required to give a presentation in front of the class. I have seen waaaay worse than this! I often have to tell, especially female students to unwrap themselves. They can twist their legs around themselves and their arms around their torso and still remain upright!
  18. @nellyleyva92 I am not sure what you think of this..some people who live in low density lds areas try dating outside the church. They have a 3 date rule and then ask the person to start attending church. I think that it would take a strong personality to pull this off.
  19. @nellyleyva92 Hi there! Sorry things have been so tough! It is not you more the times in which we live. Thinking of you!
  20. @Nordic saint From Gospel Library, Church History Topics The manuscript Joseph Smith dictated to Oliver Cowdery and others is known today as the original manuscript, about 28 percent of which still survives. This manuscript corroborates Joseph’s statements that he dictated the text from another language within a short time frame. For example, it includes errors that suggest the scribe heard words incorrectly rather than misread words copied from another manuscript. In addition, some grammatical constructions more characteristic of Near Eastern languages than English appear in the original manuscript, suggesting the base language of the translation was not English.
  21. Do you have a source for this? I thought that Joesph was ‘translating’ which to me means from one language to another.