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  1. As someone who has given lots of media interviews...have some sympathy with the writer whose job it is to write articles. Part of the job is to stir up controversy. Well she did that didn’t she? She is quite likely a volunteer. If you read some fluffy magazines, you can see instances where the writer is desperate to make an article out of a nonissue. Poor person is trying to meet a deadline not start World War 3. Chill.
  2. I tried to download an app for this and could not find!
  3. Hey fellow Canadians! @Maureen @SpiritDragon Any other Canucks here? What are your thoughts on the upcoming election? I am trying to decide which party looks least disturbing. The liberals have SNC-Lavelin. Company bribed their way to contracts in Libya. Illegal. Liberals tried to cover up. Fired Attorney— General when she tried to obtain evidence of influence attempts by taping conversations with persuaders. Trudeau cited ‘lack of trust’ in that she should not have been taping. Well what else should she have done? The Tories still have that racist anti immigration ad which in my view requires a blood sacrifice by firing to obtain absolution. NDP? Expensive promises they will never have to keep. So where are you?
  4. I did not realize that it was possible to sign up for more than one gmail account. Do you have more than one?
  5. Do you use a free email account that you can recommend? I need a free email account to use for ecards. I do not want to use my gmail or my outlook accounts to avoid spam. Yahoo has been hacked as I can tell by the odd emails that I receive which use my yahoo password to address me. Do you have a Suggestion? Thanks!
  6. @without_you Been there. About 14 years old started hanging around church. My parents:violent, cruel, spiteful. The revulsion that you feel towards your parents and their behavior is: justified, realistic and comes from the ‘right thinking’ part of the universe. This revulsion is how you SHOULD feel. This revulsion is your friend. It is warning you of danger. When you commit a violent crime, ideally you are caught and removed from society. Sadly this removal from society thing rarely happens with abusive parents. Instead you need to reduce the influence of your parents on you and your life. If you cannot evict them physically then you must mentally shut yourself off from them Anyone who tells you that you should feel guilty about erecting mental barriers between yourself and your parents, is wrong. You need these barriers to protect yourself. You are the priority, not your parents. Let Heavenly Father sort out the ‘Honour your parents’ thing in the next life. Your job with respect to your parents is to focus on you because they have not been parents to you. What helped me a lot, once I was physically safe from my parents, was to find the funny side of my parents. I changed them into cartoon characters in my mind. It will take a while for some church leaders/members to get the ‘abuse is wrong. The abused child is the priority’ message. Some will never get the message. This does not mean that these people are bad people. Some people lack the ability to unlearn bad ideas. It is just part of social change in any group of people that some never unlearn wrong information. The prophet, the first presidency and the brethren completely support the approach of prioritizing the welfare of the abused child. They feel your pain.
  7. Dear @mirkwood Serous series of questions. If you do not feel comfortable answering the following I completely understand. If this is the case let’s not pursue the subject. Am I correct in believing that you feel that it is in the interests of your community that a civilian nonpolice officer should own a handgun and to transport that handgun relatively freely eg to a grocery store? I acknowledge that you have the right to own a handgun and to transport it freely but I am not asking about rights but rather if having this right gives a practical benefit to the community. Thanks!
  8. From reading this thread..what an eye-opener!..I suspect you will be okay if a shooting incident occurs. There will lots of guns in the cars in the parking lot. If your ward is anything like mine, sacrament service is characterized by a lot of coming and going. At least 2/3 of the congregation arrives late for service in my ward - understandable given the number of children. Half the congregation is outside the chapel at any one time. There are cellphones. I imagine that an active shooter would not last long after attacking your ward!
  9. There is a considerable advantage in job hunting to gained by attending a college/university in the region in which you want to work. Useful contacts from fellow students and instructors can help you get that first job. By attending the same school as the people interviewing you and with whom you will be working, you have an immediate connection. When you work with people from the same school you have a network and a community. Also, local people often resent incomers from the big fancy schools not in their district. Kids from the nonlocal big school can be perceived as spoiled kids who had everything given to them while the local kids are perceived as having worked hard for their education. Every hear all the abuse heaped on MBAs from big schools?
  10. Lol! Just a fully dressed perfectly respectable kilt wearer. In my town, we have the Men in Kilts company in which employees wear kilts over pants while doing yard work. Apparently it is very popular.
  11. Like Scottish men?
  12. Brandon university Manitoba. Nice people. Nothing much to do but study. International tuition, meal plan and residence $16,700 US$. Good business school. I taught there. Students were exceptionally kind, honest, and hardworking. Very cold in winter.
  13. So true! @yw-pres-sml So sorry to hear this! I do hope that bishop is sympathetic. You are obviously very dedicated and conscientious. You take your calling seriously.. Good idea to inform the bishop. Doing so may help those who serve with this sister in the future. Good luck!
  14. @mrmarket Glad that you are here!
  15. Hope that your knickers are not in a twist! (Only uk expression that I know! So proud to summon this up!)
  16. Me also prof but in Canada. Equine studies! How cool!
  17. Good ideas from @NeuroTypical ! Perhaps allow Hubbie to calm down over several months and then encourage him to join Lds themed rifle association? In the meantime, an email to the bishop just to let him know why kids are not attending. Maybe ask bishop if there is a gun enthusiast in the ward who could be assigned as ministering brother? In any case a gentle approach keeping in mind @MormonGator’s point that Hubbie is concerned for your safety might be the right course.
  18. What! An opportunity to arrest @Grunt was neglected! Say it is not so! Deeply Disappointed! 😏
  19. Strongly disagree. Superman explaining to Lois that she should not smoke is one for the ages! ❤️ ❤️
  20. @Backroads So sorry to hear this! Do you have a ministering sister? If not, perhaps it is time to phone the RS president and be put on a priority list? Can you attend activities? Thinking of you!
  21. So now I am wondering was job would be linked to jodhpurs. You are a Mountie, right?
  22. I wonder if attending a boarding school where religious services are compulsory tends to associated with loss of faith. I have quite a few friends from the uk who were sent to boarding schools and who loath religion. These people really resented attending religious services with the teaching staff who were observed to be less than Christ-like on a regular basis. The Queen is the Head of the Church of England and thus Anglicanism is the state religion. I can imagine that a state religion would be rather off putting if you consider the usual conduct of those who rise to power. I also have a young friend of Chinese descent who is now an atheist and was treated badly by the school’s religious instructors. Apparently the priests did not believe that someone of Chinese descent could be Catholic. I had toys to give away and I asked a Catholic friend if I could take them to the local parish. My Catholic friend explained that I needed to find a female volunteer as priests can not be expected to care about children. My friend was remarkably accepting and forthcoming about how unpleasant her religious leaders were to young people. If we behave badly we risk alienating others and bring our faith into disrepute.
  23. So true! But then you see these same people almost immediately do something really nice. We are a very nice group of people. With momentary lapses into the natural man so heh!
  24. @NeuroTypical Did you supply an appropriate pizza for next meeting? Tithing settlement treat? Enquiring minds want to know!