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  1. LOL! This looks just like me! The hair! I have to print this off!
  2. @Plein Air Thank you for your post. We have no video. I only have the story as told by my student. My student tells me that both parties collided and both threw punches. As my student admits joint fault, my suspicion is that my student threw the first punch...but I think: 1) that my student responded automatically. This factor is still not good from the viewpoint of predicting future behaviour. The insurance company may insist on banning him from campus for the reason that he is a ticking time bomb. 2) my student MAY have learned his lesson? He clearly thought that I was nuts when I was advocating the apologies option.
  3. Early twenties. I only know one of the parties. He is an American citizen and from his accent was born in Africa but raised for about 5 years in USA. (My first career was speech pathology). I feel for the young man. I can understand that he may think that the typical Canadian, apologize response, may actually be dangerous if done in the US. Here things can be different. I was in the metro in Montreal and asking some scary looking people for directions and they were all delighted to help. Actually, I have been in a similar situation in a very scary part of Detroit and people were divine. But yes, if you grew up in Detroit, apologizing might be dangerous.
  4. Exactly! Any sane person would make the same choices! Sadly both men thought that the best thing to do was to punch the other.
  5. Hockey fights! Ahh! Blood on the ice! Horrible!
  6. Thanks for your responses! @Mores They are making the decision this week. I may not be told the result. I wrote a letter advocating forgiveness as this is the first offence. I suspect that we are worried about being sued if either of the students remain on campus. Both students hit each other. @anatess2 Yep. Just as you described. They bumped into each other and ended up hitting each other. I hope that both students will get off with a warning but...I suspect that our insurer will have the final word. 😔
  7. I was part of a decision making body for a student who was charged with assaulting another student. The two students collided in a doorway and assaulted each other. The recommended punishment in these cases is to ban both students from campus which effectively terminates their existence as a student. The student that I was involved with was American. The campus is in Canada. I told the student firmly that next time, he must apologize to the person who bumped into him and get away immediately. But there may be no next time... The student does not have parental funding so just moving to another university is not an option financially. Even if he could afford to move to another university, the other university can pick and choose which credits to accept. Older courses and grades below Bs are often not accepted. Anyway, apologizing and leaving seems to be expected up here. By me and everyone else. I get that students fear becoming a target for violence if they give this weak response. Violence is not a big problem here but I could see that the student thought I was crazy. I have a female colleague who went to school in downtown detroit and she told me that her survival as a student depended on looking as though she would give massive retaliation for any slight. i am wondering about this situation. I can see why the American student thinks that we are nuts. I also think that it is tricky ‘doing the right thing’ in a situation like this. We can’t have fights breaking out on campus. Insurance and lawsuits are just a start on the list of problems.
  8. Dear Smart people, Do you need to take your car to a dealer to be serviced? That is, if your car is a Ford as mine is do you need to take your car to A Ford Service station to be serviced? I had assumed that due to the electronic equipment in the car that one needed special proprietary equipment and computer programs to diagnose and fix specific models. As well specific models have different warranties and recalls so each car brand has a lot of information that needs to be tracked. If you have a late model car, do you take your car to the dealer or a regular garage? Do you think taking the car to a dealer makes a difference? i had my tires changed recently and the garage asked why I never had my car serviced. I say ‘I do. I take my car to the dealer’. The owner of the garage was really annoyed which I thought was strange. What do you think?
  9. What does your direct supervisor say?
  10. This is a bit of an odd suggestion but...perhaps helpful. Where I live we have a huge need for competent and reliable people to serve in callings, thus if you are conscientious and intelligent, you will have many opportunities to serve. Maybe your area is the same? So what one couple did in my area was volunteer to be travelling speakers. As we have many small branches, these units really appreciate a change of speakers. I was asked to fulfill this responsibility for awhile and it was great! You could speak on a similar theme until you got good at it! Anyway my friends travelled about and discussed their trials and how they dealt with the trial through faith. They travelled through a large geographical area and discussed how they dealt with infertility. Over about 5 years two teenagers who heard the message decided that my friends would be the ideal people to adopt their children. Just a thought!
  11. Thank you for your post. Some questions: In what way, are you ‘Not very well’? Who has said that you are not doing well? Do you report to these people?
  12. see a nice person at church. They are married and female. You want to make a connection. How do you do this? Sounds like a case for a list! Suggestions: Love your shoes! Love your purse! But a guy can’t really say this sort of thing. So you are a male, what can a man say to a married woman to encourage conversation? How about, ‘So nice to see you here! I don’t think we have met. I am Fred. In charge of setting out chairs. Do you have a calling? No? Well your calling is to be you. You are seem to be doing a great job of that!’ Would the previous be acceptable? If not, what would you like the person to say? A lot of people crave human connection. We don’t spend a lot of time hanging out in bars so Church is our time to make connections.
  13. My family has for many decades wanted me to adopt. Actually from the various deputations that I have received, any method of obtaining a child would be acceptable. Kidnapping would, I suspect, be tolerated. The latest visit that I had from my brother brought up, ‘Why not foster?’. If you are female in my family, you are expected to produce at least one child. At family gatherings, we put the children in the Center of room and just gaze at them in deep satisfaction. But not everyone can raise a child.
  14. You can’t ask ‘What are you going to do after college?’ Really?
  15. How about: ‘ I am not going to lower my moral standards just because I’m married!’ That should result in a very interesting interview with the Bishop. ‘But Bishop, my husband expects me to have sex with him! Said with a very pained expression. That should lead to an offer of conselling pretty quickly. Poor bishops. How do they manage? Imagine handling such interviews after a long day at work, 4 kids, and a mortgage. Sigh!
  16. Dear @Jane_Doe So very sorry to hear this! What a traumatic ordeal!
  17. Good point. I had not thought of this but you are right. Many people try to strike up a friendship, do so clumsily but mean no harm.
  18. Hope tomorrow goes well! Perhaps you could attend some activities for awhile if you can’t motivate yourself to go to sacrament? Maybe attend when son is older?
  19. I am looking forward to seeing this movie. The story sounds inspiring.
  20. And none of you can spell it! Humour. Honestly!
  21. Yep. The definitive answer. I want some pea meal bacon!
  22. Want chips! Send chips! Oh so crunchy. So salty! 😩
  23. I am suffering from : Kaitlyn, Caitlin, Katelyn etc. One purpose of a name is to distinguish one person from another. If everyone is callling their kid some trendy name, you are not doing that kid any favours to for the trend.
  24. @B.cole2 I don’t bring anything into the house that is on the naughty list. Unless, I am feeding the missionaries in which case, leftovers go home with missionaries. No the kids do not need the sugar. Everyone eats clean in the house. While you are grocery shopping, you could give the kids some treats from the bulk section. They eat them on the ride home or on a bench.